Xiris Automation Inc

5046 Mainway, Unit 2
Burlington,  ON  L7L 5Z1

  • Booth: 4016

Xiris will be displaying its High Dynamic Range Cameras for the Metal Additive Manufacturing industry, as well as software tools that can help welding companies automate their quality control and process monitoring with seam tracking and weld pool monitoring.

An HDR weld camera provides operators of Metal Additive Manufacturing machines a clear view of the weld torch, its immediate background, and previously deposited material from prior machine passes. Skilled operators are then able to use these clear images to make fine adjustments to ensure the torch, wire, or powder does not deviate from its ideal path, optimizing material deposition and overlap during challenging metal additive applications. 

To view our Weld Monitoring Video Library, visit blog.xiris.com/video-library

For our Weld Thermal Video Library, visit blog.xiris.com/weld-thermal-video-library

 Press Releases

  • Designed for use in critical metal joining and additive manufacturing applications, the XIR-1800 thermal camera combines a 120+ dB HDR capability in the Short-Wave InfraRed (SWIR) spectrum to provide enhanced imaging beyond what is visible using standard thermal or visible-light cameras. Users can measure key thermal temperatures and capture images clearly even in harsh environments to better detect any issues that are happening throughout the process with the support of the newly released Xiris WeldStudio™ 3 Pro software.  Learn more about the thermal camera by visiting https://www.xiris.com/xiris-xir-1800/