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United States
  • Booth: E8823

Large 3D metal printing capability to tight deadlines 

At FasTech, we offer standalone or combined rapid machining and additive 3D metal printing capabilities, with prototyping, design for manufacture, and supply management services:- 

  • Lead times up to ten times faster than traditional metal printing manufacturing methods to meet challenging timelines 
  • Full part reverse-engineering and CAD development services 
  • Turnkey subtractive machining services for one-off components and production runs 
  • Additive services including additive 3D metal printing with Gefertec wire weld technology (WAAM) 
  • A maximum 3D metal printing 5 axis capability of 900mm x 900mm x 700mm & 1100mm x 1400mm x 1550 mm in 3 axis. 
  • Reduced costs thanks to nearly 100% material utilization 
  • Weld deposition in five axes, without printing additional support structures 

Industries, where FasTech can add value:- 

  • Aerospace 
  • Space 
  • Power Gen
  • Rail/Rolling Stock 
  • Engines and Turbines 
  • Medical Equipment
  • Agricultural Equipment 
  • Oil & Gas Equipment 
  • Nuclear 

Please drop by the FasTech stand to find out more – you can find us on Booth E8823. We would love to see you.  


Biodegradable water soluble filament

 Press Releases

  • Climate change is a hot topic right now, and there is a lot of pressure on businesses to do their bit in the fight to turn the tide against it.

    For companies in the manufacturing industry, that pressure is even more intense. Traditionally, manufacturers have used machines that require enormous amounts of power to run and release a lot of wasted energy into the atmosphere and a lot of wasted material into landfill sites.

    At FasTech LLC, we realized years ago that we had a golden opportunity to make a tangible difference to the environment. Our cutting-edge Gefertec 3D metal printing technology enables us to deposit 90% less material than previously, which massively reduces waste.

    Crucially, the WAAM 3D metal print and subsequent High-Speed Machining process, also requires far less power, so it helps the world’s resources last longer. “People always forget about that,” says Alan Pearce, Chief Executive Officer at FasTech LLC. “When you’re roughing out a large billet of material, which is what everyone does every day, you use a lot of machine power, and you draw thousands of kilowatts of power every year on machine tools. All that’s gone.”

    The introduction of five-axis machines is the key to increased efficiency at FasTech. We have recently installed our new Grob 350 machining centre, which is a huge step forward in machinability, accuracy, and speed of manufacture. The machine’s five-axis capability puts less strain on tools so they last longer significantly reduces the amount of wasted material, and creates products more quickly.

    “In the typical 3D printing industry, the substrate plate will be sacrificed,” Alan explains. “It could be a big piece of titanium plate, but you had to cut it off and throw it away. With the technology we have, we can incorporate the substrate plate into the part, which makes it even more economical, easier to manufacture, and there’s no waste.”

    Young engineers love to talk about saving the world, being green, and saving power. At FasTech, we are doing all of those things right now!

  • For as long as there have been businesses, there has been discussion about saving money. There are always more ways a company can find to cut costs, thus better their bottom line.

    Reducing costs has never been more critical than it is right now. The world is still suffering from the effects of the global Covid-19 pandemic, and material shortages are everywhere, not least in the manufacturing industry.

    “Everyone wants to cut cost,” says Alan Pearce, Chief Executive Officer at FasTech LLC. “Everything’s busy in most engineering sectors in America and Europe right now, but in many cases, that’s because there’s a huge backlog, or cost-cutting exercises initiated”

    Alan continues, “So many Manufacturers are focused on the day, and not the big picture. They’re just concentrating on getting backorders out, and there’s a huge focus on cutting costs and reducing cashflow risks and burdens. Nobody really wants to buy as much material as they may need, and they don’t want to stock as much, however stockpiling or buying forward is starting to occur, as manufacturers suffer from huge stockouts and market prices increasing by up to 30%!

    FasTech LLC is well-placed to aid businesses due to its use of welding wire, which is typically in stock as a popular consumable worldwide. The benefit to us is that the wire we use is highly available and typically 30% reduced cost 1lb for 1lb. It is available in about 170 different alloys, including Titanium, Inconel, Stainless steel, Aluminum alloys, and Steel. The customer can typically order it one day and bring it into the factory the next week. Companies that use other materials, such as billeted or blocked up titanium, sometimes must wait as long as 12, even recently 16 weeks for their material to arrive.

    With so many companies struggling to serve their customers because they cannot get the materials they need, we at FasTech LLC realize we are in a great position to support the market.  We can save our clients time and money because we can make the products they want right now, Printed-Machined-Inspected, Cradle to Grave in weeks not months.

  • At FasTech, we love to take the manufacturing industry in bold new directions. Our CEO, Alan Pearce, made a massive investment in a Gefertec five-axis 3 D metal Printing machine, even though there was no perceived market for larger metal printed parts yet to compete with castings and forgings.

    “At the time, there was very little interest in applying Arc welding technology,” Alan recalls. “I have days when I wake up and think, why did I do it? But I believe in it. Because I can see the huge leapfrog in manufacturing technological benefits that it’s going to make.”

    FasTech soon made the “leapfrog” Alan is referring to. They became the first manufacturer in America that could manufacture metal print parts from up to six feet in a true simultaneous five-axis mode and the first to have now some customer approvals to do it.

    With this extraordinary technology at its disposal, FasTech has become a market leader in the American manufacturing industry. The company is delighted with this status. However, it does come with a certain pressure attached because the technology is so unfamiliar to most people. 

    Many of the doubters are worried that the material will not perform as well. But our test results have demonstrated that this is not the case. When we tested the mechanical properties of titanium alloy Ti-6Al-4V and Inconel superalloys 718 and 625, we discovered that their mechanical properties and application benefits typically surpassed the capabilities of materials made by casting and forging.

    “This industry is absolutely in its infancy,” Alan explains. “There are a handful of people in America, and probably not that many more in the world, that are using the technology we use to print large metal parts. So, it’s very new. And people are often afraid or have a misunderstanding of what the technology has to offer. So, I think it’s important to give it a chance. It’s a real challenge to win business and win people over to give us that opportunity. We are evangelical about this technology at the moment, and we need to get the message out there. We need to say, hey, please give it a shot!”

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