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We are the global leader in post-processing solutions for industrial polymer 3D-printing that turn 3D-printed raw parts into high-value products. From perfect fit eyewear to personalized car interiors, our technology makes 3D-printed products become a part of our everyday life. Our Print-to-Product workflow combines industry-leading hardware with the widest range of color options on the market. Our systems are applicable for Industry 4.0 and can be integrated seamlessly into various production processes. Reduced cost per part, unmatched quality, and high sustainability are core values that drive each innovation of our fast-growing company. In addition to these principles, finding the right finish for every application is what drives us.


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  • Powershot C
    The industry standard for easy and efficient part cleaning...

  • Visit Powershot C website: https://dyemansion.com/en/products/powershot-c/

    Download Powershot C tech sheet: https://dyemansion.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/dyemansion_datasheet_psc_en_03_21_rgb.pdf

    Watch Powershot C Explained video: https://youtu.be/OXEF6NVAoHg

    Automated depowdering boosts your production capacity
    With our proprietary PolyShot Clean-ing (PSC) a mid-sized build job can be cleaned in only ten minutes or less. The time you need for part cleaning and the personnel in your production can be significantly reduced. This boosts your effectiveness and efficiency. By invest-ing in automated part cleaning with the Powershot C, up to four manual blasting systems can be easily replaced. PolyShot Cleaning is compatible with all common powder-bed technologies and delivers residue-free parts for brilliant colors.

    Gentle part treatment thanks to smart hardware features 
    The blasting cabinet of our Powershot C is equipped with a rotary basket and is manufactured from stainless steel. Differ-ent blasting nozzles and an ionization unit ensure reproducible results. Couple this with a basket with a soft and replaceable lining protecting the parts from damage during the process. Two simultaneously working blasting nozzles are positioned perpendicular to the rotating basket and the contained parts. The cyclone cleans the blasting media constantly. This con-figuration guarantees an efficient powder removal.

    Advanced operator convenience with enhanced ergonomics and process control
    Experience a new level of process control  with a touchscreen and integrated control- panel. The Powershot C is being operated  through a userfriendly interface and pre-installed programs can be started. Individual programs can be configured and saved easily, enabling a fast adaption to your application. With a user-centric design everything can be easily accessed and operated safely. Continuous monitor-ing allows an efficient and reproducible process.

  • Powershot Dual Performance
    Next level blasting systems purpose-built for the factory of the
    future & high-volume production with Additive Manufacturing...

  • Visit Powershot Performance series website: https://dyemansion.com/en/powershot-performance/

    Boost your production performance: Maximum efficiency with the smallest workspace
    The Powershot Performance Series is designed for the most demanding applications within AM. The first system with a wide multi belt has an effective process volume of 55 liters and can handle 10kg of parts. While being able to process a full-sized build job, the Powershot Performance series has the smallest workspace requirements on the market. The blasting media sieving and separation unit leads to a lower consumable consumption and results in a reduction of costs. With a short cycle time and a capacity of a full-sized build job per run, the Powershot Performance series is more efficient than any other system available. Complemented by both our proprietary Cleaning & Surfacing processes these systems are designed for high volume production.

    Ready to form the factory of the future – now
    Our Powershot Performance series blends right into the factory of the future with state-of-the-art automation technol-ogy from Siemens. Integrated into your digital shopfloor with ERP/MES connec-tivity and standardized communication protocols like OPC-UA. Monitor and an-alyze all data surrounding the state and condition of the systems for performance & process optimization (with standardized IIoT messaging protocols like MQTT). Via a secure & certified VPN connection the systems can be accessed remotely for maintenance and troubleshooting to increase system uptime. This ultimately results in an unmatched performance of your production lines.

    Setting the stage for automation in Additive Manufacturing
    All three versions of the  Powershot Performance Series provide an intuitive user-friendly interface with optional user-levels. Pre-installed programs with specifically developed process param-eters can be controlled. Your individual process parameters can be configured and saved easily, enabling a fast adaption to each specific application. Automatic part handling such as automatic unload-ing of your processed parts supports the integration into the DyeMansion Print-to-Product Workflow and the compete Addi-tive Manufacturing chain. The design of the system allows for upcoming extension features for automatic loading.

  • Powershot S
    The leading blasting system for end-use parts with a superior finish...

  • Visit Powershot S website: https://dyemansion.com/en/products/powershot-s/

    Download Powershot S tech sheet: https://dyemansion.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/dyemansion_datasheet_pss_en_01_21_rgb.pdf

    Watch Powerfuse S Explained video (Gen I): https://youtu.be/r1eQHI62Q24

    The most efficient surfacing technology to achieve end-use parts
    Our proprietary PolyShot Surfacing (PSS) is non-abrasive and works perfectly for hard plastics like PA12 or PA11 across all geometries. Shooting beads accelerated with compressed air equalizes the peaks and lows of the surface, achieving a more homogenous part quality. With a cycle time of only 10 minutes and a capacity of a mid-sized build job per run, the Powershot S works very cost-effectively. Unlike time-consuming abrasive methods like tum-bling, PolyShot Surfacing increases your productivity and part quality significantly.

