Delphi Precision Imaging

8441 154th Ave NE
Suite 120
Redmond,  WA  98052-3863

United States
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Delphi Precision Imaging
Phone:  425-497-9729

Delphi Precision Imaging is a service provider for 3D CT & X-ray inspection & analysis services for companies without an in-house CT scan system. We deliver digital imaging of internal features of customer parts, helping identify channel blockages, porosity, missed print layers & more. We work directly with engineering teams to understand requirements and deliver clear results in a user-friendly format. Our turn time is one of the fastest in the industry and offer web data reviews where we walk customers through their  deliverables.

We also provide in-house Volume Graphics analysis services including:

1. Part-to-CAD comparison:  We overlay the CT scan data with the CAD model to determine if the part has been built as designed.
2. Part-to-Part analysis:  We overlay the pre-test scan data with the post-test scan data (i.e. stress, shock & vibe, heat treat, etc), and provide results of differences.
3. Porosity/Inclusion Analysis:  We can detect, map and quantify the porosity, voiding and inclusions within the part, automatically color coding voids based on  volume.

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