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Oryx was founded to help additive manufacturers increase output while maintaining or improving upon quality levels by developing and implementing proven, controlled and integrated finishing technologies and processes tailored to their unique needs. 


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  • Oryx Additive prides itself in leading the way with new 3D printing finishing technology, helping to provide the necessary finishing tools that prove to be fast and efficient. Similar to the goals of Autodesk and Haas Racing, It's no mistake that these companies worked together to provide a solution proven to win races.

    The simple mission of Stewart-Haas Racing (SAR) is to win more races and championships. SAR partnered with the Autodesk Team in order to provide their driver, Cole Custer, with the most advanced race car possible. To achieve the high performance that this competitive sport demands, Stewart-Haas Racing turned to generative design to manufacture one of the most important parts on Custerʼs No. 41 Ford Mustang — the brake pedal. 

    The  Autodesk team at MxD Design Center began implementing the use of the reliable Oryx scaWaterjet, sca1200HT, and sca3600 to accelerate the finishing of the 3D prints. Paired with Mimaki printers, Oryx’s finishing products were able to streamline results, allowing Autodesk to develop finished parts at ease.

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    Before and after Oryx finishing

    When speaking with Rossen Maltchev from Autodesk about his experience with excavating and cleaning 3D printed models, He stated “after great care and time in printing geometry on any of our many 3D printers, it becomes critical that we not only have reliable and speedy removal of supports but that the contact of chemistry and thermal have no impacts on final parts. Else - the entire process starts over again.” In the case of Autodesk MxD installation, Rossen indicated that the Oryx products serve as a great water-soluble support removal solution. Cleaning color models, intricate geometry, all in very quick turn-around periods of 15-45 minutes depending on the model specifications. Oryx’s cost-effective submersion tanks are simple to use, highly effective, and once started, a hands-free process that the customer can trust to provide a quality outcome.

    After all calculations and processes were complete on the Fusion 360 Autodesk Software process, several optimized design models were provided via the Mimaki 3D Printer and Oryx finishing units.

    The results yielded:

    • 32% weight reduction in the part 

    • Over 50% increase in stiffness of performance

    During our interview with Rossen we spoke about other ways his center is using Additive: 

    • The facility generates a broad array of 3D models for numerous industries. Many of which are targeted for Expanded Workforce Development, Future Factories, Digital Engineering, and Defense Collaborations.
    • AutoDesk and MxD also provide a program where manufacturers go to forge their futures. In partnership with the Department of Defense, they equip U.S. factories with the digital tools and workforce expertise needed to begin building every part better than the last.

    Read more about this project here to learn how generative design helped Stewart-Haas Racing to create a lighter and stiffer brake pedal. 

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    Oryx believes in the future of advanced manufacturing and through listening to customer needs, building trust, and designing and producing reliable products, we plan to be alongside our customers in the finishing of AM parts into the future. 

    Learn more about Oryx Additive at www.oryxadditive.com

  • (Mar 17, 2022)

    Oryx Additive is a US-based additive manufacturing company that specializes in 3D finishing equipment. Through understanding customers' needs, Oryx provides holistic solutions that not only satisfy but excite. In collaboration with Evolve, the company set out to develop the fastest support removal equipment in the industry, Gazelle. This 2-year collaboration not only marks a leap towards advanced manufacturing but also speed to market. Oryx has now entered the chemical world, developing a new support removal solution (Savannah). Savannah focuses on the maximization of speed and safety, while also providing feedback through visual user indicators. These two patent-pending products set the vision at Oryx, which is to build Trust through satisfying customer needs. Learn more about Oryx Additive and their growing product line at www.oryxadditive.com

  • PCH began using Oryx Additive postprocessing technology (scaWaterjet) alongside their 3D color printer (Stratasys J55) to streamline timely deliverables to their patients. This required an acceleration to the process of “excavating” and cleaning the 3D models from their native support structures as printed. 

    The hospital provides these technologies to communicate unique patient anatomy, such as the heart, to cardiac patients and their families. Complex radiology images make it difficult to illustrate the specific details, and areas of concern on unique anatomy. These full color, clean 3D models are a stunning and highly visual method to communicate the complete “heart defect” issues and review procedures, interventions, and conduct general planning.

    Take a look at the PCH Cardiac 3D Print Lab and see for yourself what amazing and innovative advancements the group is performing with their patients.

    We spoke with Jackqueline Le from PCH who shared her thoughts with us on just how easy it is to work with Oryx Additive and the scaWaterjet systems.

    Oryx has been a great company to work with as they have taken our suggestions and specific

    requirements to mind, adjusting the scaWaterjet parameters to meet our needs and assisting us

    maximize our success. As we print organic bodies that oftentimes have small features and fine

    details, Oryx has worked with us to adjust the pressure settings to ensure we may operate with

    bulk removal quickly, and support fine details on these sometimes fragile and challenging models.

