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Laboratory Testing Inc. offers a suite of Metal Additive Manufacturing Testing services for metal powders and wires, 3D prototypes, and finished products. Our test results provide the information you need for Powder Characterization, Site Acceptance, Machine Qualification, and Post-Process Validation.

We can verify the quality of input materials, validate printing processes, and assess the performance characteristics of the resulting products. Testing ensures that powders meet requirements for purity and uniformity and that critical material properties of the final product, such as strength and durability, aren’t lost in the 3D printing process.

LTI has been in business since 1984 and has A2LA ISO/IEC 17025 and Nadcap accreditation. The Lab is on the approved suppliers’ list of hundreds of prime contractors, manufacturers, and industry agencies. Testing is performed to ASTM standards and industry specifications.

Our machine shop excels at preparing high-quality specialized specimens, can meet challenging specification requirements and can work from unique cut plans for complex specimen extraction.

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  • Metal Powder Particle Size & Shape Determination
    The Chemistry Lab at LTI has added a new Microtrac Sync analyzer for particle size and shape (morphology) determination of powdered metals....

  • Reliable Measurement of Powder Particles

    The Chemistry Lab at Laboratory Testing Inc. has added a new Microtrac Sync analyzer for particle size and shape (morphology) determination of powdered metals, with a measuring range of 0.01 to 4000 microns. This instrument is ideal for powder characterization with its integrated tri-laser diffraction analyzer technology and dynamic image analysis capability.

    Metal powders are required to meet strict quality specifications in various stages of manufacturing. Both particle size and the individual particle shape are important to control as they can affect various properties of powders and manufactured parts including, flowability, packing density, level of contaminants, porosity, sintered strength, and mechanical properties.

    Laser Diffraction has become the de facto standard method for quality control size measurement in both the metal powders and the powder metallurgy industries. The Microtrac Sync couples the leading laser diffraction technology with dynamic image analysis to measure both particle size and morphology. This combination provides detailed information regarding key physical properties of materials including, particle distribution, length, width, sphericity, transparency, solidity, and surface roughness.

    Learn more about our Powder Characterization Services. Contact LTI at for more information.

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