    Semi-gloss surfaces with ideal properties: The foundation for superior coloring results  
    We believe PolyShot Surfacing to be the main basis for maximizing coloring results. The Powershot S delivers unique semi-gloss looks and pleasant haptics for almost every 3D-printed end-use product. Being heavily used since 2016 in various industries, it set totally new quality standards due to enabling the re-sults of improved scratch resistance and homogenous finishes. This is particularly important for further processing steps, like our DeepDye Coloring.

    Advanced operator convenience with enhanced ergonomics and process control
    Experience a new level of process control  with a touchscreen and integrated control- panel. The Powershot S is being operated  through a userfriendly interface and pre-installed programs can be started. Individual programs can be configured and saved easily, enabling a fast adaption to your application. With a user-centric design everything can be easily accessed and operated safely. Continuous monitor-ing allows an efficient and reproducible process.

  • Powerfuse S
    The green & industrial vapor polishing system for sealed surfaces. New featues for RAPID available (press release planned for Sept 13)...

  • New features for RAPID available: Press release planned for Sept 13! 

    Visit Powerfuse S website: https://dyemansion.com/en/products/powerfuse-s/

    Download Powerfuse S tech sheet: https://dyemansion.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/dyemansion_datasheet_powerfuses_en_20_11.pdf

    Watch Powerfuse S Exlpained video: https://youtu.be/-8tim0LEDTM

    Green technology fulfilling  industrial health & safety standards  
    Our eco-friendly VaporFuse Eco Fluid solvent is non CMR and approved for the processing of plastics with food contact according to regulation (EU) 10/2011. The solvent is circulated continuously in a closed loop and automatically recovered by the system. This enables a sustainable  contact-free process without chemical waste. Operating the Powerfuse S does not require protective clothing against chemical hazards. 

    Improvements beyond aesthetics: sealed, strong & airtight parts 
    VaporFuse Surfacing (VFS) delivers sealed and washable parts with injection molding like surfaces. The surface  roughness is reduced to a minimum.  The entire process chamber is flooded with vapor while undergoing vacuum. This ensures a reproducible processing  of complex geometries and internal  surfaces. VFS works for all common plastics and particularly for flexible polymers such as TPU, for which mechanical techniques are not suitable. 

    Ready for the factory of the future 
    The Powerfuse S is Industry 4.0 ready. The system offers fully automatic  loading, connectivity and batch tracking features. Validated and specially  developed programs for all common  materials are available and ready to  use. In addition, all process parameters can be adapted individually for other materials. This ensures flexibility and  a seamless integration with existing  production processes such as the DyeMansion Print-to-Product workflow. 

  • DM60
    The leading coloring solution for industrial Additive Manufacturing...

  • Visit DM60 website: https://dyemansion.com/en/products/dm60/

    Download DM60 tech sheet: https://dyemansion.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/dyemansion_datasheet_dm60_en_06_21_rgb.pdf

    Watch DM60 Explained video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lfoyFGcOn6Q&t

    Limitless color choices:  From standardized database to tailor-made recipes 
    Our innovative DeepDye Coloring (DDC) technology offers unlimited color choices. As a DM60 user you benefit from the  largest color database. In addition to over 170 RAL and standardized colors, which are ready-to-use without additional devel-opment costs and waiting times, our color matching also offers the possibility of  creating individual tones for you – from corporate colors to seasonal trend colors and individual skin tones. The fully  automatic cleaning program of the DM60  allows a flexible use and a fast color change. 

    Exact color formulas for a reproducible and traceable process globally available 
    For a long time, dyeing 3D-printed plastics was a manual, uncontrollable process. We take care of this process and offer a global supply of exact color recipes down to the microgram. This enables an industrial process that could not be easier for the user and can be reproduced any time. The power lies in our color cartridges, which  we manufacture depending on base mate-rial, finish and desired color. Based on the volume of your parts, we deliver cartridges in four different sizes. These are equipped with an RFID chip that transfers all process parameters QM ready to the DM60.

    ISO certified colors for  end-use applications across all industries 
    The demands for 3D-printed products are constantly increasing. Our ISO-certified colors make us a trusted technology part-ner for biocompatible eyewear or medical orthoses as well as for light- and heat- resistant automotive interiors. With our extended ColorsX line, we are responding to industry specific requirements and are always looking forward to new input for the further development of our DeepDye Coloring (DDC) technology. 

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