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AIC produces specialty Packaging in HDPE (CurTec) and Stainless Steel (Muller) for Additive Manufacturing. Other items include Blending Systems, High-Containment Valves and Dust-Free Transfer Systems.


  • Split Butterfly Valve
    Light to handle and safe to use, the Müller Containment Valve safeguards the health of your employees while maintaining the purity of your product and protecting the environment....

  • At last, a stable and robust split butterfly valve system for emptying and filling your highly potent or toxic media. Light to handle and safe to use, the Müller Containment Valve safeguards the health of your employees while maintaining the purity of your product and protecting the environment.

    The Müller Containment Split Butterfly Valve MCV is in two halves: the active and passive disks. The active disk incorporates the mechanical system for locking both halves together and a manual lever or actuator for opening and closing the valve. The active half of the valve is fitted to the vessel filling or emptying nozzle, and the passive half to the intermediate bulk container.

    The two halves of the butterfly valve (active and passive disks) must be docked together in order to open the valve. The ruggedly constructed and GMP-compliant locking device ensures accurate location and the safe docking when the two halves are connected.

    When both halves of the valves are locked together, the system is closed to the atmosphere and the valve can then be opened – manually or automatically, whichever way you prefer.  The valve system can be cleaned quickly and simply, thus reducing production line downtime. A valve disk can be replaced in less
    than two minutes.

  • Containers and Bulk Handling Systems
    Handling metal powders. The right way for your processes....

    • Wide range of capacities and nominal diameters
    • Surfaces grinded or blasted
    • Suitable for pressure and vacuum operation
    • Fabricated in corrosion-resistant stainless steel
    • ISO 9001, ISO 14001
    • OHSAS 18001
  • AIC/Müller USA Container Blenders
    Container blending improves efficiency while maintaining product integrity by processing, handling and storing all in the same container....

  • Container blending improves efficiency while maintaining product integrity by processing, handling and storing all in the same container. Regardless of the container you use Müller blenders can be integrated into either existing or new processes with the ability to lift to any height and to swivel up to 350 degrees adding material handling functions to seamlessly mesh into your overall process.

    Our blenders offer flexible product configurations while providing the reliable blending of solids, such as granular material or powders. All system components are accessible from the exterior, thus simplifying operation, cleaning and maintenance. Our blending systems meet the highest quality requirements.

  • Curtec Conductive Packaging
    Conductive drums eliminate the risk of ignition through electrical discharge....

  • The use of (earthed) conductive containers is highly
    recommended to avoid ignition during powder handling
    caused by electrical discharge. Raw materials with high
    conductivity like stainless steel or metal are often an effective
    solution but also expensive and heavy. CurTec has developed a
    safe, secure and cost-effective alternative: plastic conductive
    Conductive drums eliminate the risk of ignition through
    electrical discharge and can prevent the terrible effects of dust
    explosions to people, property and the environment: (fatal)
    injuries, cost of repair and rebuild, damage claims and raised
    insurance premiums. But also the damage to your company’s
    image and brand. Apart from increasing the safety of your
    entire production facility, they will also raise your customer’s
    sense of security
    Additional Benefits
    Apart from avoiding direct consequences there are other
    benefits in using plastic conductive drums:
    • The screw lid with rubber gasket protects against
    moisture ingress and prevents product loss
    • They are light-weight which helps lowering transport costs
    and makes them easier to handle
    • Their UN-X certification makes them impact-resistant
    • The screw lid closure and handgrips make them easy to
    • They cannot dent, rust or oxidize which helps avoid
    • Tamper Evident
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