Hosokawa Micron Powder Systems

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United States
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Hosokawa Micron Powder Systems is a global leader in size reduction, air classification, and mixing systems with powder processing solutions for a wide range of materials in the additive manufacturing industry. Since the additive manufacturing trend is moving toward even finer and tighter particle size distributions, achieving these results is becoming a challenge. With over 90 years of experience, Hosokawa has the knowledge and equipment to meet these challenging requirements.


  • Contraplex CW II Wide Chamber Impact Mill
    The Contraplex is a fine impact mill with two driven pin discs with a wide chamber housing. The centrifugal forces acting on both discs ensure that even moist, greasy, and sticky products can be processed....

  • The Contraplex is a fine impact mill with two driven pin discs. In counter-rotating mode, much higher relative speeds are possible than with the UPZ fine impact mill with only one driven pin disc. The highest relative speed develops at the outermost pin rows and can be up to 240 m/s.

    The fineness can be adjusted by altering the pin disc speeds. The centrifugal forces acting on both discs ensure that even moist, greasy and sticky products can be processed. The design with the wide-chamber housing is ideal for processing these kinds of products. The feed material is often embrittled by intensive mixing with liquid nitrogen.

    The mill door can be hinged opened wide to permit easy cleaning.

  • Turboplex ATP Air Classifier
    Single-wheel or multi-wheel air classifier for ultrafine classifying operations...

  • After entering the machine, the classifying air flows through the classifying wheel in centripetal direction. In the process, the classifying wheel extracts the fines from the feed material and conveys them to the fines discharge. The coarse material rejected by the classifying wheel gravitates downwards. The air routing shown in the schematic is much simplified, because before the coarse material exits the classifier, it is rinsed again intensively by air to remove the remaining fines. This results in an extremely clean coarse fraction.

    There is hardly another type of classifier that is so well adapted to the demands of practical operation as the Turboplex ultrafine classifier:

    • The simple and robust design reduces costs for maintenance and servicing

    • The horizontal arrangement of the classifying wheel reduces wear even with abrasive products and guarantees a long service life

    • If processing extremely abrasive products, a wear-protection lining prevents excessive wear

    • Modest space requirement

    • High fines yield

    • Sharp top size limitation

    • Stable operation even if the feed rate fluctuates

    • Long service life

    • Coating formation prevented, e.g. when classifying CaCO3

    • Rinsing gap easy to adjust

    • Narrow rinsing gap possible

    • Vibration-free

  • TSP and TTSP Ultrafine Classifiers
    The TSP and TTSP ultrafine classifiers were developed especially for demanding classification tasks. Especially suitable for classifying toner and pigments as well as for dedusting powder coatings containing titanium dioxide....

  • The feed material is dispersed by the classifying wheel and transported through the same by the classifying air. The dust entrained in the air is transported through the support wheel and discharged via the fines discharge. The coarse product is rejected by the classifying wheel and conveyed to the coarse material discharge. The product routing is designed such that no back-mixing can occur and a high quality of dust removal is ensured. The special configuration with the support wheel is patented; it permits optimum access for quick and thorough cleaning at minimum downtime.

    Protected by additional patents, the TTSP classifier is a refinement of the TSP classifier, primarily with the aim of improving the precision of cut even further by means of two consecutive classifying stages. At the same product loading of the classifying air, the TTSP classifier achieves a much higher precision of cut than the TSP, or at a constant coarse product quality, achieves a higher loading factor. This makes it possible to almost treble the throughput in comparison with the TSP.

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