American Stress Technologies

540 Alpha Dr
Pittsburgh,  PA  15238-2912

United States
  • Booth: E7038

American Stress Technologies is a part of the Stresstech Group which is based in Finland and has offices in Germany, India, and The United States, as well as representatives around the world.  For more than 30 years, Stresstech Group has been providing non-destructive quality inspection and residual stress measurement solutions for automotive, aerospace, machine, and energy producing industries. American Stress Technologies provides measurement services and manufactures custom solutions utilizing three core technologies; X-ray diffraction for residual stress and retained austenite measurements, ESPI hole-drilling for residual stress measurements, and Barkhausen noise analysis for the detection of grinding burn and heat treatment defects.


  • Xstress DR45 X-ray Diffractometer
    The newly designed Xstress DR45 delivers high quality residual stress and retained austenite data faster than ever before. The DR45 is more capable, faster, and easier to use whether in the lab, on the production floor, or out in the field....

  • Xstress DR45, diffractometer
    • Rotation +- 180°
    • Tilt +-45°
    • Standard measurement distance 45mm
    • Magnetic legs with height adjustment
    X-ray tube:
    • Chromium (Cr) with HV cable
    • Max. output 30 kV/9 mA/270 W
    • Quick change
    Detector set for Xstress DR45
    • 2D detectors, 2 pieces
      • Quantum efficiency >90%, at 5 keV
      • 256 x 256 pixels
      • pixel size 55 µm
      • No dark current
    • Detector arc 45 mm
      • 2θ-range of the detectors:
        • Adjustable within 127-165°
        • Indexed positions 135°/ 145° and 156,4°
    Xstress MU
    • X-ray power supply 5–30 kV/0–10 mA freely adjustable within limits
    • Self-contained liquid cooling system
    • Includes all interlocks required for complete safety
    • Touch screen for hardware status
    Xstress Studio
    • Measurement control
    • Data analyzing
    • Measurement visualization
    • Hardware operation control
    Tool set for Xstress DR45
    • Complete tool set for the system adjustment and maintenance
    • Power cable for Xstress MU
    • Ethernet cable for connecting Xstress MU to computer
    Measuring accessory set for Xstress DR45:
    • Replaceable collimators
      • Different sized collimators for optimizing measurement area and measurement time
      • 0.5/1/2/3/4 mm spot sizes
    • Set of stress-free powder samples for distance calibration
      • Fe-ferr. / Fe-aust. / Al
    • Accessories for system maintenance e.g. spare fuses
    Transport packages
    • Aluminum transport packages for system delivery and storage
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