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Precision Print | Any Filament | Longer Life

DiamondBack™ Nozzles deliver worry-free 3D printing. Our diamond-tipped nozzles are designed to print any filament (including carbon fiber, metal, wood, etc.).  With DiamondBack Nozzles, 3D printers will enjoy unmatched wear-resistance, improved layer adhesion and quality, and better extrusion efficiency.

The DiamondBack Nozzle:

  • Has a solid diamond tip, NOT a diamond coating
  • Is easier to clean and reduces tip clogging
  • Is made in the USA


  • DiamondBack Nozzles
    Enjoy a solid diamond nozzle tip to improve precision 3D printing and layer adhesion. Our DiamondBack Nozzles print ANY FILAMENT, deliver unmatched wear resistance, and lower overall operating temperatures....

  • The US Synthetic Diamond Science team has been developing world-class diamond products for the energy industry for more than 40 years. Members of the team recently developed a proprietary Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD) nozzle to be used in 3D printing that can handle the most challenging applications.

    Professional 3D-printing companies and 3D-printing enthusiasts understand the benefits of cost, quality, speed, and flexibility when printing actual parts. Unfortunately, the development of embedded filaments (carbon fiber, glass, metals) is creating an even bigger need for more abrasion-resistant nozzles. To address this limitation and other limitations of brass, professional 3D-printing companies and 3D-printing enthusiasts are considering specialty nozzles made of steel, tungsten carbide, ruby, and now diamond.

    The clear leader in worry-free 3D printing are DiamondBack™ Nozzles — delivering unmatched wear-resistance and versatility.

    The DiamondBack Nozzle:

    • Prints any filament without compromise – no nozzle change out required
    • Improves layer adhesion and quality
    • Has a solid diamond tip - NOT a diamond coating 
    • Is easier to clean and reduces tip clogging
    • Delivers unmatched wear resistance
    • Lowers required operating temperature
    • Improves extrusion efficiency
    • Is made in the USA 

    Our nozzles rely on a solid diamond tip to improve precision 3D printing. The tip is not a diamond coating, but rather a solid diamond substrate made of polycrystalline diamond. Not only is our diamond the hardest material in the world, but it also provides best-in-class thermal conductivity or heat transfer capability that exceeds the thermal properties of copper, brass, tungsten carbide, steel, and ruby.  The DiamondBack nozzle tip easily transfers heat from the hotend through the nozzle and into the filament--ensuring more precision printing and better layer adhesion on every print. 

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    Our nozzles rely on a proprietary and patented diamond technology. This breakthrough technology allows 3D printers to print any filament on the same nozzle. A DiamondBack nozzle can easily print standard PLA and ABS filaments AND highly abrasive carbon fiber-embedded filaments without having to worry about changing out the nozzle. 

    Here are some examples of 3D prints that were printed with different PLA and PETG filaments (copper, iron, and carbon fiber) with a DiamondBack nozzle:

    PLA Copper Filament

    "Clown" by Scott Streadbeck

     PLA Iron Filament 

    "David" by @Scan the World

     PETG Carbon Fiber Filament

    "Trivenger Boomerang" by Turbi40

    The Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD) used in every DiamondBack nozzle will significantly extend the overall life of the nozzle. The extreme hardness, wear resistance, and thermal conductivity of this unique material make it an ideal solution for 3D printing. The US Synthetic Diamond Science team is proud to offer the additive manufacturing industry a breakthrough technology that delivers high thermal conductivity, low coefficient of friction, and high fracture toughness. Our innovative diamond technology is extremely resistant to abrasion and has extended the tool life of other applications in other industries by 2 to 8 times the life of tungsten carbide and other hard metals.

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    The diamond technology inside of our nozzles consists of randomly oriented diamond particles that have been fused together under high-pressure, high-temperature conditions in the presence of a catalytic metal. Using our patented cubic press technology, we sinter these individual crystals in each nozzle tip into a coherent diamond structure. This sintering takes place under extreme pressures (1 million pounds per square inch) and temperatures (1200 degrees Celsius). Sintered diamond provides greater toughness and durability than even single-crystal diamond because the individual crystals in a sintered body have formed diamond-to-diamond bonds that eliminate the natural cleavage planes that would run through a single-crystal diamond. These randomly oriented diamond particles in PCD prevent cracks from propagating along the weak planes where traditional diamond crystals cleave most easily.

    It is recommended that DiamondBack Nozzle users follow the operating specifications provided by each 3D printer manufacturer and each filament supplier. DiamondBack Nozzle temperatures should not exceed 300 Celsius. 

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    For the additive manufacturing industry, diamond nozzles offer a robust technology that allows professional 3D-printing companies and 3D-printing enthusiasts to print faster and cleaner parts.  The DiamondBack team is excited to eliminate some of the nozzle compromises facing 3D printers today. 

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    The DiamondBack team is extremely grateful for the 35 beta testers that have helped us put our nozzles through its paces. Here are some of the responses that we've heard from this group: 

    "The DiamondBack nozzle has allowed me to print quicker and cleaner parts due to the nozzle’s low friction. I’ve seen improvement in both quality and overall speed. Very pleased with the overall finish and lack of stringing and gobs AND with how clean the tip of the nozzle is at the end of a job."

    -- Andrew Streadbeck,  Adonis 3D

     “The Diamondback Nozzle is a perfect example of a project that is born from an individual idea and developed with passion, precision, and perfection. This open, collaborative, and innovative culture makes US Synthetic--the company behind the DiamondBack Nozzle--an exciting and rewarding company to work with. As an educator, I have seen firsthand how implementing the culture and practices used at US Synthetic produces outstanding results for student success.”

    -- Jennifer M. Rémy, Lead Instructor, Industrial 3D Printing Design, MTech

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