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720 Clark Place
Colorado Springs,  CO  80915

United States
  • Booth: E8007

Titan Robotics, Ltd., is a production additive manufacturing solutions provider. Titan designs and fabricates large-format, industrial 3D printers, and provides solutions to its customers by developing processes using Titan’s additive manufacturing technology. Specializing in direct pellet fed 3D printing, hybrid additive and subtractive systems and hybrid pellet + filament extrusion systems, Titan’s Atlas 3D printers enable the use of engineering grade and affordable pellet materials. Titan provides complete additive manufacturing implementation, from 3D printing services, to consulting and material integration processes. 

Industries utilizing Titan's additive manufacturing solutions include aerospace, automotive/transportation, foundry, government/DoD, consumer appliances, education, medical, visual merchandising and more.

Atlas Models: Production AM Systems

  • Atlas-HS: Pellet + Spindle | Pellet + Filament + Spindle
  • Atlas-H: Dual Pellet | Dual Pellet + Filament
  • Atlas: Single Pellet | Hybrid Pellet + Filament

Large Format | Industrial Quality | High Speed

  • Atlas 1.0: 30"x30"x45" Build Volume
  • Atlas 2.5: 42"x42"x48" Build Volume
  • Atlas 3.6: 50"x50"x72" Build Volume
  • Custom Build Options and Sizes
  • Industrial Heated Enclosures
  • Closed Loop CNC Controller and Servo System

Pellet Extrusion on the Atlas Models

Direct pellet 3D printing enables up to 10X faster prints, up to 10X reduction in cost and a wider range of materials.

Pellet Materials Available

  • Flexible: TPU, TPE, TPC
  • Standard: PLA, ABS, PETG, PP
  • High Performance: Nylons, PC, CF/GF PEI, CF/GF PEKK, CF/GF PEEK, PPS, PSU
  • Additional materials and compounds available, ask Titan about your material of choice!

Custom compounds with following fillers are available:

  • Carbon Fiber, Glass Fiber, FR, Minerals

Additional Offerings from Titan Robotics:

  • 3D Printing Services
  • Material Testing & Properties
  • Laser Scanning Services
  • Consumables & Materials, Online Store
  • Design for Additive


  • Atlas-HS
    The Atlas-HS with Hybrid Additive and Subtractive capabilities provides new solutions for surface finish and production parts on one industrial system. Print fast with pellet extrusion, then mill the part during or after printing for smooth end-use parts....

  • Titan Robotics' new Atlas-HS incorporates Hybrid Additive and Subtractive technology on a single industrial platform, enabling 3D printed parts to be milled both during and after the printing process. Taking production additive manufacturing to the next level, the Atlas-HS shortens cycle times and produces end-use smooth and accurate 3D printed parts.

    Expanding on Titan’s highly successful line of Atlas 3D printers, the Atlas-HS features a heated chamber for printing high-performance polymers, including CF-PEI, GF-PEKK, Nylons and more, and is available with print volumes up to 50” X x 50”Y x 72”Z, with custom size options also available. The Atlas-HS gives industrial customers ultimate flexibility, with a spindle and the option to incorporate both Titan’s pellet and filament extruders on the same gantry.

    As a production additive manufacturing solutions provider, Titan’s Atlas-HS is designed and built to address the needs of customers in industries including aerospace, automotive, foundry, consumer products and appliances, government agencies and more. The Hybrid Additive and Subtractive system on the Atlas-HS enables users to quickly and cost-effectively manufacture end use parts, patterns, molds, tools, jigs and fixtures.

    Atlas-HS Features

    Build Volumes

    • Atlas-HS 2.5 Print: 42" X x 42" Y x 44" Z 
    • Atlas-HS 2.5 Cut: 42" X x 39" Y x 39" Z
    • Atlas HS 3.6 Print and Cut: 50" X x 50" Y x 72" Z
    • Custom Sizes Available

    Toolhead Configurations

    • Pellet Extruder + Spindle
    • Pellet Extruder + Spindle + Filament Extruder
    • Dual Pellet Extruders + Spindle

    Spindle Features

    • Speed: 18,000 RPM (1.5HP)
    • Tool Size: Up to 1/4" diameter, 4" length
    • Tool Changer: 6 tool capacity
    • Tool Calibration: 3-axis sensor configuration
    • Chip Collection System


    • Pellet Extruder: 400C
    • Filament Extruder: 400C
    • Bed: 140C
    • Enclosure: 80C

    Control System

    • Motion Controller: Industrial CNC controller
    • Drives: Servos on all axes
    • Print Speeds: Up to 30,000mm/min

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