    Additionally, Oryx has taken our feedback seriously and have on a timely basis, implemented

    many of our requests. Because of their expertise and support, the 3D Print Lab here at Phoenix

    Children’s is able to utilize our Stratasys J55 printer to the fullest of its potential to aid our doctors

    in helping our patients”. 

    Jackqueline explained the complete workflow for us on how PCH provides final models:

    • The patient receives a cardiac MRI scan.
    • That MRI image is then imported into a medical imaging software program (such as geomagics) to convert that file into a 3D model file to print.
    • The raw print model is then placed into the scaWaterjet for support removal, which reveals the model on the right - pictured above. 

    During this process all muscle, bone, tumor, or other structures are separated by colors, to better illustrate details during a patient consultation.

    Other ways the hospital is using additive:

    • The facility generates 3D models for ears, skeletal structures, blood vessels, medical devices, and brains, in addition to the cardiac applications above.
    • PCH also provides a program allowing parents to take home their Childs unique model after surgery or MRI scan via the “Heart for your Home” program through the Emily Center.

    Read more about PCH and how they provide hope, healing and the best healthcare for children and their families.

    Oryx Additive believes they can help engineers, manufacturers, and health care providers like Phoenix Children’s Hospital, create cost-effective solutions for maximizing your 3D Printer thruput.

    Learn more about the vision of Oryx Additive here

  • Setting the NEW standard for water jet spray technology – in the finishing of 3D Printed Parts. Done with Productivity & Comfort all within a Superior product.

    TEMPE, AZ, APRIL 2, 2021  Oryx Additive to provide a more ergonomically considered solution to help industry manufacturing scale up their support removal efficiencies and improve other finishing processes.


    The Oryx Additive scaWaterjet* is specifically Designed for user productivity and comfort - Engineered for function and quality. This water-pressure cleaning station is capable of removing support material from multiple 3D printed models rapidly, with bulk and/or fine detail jetting options. The ergonomic, aesthetically considered and “patent pending design” provides operators with sit or stand option. The cleaning of additive parts may be delicate or rigid, and accomplished in minutes vs. hours. Some of the amazing features include large tilted clear-view operation, LED-illuminated work area, dual filtration, easy access to pump & holding tank, and direct plumbed water source or stand alone “recycle tank” operations (great for industrial / office locations where water plumbing may not be accessible). Many more features are viewable on the Oryx product webpage.


    “Our vision at Oryx is to achieve the full potential of additive manufacturing by collaborating with customers and being a trusted and responsive partner. With the scaWaterjet, all users may expedite their finishing and support removal with the reliability expected at the industrial level. “We are excited to launch this new and innovative product” said Keith Jeffcoat, Chief Executive Officer, Oryx Additive.


    Oryx Additive specializes in the design, development, and manufacturing of finishing and secondary processing equipment for additive manufacturing. Oryx builds with a heavy focus on reliability and durability that the additive manufacturing industry demands. Their SCA product line includes the new scaWaterjet, the tried-and-true sca1200ht as well as the sca3600. The company distributes its products across multiple sub-categories of the additive manufacturing industry, including consumer products, design and engineering, automotive, aerospace, medical, and various additive manufacturing verticals.


    The Oryx systems are currently available and may be purchased online at www.oryxadditive.com or through our reseller network. Feel free to contact us to explore how we may assist in providing additional information or product testing for your unique needs and applications.


    *scaWaterjet is proudly designed (patent pending) and developed by Oryx in Tempe, AZ USA



    About Oryx Additive


    ORYX Additive was founded and spun off from a 25-year-old successful engineering and design-based company (PADT).  The goal was to assist additive manufacturers increase output, while improving upon quality levels.  This was done by developing and implementing proven, controlled, and integrated finishing technologies and processes, tailored to their unique needs. We innovate to design, develop and refine the tools, all techniques and equipment that will further enable the future of additive manufacturing.


    Our Vision… Collaborate with our customers to achieve the full potential of additive manufacturing. Our Mission… Be the trusted partner in the development of comprehensive solutions to meet the needs of our customers.


  • scaWaterjet
    The scaWaterjet is a water jetting spray booth capable of coarse and fine support material removal for various AM processes....

  • The scaWaterjet is a water jetting spray booth capable of coarse and fine support material removal for various AM processes. The capability to be plumbed direct or used stand-alone with an included mobile water tank allows for industrial uses or difficult-to-plumb situations such as offices. It features a gasketed window with internal mount wiper blade assembly for clear view of the LED-illuminated work area, ergonomically-considered front cabinet design & gloved ports for operator part handling, with two water-jetting spray wands - both capable of high- and low-pressure operation to fit the needs of support removal for your delicate and rigid parts alike. The covered mobile support frame minimizes collection of shop debris and dust inside the cabinet, while also allowing for a sit/stand option for operators, with easy access to the pump and holding tank. The scaWaterjet was specifically designed to meet your AM-based water spray & jetting needs.
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