Via Castelletto 104
Massa Lombarda,  Ravenna  48024

  • Booth: 1949

WASP- World’s Advanced Saving Project is a company born in 2012 in Massa Lombarda (Ravenna- Italy) that designs, produces and sells 3D printers Made in Italy all over the world. The main company target is to provide effective benefits to humans through technological innovation and research. In 2012 WASP presented its first printer, the Power WASP, but soon after the company characterized its range with the Delta line of small and large dimensions up to the generation of the Delta WASP Industrial line WASP 3MT, WASP 4070, and WASP 2040. The Delta WASP Clay line is the market leader thanks also to the experience gained in the architectural field. The new 3D printers Clay optimize the LDM system by 3D printing fluid-dense materials and industrial clays continuously and in large dimensions. In 2021, WASP has presented more technological advancement in the large 3D printers of the Industrial line and Clay line that meet the market demands for the extrusion of bio-polymers, super-technopolymers, recycled materials, pellets, natural material and raw earth, and industrial clay.


  • 4070 HDP
    4070 HDP is a large format 3d printer designed to print directly from granules.
    4070 HDP is in Delta WASP Industrial line, robust and indestructible 3d printers.


  • 4070 HDP is the first small-sized WASP printer, as well as one of the very few in the world, to print directly from thermoplastic pellets.

    4070HDP is manufactured in metal, with non-deformable steel core belts, featuring a thermal and acoustic insulation. The system of controlled active chamber temperature up to 50 °C allows an optimal printing of standard, technical or recycled thermoplastics, while maintaining a relatively low temperature on the mechanics.

    Compared to previous versions, is provided also with new motor drivers that make the printer much quieter and more precise, combined with new, more powerful stepper motors that give it greater solidity. The mechanics have also been renewed with the introduction of the new carbon arms, which halve the weight, and the new laminated safety glass door class 2B2 able to guarantee greater thermal stability within the print volume.

    4070 HDP can be connected to the network and then be managed directly via mobile phone, tablet or computer. A camera has been included inside the printer to monitor printing even from afar. The user experience has been further simplified with the adoption of a new 7-inch TFT touch display and an LED bar located at the top of the printer, which allows you to recognize the working status remotely.

    The innovative vacuum retention system VAC (Vacuum Active Control), allows you to replace the printing plate in a few seconds, ensuring the total absence of micro-moves during printing even at high temperatures. The VAC also allows you to use printing plates of different types compatible with the printing material used, ensuring excellent adhesion without the aid of glues. Once the print is over, the VAC automatically releases the printing plate that can be curved manually allowing easy removal of the printed part.

    4070 HDP is equipped with a pneumatically loaded HDP extruder capable of extruding standard, technical and recycled thermoplastics. A capacitive sensor placed on the extruder body detects the presence of material and independently requests it from the main 5-liter tank located on the side of the printer, interrupting the process in case the material runs out. The main tank is equipped with a pressure regulator with oil/water separation tank. Customer requirement for the operation of the pneumatic loading system is a compressor of at least 6 bar and 10L capacity, with 8mm outlet pipe.

  • Delta WASP 40100 CLAY Continous feeding
    Delta WASP 40100 CLAY Continuous feeding is the ideal equipment for the professional production of ceramic 3D printed objects....

  • Delta WASP 40100 CLAY Continuous feeding is the latest WASP technology for the ceramic field.
    WASP answers to the need of using additive manufacturing in the production of big parts in ceramic material by replacing the 5 liters tank on the machine with a pump that allows printing non-stop.

    Delta WASP 40100 CLAY Continuous feeding can be fed continuously without interruption of the printing process.
    The parts of the pump are manufactured in stainless steel in order to avoid oxidation.
    The ceramic mixture can be manually loaded thanks to a dedicated opening. The material is then kept moving thanks to a special mixer.
    Later a screw on the bottom of the pump will lead the material through a pipe into the extruder.
    The flow of the print will be precisely controlled by the extruder. With continuous feeding not only the tank and compressor are not needed anymore but it’s also possible to manage harder materials and printing faster with consistent flows. 
    The extruder is based on two principles of extrusion: the tank under pressure that pushes the mixture in the extruder and the screw controlled by the machine that defines with precision the flow of material coming out from the nozzle.

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