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Excellerant – Manufacturing Technology. Simplified. Excellerant is a machine data and communications platform designed to optimize your entire manufacturing process. Predict and improve job scheduling and quotations with real-time and historical data. Identify and eliminate process bottlenecks as they occur. Empower your workforce with the digital toolkit they need to accelerate your shop floor. Your Data, In Real Time. Excellerant pulls data from your machines and shop floor, and provides the tools necessary to understand, analyze, and synchronize this data with your existing ERP and MES systems. Powerful as they are, ERP systems are not the full solution — they cannot process what they cannot see. Manufacturing data is so complex and non-uniform that ERP and MES systems often struggle to reach even basic manufacturing environment data. As a result, the front office remains critically separated from the shop floor. The Excellerant platform conforms a vast array of data streams and makes them accessible in an elegant, logical, and adaptable computing environment. Access Machine Data from Any Device Because Excellerant is a server-based platform, client deployment is as simple as opening a web browser from any device.​ Easily deploy tablets with operator-specific inputs for each machine tool. Mount industrial displays for real-time production schedules across your plant. View machine state and data reports from any PC, Mac, or mobile device.​ Client access is unlimited, so you can add additional users and displays at any time, with no additional licensing fees. Intuitive Shop Floor Interface Excellerant's tablet-optimized Shop Floor Interface (mounted at each machine tool) allows operators to connect seamlessly and quickly with downstream systems, management personnel, and support staff. Operators can quantify and qualify parts coming off a machine and instantly synchronize this data into your shop's ERP system. Built-in alert and chat functions allow operators to call out machine errors or production bottlenecks just as easily, minimizing machine downtime and optimizing your shop's workflow. Modern Machine Shop Case Study Read how our platform transformed the daily operations of this 36-employee family-owned CNC shop: http://ow.ly/S2Yy50y8f2t "A real-time feed of machine metrics provides an excellent foundation for quoting, scheduling and other functions of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. In short, machine monitoring 'enables us to use ERP to its full potential,' Mr. Miller says." Key Features Universal Integration Collect data from any machine, new or legacy. Every brand, make, and model. Instant Synchronization Real-time data translation into ERP, MES, and Machine Learning systems. Seamless Communication Collaborate effortlessly with built-in chat and job note functionality. Rapid Deployment Zero client installs. Connect from any device with a web browser. Unlimited Access Our admin portal makes it simple to add additional clients at any time. Infinite Scalability Easily add new machine tools and sensors. Excellerant grows with you. Learn More Visit our website: www.excellerant-mfg.com Follow our social media: LinkedIn Facebook Twitter

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