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NITREX is a leading heat treat solutions provider with four decades of experience setting standards and defining strength. Through our offerings, customer products last longer and consistently perform better while meeting the highest standards.

Nitrex high-temperature vacuum furnaces (previously branded G-M Enterprises) are developed for all types of heat-treating applications from simple steel to high-temperature nickel-based alloys and titanium and a variety of industries, including aerospace, nuclear, power turbine, medical, tool and dies, MIM, and 3D additive manufacturing, among others.

Our HVF series is optimized for MIM applications, where debinding and sintering happen in one step to prevent part distortion and achieve good mechanical properties of processed metal parts. An important time-saving feature of our vacuum furnaces is the high-capacity vacuum pumping system that shortens the process cycle and increases work efficiency.

 Press Releases

  • New Industrial Area, QATAR, February, 9, 2022 / QATAR ALUMINIUM EXTRUSION CO. (QALEX) received a second nitriding system from NITREX. The aluminum profiles manufacturer wanted to equip a second extrusion plant with an independent nitriding furnace to save on the handling and processing time and costs associated with having to transport extrusion dies to and back from its first factory for nitriding work.  

    “This is the second turnkey system, but it might not be the last one,” says Marcin Stokłosa, Project Manager at NITREX POLAND. “The story for the initial furnace we sold to QALEX is very long but interesting. Discussions lasted a few years and the customer eventually decided on an order in 2017. In 2021, QALEX boosted the company’s production capacity with the acquisition of a second factory in Qatar dedicated to aluminum extrusion manufacturing and equipped with two extrusion presses. They knew they couldn't nitride all dies from both factories in one furnace. Every part of this order went like clockwork. The decision to invest in another NITREX nitriding system was quick thanks to drivers like customer satisfaction, operational efficiency, and the guaranteed levels of die performance and expected results achieved with the first system. QALEX was also very pleased with our technical support and spare parts accessibility. What they ordered is an exact copy of the first NITREX installation – an identical configuration with the same furnace model, size and process technology.” 

    The customer chose the NITREX compact system, a model NXK 1015 furnace equipped with process technology designed for nitriding extrusion dies.  

    NITREX ensured a quick delivery at the request of the customer. Installation and startup were completed in January 2022.

  • The NITREX installation base continues to grow and expand at the world’s largest aluminum extrusion profile company HYDRO. While all of the  NITREX nitriding systems at HYDRO’s worldwide facilities are pit-type furnaces, the latest delivery is a horizontal furnace. 

    The decision for this furnace configuration was made because HYDRO EXTRUSION NORWAY had to replace an old decommissioned furnace at its Magnor plant, and the new nitriding equipment had to integrate with the existing infrastructure of the plant as well as fit in the specific floor space allocation.

    NITREX has had a long lasting relationship with global HYDRO since 1999, having installed over twenty nitriding systems in plants worldwide.

    “Before placing the order, HYDRO did its due diligence – visiting extrusion facilities with Nitrex equipment to get user opinions on the solution including the technology, die performance, extruded profile quality, and our support services,” adds Mr. Marcin Stokłosa, Project Manager at NITREX. “Moreover, the test trials produced very good results. Thanks to this, we managed to beat the competition. Our added advantage was that we were able to deliver the turnkey nitriding system quickly.”

    The horizontal-type furnace, a model NXH-6612, can handle loads up to 800 kg (1760 lb.). The delivered solution also includes the NITREG® technology to optimize process parameters for optimal die quality and a neutralizer for a clean process and pro-ecological solution.

  • The YAZICI TRANSFER MAKINA company decided to add a second NITREX turnkey nitrocarburizing system to its Istanbul facility as a way to increase the manufacturing capacity of tooling and machinery components for the company’s precision CNC machines. It started production with the new system in the fall of 2021 and is used for Nitreg®-C nitrocarburizing and ONC® in-process oxidation treatments.

    This second NITREX furnace is the same type as the first installation, a compact size NXK series, that became operational in 2019, simply bigger.

    “In addition to improving tooling quality and performance, the NXK-812 is very economical to operate, if you take into account the low gas consumption and optimized energy efficiency. A solution that improves the company’s bottom line and reaffirms its commitment to sustainable manufacturing,” explains Marcin Stokłosa, Project Manager at NITREX Poland. YAZICI TRANSFER MAKINA chose Nitreg®-C nitrocarburizing and ONC® in-process oxidation for their combined ability to improve the wear and corrosion properties of alloy- and carbon-steel parts.

    “In the beginning, YAZICI TRANSFER MAKINA was relying on a very well-known commercial heat treater from the Turkish market to nitrocarburize the parts it needed”, says Utku Inan, Nitrex representative in Turkey. “But now, the company has moved heat treating operations in-house, purchasing its own systems to nitrocarburize metal parts, which saves the company on lead time and transportation costs”.

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