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Digital Metal

Based on its proprietary, high-precision binder-jetting technology, Digital Metal® develops, manufactures and sells 3D metal printers for additive manufacturing. Digital Metal also provides printing services. The focus is on complex components that require high resolution and excellent surface finish. The DM P2500  is the first metal binder jetting system to receive UL certification.

The Digital Metal technology allows for printing without support structures, delivering a resolution of 35 µm and an average surface roughness of Ra 6 that is excellent for internal channels, among other benefits. Thanks to high printing productivity and accuracy, Digital Metal is ideal for both serial production and customised components. With more than 30 different geometries in serial production, it is a well proven system.

Digital Metal is part of Höganäs Group – the world’s leading producer of metal powders, including an extensive range of metal powders for additive manufacturing. Read more at


  • DPS 1000 - Automated Depowdering Station
    The DPS 1000 is an automated depowdering station that safely removes and collects all loose powder from metal binder jet printed components for reuse in future print jobs. It frees up valuable time, especially when it comes to volume production....

  • The worlds first automated depowdering station for metal binder jetted parts


    The layout of the print box, with the powder embedded components, is opened in a CAD program to create CAM-curves and uploaded to the DPS 1000. An automated depowdering nozzle then removes the loose powder with compressed air. If necessary, a secondary step can be performed for components with more challenging geometries, such as channels and hard to access areas. In this case, the components are manually rearranged and put back in the depowdering station for additional processing.


    • Compatible with G-Code for easy to use programming
    • Programmable air pressure control
    • Depowdering tool with 4 axis movement
    • 2 separate air channels to enable simultaneous operations
    • Fully customizable nozzle-tool that enables you to 3D print your own required tool
    • Possibility to be used as a manual depowdering station
    • Easy inside access to operate through glove operation
    • Automatic safety system for manual interaction during process
    • Multiple powder extraction ports to facilitate easy cleaning
    • Port for easy connection of auxiliary equipment
    • Threaded coordinate table for easy and accurate fixing of print boxes and fixtures
  • PPS 1000 - Closed Powder Preparation System
    The PPS 1000 is a closed, fully automated powder handling system. It enhances process efficiency and ease of operation. Featuring interchangeable powder containers that connects to either manual or semi-automatic depowdering station and the printer....

  • The PPS 1000 is a closed, fully automated powder handling system. It enhances process efficiency and ease of operation. The Machine features interchangeable powder containers that connects to either a manual or semi-automatic depowdering station, as well as the printer. The PPS 1000 automatically dispenses new powder and mixes it with recycled powder, collected from the depowdering station, and then sieves it at a capacity of 120 kg/h. After sieving, the powder is homogenised and heated before the powder container is attached to the printer for the next print job.


    Health and safety:

    • Replaces open powder handling operations


    • Enables higher degree of line automation
    • Reduces risk of human errors
    • Reduced floor space usage
    • Enables parallelization of process tasks
    • Prepared for enhanced digital production line integration – including RFID Powder Traceability
    • User friendly HMI operation to enable fast and safe operation
  • Manual depowdering station
    Digital Metal’s manual depowdering station is developed with safety in mind. It is ergonomically designed to reduce fatigue, whether the operator prefers standing up or sitting down. The station can be automatically raised or lowered....



    • Motorised height adjustment to enable standing or seated operation•Patented construction•Cushioned adjustable armrests•Two separate and individually adjustable light sources

    Ease of use:

    • Non-reflecting glass
    • Easy access component compartment
    • Easy access adjustable air pressure inside chamber


    • Vacuum control sensor
    • Replaceable/Adaptable gloves

    Print Box Compatibility:

    • PB3
    • PB4-70
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