Dyze Design

1505 Saint-Thomas
Suite 100
Lemoyne,  QC  J4P 3S2

  • Booth: 2837

Dyze Design develops the critical components at the heart of 3D printers. The products offered by the company are mainly hotends, extruders, sensors and other kinds of accessories that control the supply and deposition of the raw material.

The company’s mission is "To empower people to make the tools and things they need, where and when they need them." Dyze Design meets this mission by developing products that improve the reliability and usability of 3d printers and enable materials to be printed.

In a nutshell, the company wants to become the “Intel Inside” of 3D printers : To position itself as the leading supplier of extrusion systems for all printers operating under the material extrusion’s principle sold throughout the world.


  • Typhoon™
    Typhoon™ is described as a high flow and fast print all-in-one extruder toolhead specifically designed for industrial large-scale 3d printers. This print head is designed to extrude 2.85mm filament....

  • The Typhoon™ extruder can output 200 mm³/s (0.9kg/h), one of the highest flow rate for 2.85mm filament.

    The dual heat zone design ensures the polymer is at a constant temperature. The top section receives cold filament and generates more heat to melt the polymer. Then, the bottom zone ensures that the polymer is at a precise temperature to output an even flow.

    The top lever moves all driving mechanisms away from the filament, allowing filament switching in just a second.

    The Typhoon™ is ready for any environmental conditions. The water-cooling loop ensures the whole system is at a constant temperature. With an additional heat shield, the Typhoon™ extruder can handle 100°C environment.

  • Pulsar™ pellet extruder
    Pulsar™ is a state-of-the-art large-scale and high flow plastic pellet extruder.
    It was designed with one purpose in mind: 3D printing of parts of one m³ and more as quickly and as cost-effective as possible....

  • The Pulsar can output up to 500 mm³/s (2.5kg/h). It is our highest output flow solution and one of the fastest portable pellet extruder on the market.

    The triple heat zone design ensures the polymer is at a constant temperature. The top section receives cold pellets and generates more heat to melt them. Then, the middle zone stabilizes the polymer at a precise temperature. Finally, the nozzle heater ensures an even flow.

    The Pulsar is ready for any environmental conditions. The water-cooling loop ensures the whole system is at a constant temperature. With an additional heat shield, the Pulsar can handle 200°C environments.

    As the screw can’t pull molten plastic, an anti-oozing mechanism ensures nice looking prints without any flaws.

  • Dyzend Pro & DyzeXtruder Pro
    DyzeXtruder Pro is a very lightweight all-metal extruder and also one of the smallest on the market.
    The DyzEnd Pro hotend has a really small form factor making it one of the smallest on the market....

  • The side mounting threads make it very easy to assemble; two M3 screws are included to fit the DyzeXtruder Pro on a printer, bracketless. You can also mount the extruder on a panel.

    With the improved teeth and new bearings types, the DyzeXtruder Pro is able to push as much as 10 kg (22 pounds) of force. This is more than necessary for all 3D printing applications.

    Take your hotend off your extruder in just a few seconds with the thumb screw. This will loosen the groove mount and free your hotend.

    The dual-pinch system allows a higher pushing force with a lower filament pressure. It reduces the risk of flattening the filament when highly detailed prints require a lot of retractions.

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