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United States
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Founded in late 2002, our main focus is developing hardware and software solutions which improve the state of the art of Advanced Manufacturing.


  • Automated miniature tensile testing system
    Automated tensile test system utilizing miniature specimen (less than 10 mm tall) to quantify bulk and localized material properties and mechanical performance of metals and alloys...

  • The automated miniature tensile testing system is a machine that has been developed in order to provide accurate tensile property data from a range of miniature dog-bone specimen samples.  The application of miniature specimens is particularly suited for high-value materials and localized data.  Some of the key characteristics of the machine are as follows:

    • Autonomous operation using a cartridge-based system for preloading 24 miniature specimens.
    • Minimal human capital needs and intervention which are limited to preloading the specimens and triggering the system.
    • Full field of view digital image correlation (DIC) sampling for the entire gage length for stress/strain mapping.
    • Small machine footprint (less than 2’ by 1’) and lightweight design for desktop installation and use.
    • Rapid testing to conduct high throughput and accelerated material characterization and benchmarking.
    • The ability to generate data including Yield tensile strength, Ultimate tensile strength, Youngs Modulus, Strain at Break, and Reduction in cross sectional area.
    • Output load and image data for easy post processing to generate material properties
    • Modular design to switch between different miniature specimen designs

    Potential Applications:

    • Gather bulk and localized material properties for metals and alloys made using any manufacturing process
    • Assess and quantify process inconsistencies to recommend improvements
    • Assess raw material inconsistencies between different vendors and batches
    • Quantify heat treatment discrepancies 
    • Research topics like weld strength, work hardening, multi-material performance
    • Generate 100's (maybe 1000's) of data points for process mapping and materials certification
    • Generate data to feed into analytical and numerical models
    • Use minimal materials, time and labor to quantify precious and hazardous materials
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