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QuesTek is recognized as a global leader in materials science and engineering, and focuses on having a metallurgical understating of materials processing and performance issues.

There are significant materials challenges in metallic Additive Manufacturing, and QuesTek has been at the forefront of research in modifying the alloy chemistry (to improve mechanical performance and ensure printability) and optimizing heat treatment processes of the major alloy systems including high strength steel, stainless steel, aluminum, nickel, titanium, copper, magnesium and refractory alloys.

In addition, QuesTek has designed, atomized, printed and measured properties on several new alloys that have performance improvements over current legacy alloys commonly used today in AM. These materials are available as powder and/or wire for AM trials and application:

  • High strength, carburizable Ferrium C64 steel for gears, tools and dies
  • Higher strength and ductility upgrade over Ti-6-4
  • Printable aluminum alloys with (i) high strength at room temperature (82 ksi YS and 8% el) and (ii) at high temperature (35 ksi YS at 250°C)


  • Ferrium C64 Steel Powder
    A best-in-class carburizable steel powder for additive manufacturing of gears, providing high strength, high toughness, oil out survivability, and high surface hardness to enable powerful, lightweight gearing applications....

  • Ferrium C64 steel powder fills a gap in the Additive Manufacturing market with a unique combination of high strength and toughness, fatigue resistance and high surface hardness, making it ideal for gears, tools and dies. It has been proven as a traditional forged alloy, qualified for next generation helicopter gears and adopted in other aerospace and high-performance racing applications, offering increases in power density / light weighting, as well as temperature resistance / oil out survivability.

  • ICME Alloy Design and Process Optimization
    A digital based solution toolkit to rapidly and cost effectively design new materials and processes tailored for Additive Manufacturing, enabling the implementation and qualification of novel components....

  • Using Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME) technologies, QuesTek is providing a diverse range of ICME-enable products and services to innovate novel AM solutions and rapidly qualify and implement materials. Services include property optimization, component performance enhancement, post-processing/heat treatment optimization, alloy specification development and refinement, and new material design. AM alloys under design include 7xxx series aluminum, high temperature aluminum, equiaxed titanium, high strength steel, stainless steel, magnesium and refractory alloys.

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