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North Star Imaging, Inc. offers a complete line of state-of-the-art 2D Digital X-ray and 3D Computed Tomography (CT) systems for the industrial nondestructive testing industry, designed and built by highly trained innovative engineers. Through use of NSI's industry leading, efX-CT software, their CT system speed and ease of use is unmatched in the industry. This software offers a simple 5-step, start-to-finish CT process, plus the ability to upgrade existing systems from DR to CT.  An industrial CT scan can validate and qualify prototypes and the first printed parts for many different materials such as mold components, metal or plastic printed parts. CT scanning aids in manufacturing projects that require 100% validation of high value printed parts during production. Any failed parts or errors during production due to temperature change or stress, such as broken or chipped parts, can be examined and identified quickly through CT scanning.  North Star Imaging also offers X-ray Inspection services.  The group houses the most advanced X-ray/CT lab in the country and offers need based consulting services for anyone needing X-ray/CT scanning.

 Press Releases

  • North Star Imaging has introduced a new range of High Energy X-ray systems that are available in 3, 6 and 9 Million Electron Volts. The MeVX product line.

    The MeVX line answers the need for higher energy X-ray inspection to deeply penetrate, dense parts, that cannot be scanned using standard, lower energy, X-ray equipment. Using a 3, 6 or a 9 MeVX is a huge time saving solution, especially for aerospace, defense, automotive and other emerging technologies where speed and superior, high resolution images are required for mission critical parts.

    Noise, scatter, and beam hardening artifacts negatively impact the image fidelity of a part. With the help of a linear accelerator (LINAC) the MeXV units not only improve scanning penetration but also image quality.

    Common applications that are readily scanned include large and complex assemblies, rocket engines and tanks, nickel-based alloys, combustion chambers, engine blocks, turbine blades and more.

    For more information, please contact or visit our website www.4nsi.com

  • North Star Imaging’s unique Dual RobotiX precision technology features two robot arms working in harmony of movement to scan large parts.

    RobotiX motion programs are created through NSI’s efXDR acquisition software. This breakthrough allows the operator to program the robot and configure the image acquisition parameters all through a single software interface. This means your operators don’t have to learn another software program, which saves your company valuable time and money.

    The simple interface also allows operators to X-ray inspect large parts using 6-degrees of motion at any given point. The results -- image accuracy, less complex fixturing and faster turnaround times.

    Dual robotiX is an add-on device for NSI’s largest standard system, the X7000™.

    For more information on Dual RobotiX please contact or visit to learn more.
  • efX Assisted Defect Recognition (ADR) software allows system owners and operators a method to pre-screen images utilizing advanced image processing algorithms. The software offers a simple and intuitive user interface that users can easily set-up and integrate into their production workflows for automatic processing.

    Users can inspect high volumes of products and increase the reliability of interpretations. This reduces labor costs as defects can be quickly detected and identified by the software and increases throughput and repeatability. This also frees the operator’s time for other relevant testing needs.

    efX-ADR™ can be integrated with the efX software suite including, NSI’s Production Module and analyze computed tomography slices. This software is compatible with other many image formats and is even compatible with competitive acquisition systems.

    Application examples include castings, weldments, braze and solder joints, assembly verification and battery assemblies.

    For more information on NSI’s ADR software technology, please contact or to learn more.


  • MeVX High Energy Industrial CT X-ray System
    The most advanced industrial DR & CT systems in the world are now available with Linear Accelerators. Offered with energies up to 9MeV, the MeVX series of systems provide the same ease of use as our low energy systems in a high energy format.

  • System capabilities:

    • X-ray energies of up to 9MeV (Million Electron Volts)
    • Capable of scanning large components
    • 3000 lb (1360 kg) Max Capacity
    • 25.8 ft (7.87 m) Max Focal Distance
    • CT Scanning Envelope: DDA Max Diameter 48 in (122 cm), DDA Max Height 70 in (178 cm)
  • RobotiX Loader for Automated X-ray CT Scanning
    NSI's RobotiX Loader allows for automatic part loading and unloading for reduced cycle times and increased productivity. RobotiX, when combined with Assisted Defect Recognition (ADR) software, can greatly automate the X-ray inspection process....

  • Benefits:

    • Automatic part loading/unloading for autonomous operation
    • Reduced cycle time for increased productivity
    • Simple user interface with sub-routines
    • Seamless integration with efx-DR and efx-CT

    RobotiX Features:

    • 6 Axis
    • Reach & capacity dependent upon application
    • Up to ±0.00079 in (± 0.02 mm) repeatability
    • OSHA Compliant Safety Fence
  • eFX-Assisted Defect Recognition Software
    efX-ADR offers a simple and intuitive user interface that easily integrates into production workflows for automatic processing. Users can inspect high volumes of products and increase the reliability of interpretations....

  • Applications

    • High volume products
    • Products with inconsistent interpretation from personnel
    • Monotonous parts to evaluate
    • Missing component evaluations
    • Component position evaluations
    • Existing ADR solutions that are difficult to configure
    • New parts have significant setup costs
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