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iSQUARED, founded in 2009, is a young and dynamic company in the growing 3D printing industry with its headquarter in Switzerland and facilities in Germany. Our concept includes the development and sales of  compatible FDM® and PolyJet® material alternatives for Stratasys® 3D printers. Our portfolio is complemented by our professional repair- and maintenance service, the resale of refurbished Stratasys® printers as well as consulting, servicing and sales in the field of Stereolithography® (SLA®).

Thanks to our many years of experience in the production of 3D printing materials, we are also a reliable partner when it comes to customized material developments for special applications. Our teams of scientists realize your projects by developing exclusive materials tailored to your requirements. Our customers come from all over the world and are market leaders in industries such as automotive, aerospace, medical technology, engineering, research and development.


  • FDM® Refill Materials for Stratasys® Printers
    With savings of up to 50% our FDM® materials are a cost-effective alternative to the original Stratasys® FDM® filaments. Our FDM® products can be used reliably in Stratasys® FDM® 3D printers and require no modifications for your machine to work.

  • All of our iSQUARED FDM® materials are 100% made in Germany and are available in a wide variety of colors and different spool sizes depending on the printer type. Our portfolio ranges from materials comparable to Stratasys® ABSplus-P430™, ABS-M30™ up to ABS-ESD7™, PC, PC-ABS, ASA, Ultem™ 9085 and Ultem™ 1010.

    Our FDM® spools are delivered without cassettes. To promote sustainability, we advocate for the reuse of the Stratasys® cassettes, which can easily be opened and refilled with our products. Of course, we can also preinstall our material into the cassette, if the self-conversion is not suitable for you.

    Advantages of iSQUARED FDM® Material:

    • Up to 50% cheaper compared to the OEM
    • No Adjustments on the machine needed
    • 100% compatible
    • Made in Germany
    • Easy handling
    • More sustainable

    We offer FDM® materials for the following Stratasys® printer types:

    • Fortus® Series: Fortus® 250mc, Fortus 360mc™, Fortus® 360mc Plus, Fortus 380mc™, Fortus 400mc™, Fortus® 400mc Plus, Fortus 450mc™, Fortus 900mc™, Fortus® 900mc Plus/ F900®

    • Fortus® Series: Fortus® 250mc, Fortus 360mc™, Fortus® 360mc Plus, Fortus 380mc™, Fortus 400mc™, Fortus® 400mc Plus, Fortus 450mc™, Fortus 900mc™, Fortus® 900mc Plus/ F900®

    • Dimension® Series: Dimension Elite™, Dimension® SST1200, Dimension® BST1200, Dimension® SST1200es™, Dimension® BST1200es, Dimension® SST768, Dimension® BST768

    • uPrint® Series: uPrint®, uPrint® Plus, uPrint® SE, uPrint® SE Plus

    • HP Designjet 3D: HP Designjet 3D, HP Designjet Color 3D

  • PolyJet® Refill Materials for Stratasys® Printers
    iSQUARED provides reliable and affordable refill PolyJet© materials for Stratasys© 3D printing systems. The IORA Model material is available in different colors and comes with advantages like easy cleaning and savings of up to 60%!...

  • It is 100% compatible with Stratasys© PolyJet© printers. The IORA material can get used trouble-free with no adjustments to your machine. Our portfolio ranges from materials comparable to the Stratasys® Vero®- Family such as VeroClear™, VeroWhitePlus™, VeroPureWhite™, VeroBlue™, VeroBlackPlus™, VeroGray™, VeroCyan™, VeroMagenta™ and VeroYellow™ up to rubber-like materials as Agilus30™ or TangoPlus™. In addition, we have expanded our product line for dental applications with our IORA Model Peach, which is similar to the Stratasys® VeroDent™ MED670™ and VeroDentPlus™ MED690™. Our PolyJet® products are complemented by our patented support materials, which serve as an alternative to the SUP705 and SUP706 materials of Stratasys®.

    Advantages of iSQUARED PolyJet® Material:

    • Up to 60% cheaper compared to the OEM
    • No upgrades on the printer needed
    • 100% compatible
    • Easy cleaning

    We offer PolyJet® materials for the following Stratasys® printer types:

    • Objets® Desktop Series: Objet24, Objet30, Objet30 Pro, Objet30 Prime, Objet30 Orthodesk, Objet30 Dental Prime, Objet® Alaris30

    • Objet® Eden Series: Objet® Eden250, Objet® Eden260, Objet® Eden260V, Objet Eden260VS, Objet® Eden260V Dental Advantage, Objet® Eden260VS Dental Advantage, Objet® Eden330, Objet® Eden333, Objet® Eden350, Objet® Eden350V, Objet® Eden500, Objet® Eden500V

    • Objet® 260 Series: Objet260 Connex/1/2/3PolyJet™, Objet260 Dental Selection

    • Objet® 350 Series: Objet350 Connex1/3

    • Objet® 500 Series: Objet500 Connex/1/2/3, Objet500 Dental Selection

    • J7-Series: J735, J750, J750 Digital Anatomy, J700 Dental, J720 Dental

    • Objet1000 Plus


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