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Omnirobotic’s Shape-to-Motion™ Technology turns industrial robots into self-programming spray solutions for all kinds of high-mix manufacturers. By eliminating the need for both manual robot programming and intensive location jigging, Shape-to-Motion™ Technology drastically reduces the barriers between you and the power, efficiency and reliability of industrial robotics. Built on a “SEE, PLAN, EXECUTE” framework, Omnirobotic’s technology identifies the physical shape, position and properties of your parts with 3D machine vision, generates a unique robot motion using AI and near real-time processing, and then translates that motion to an executable program using most major industrial robot brands’ existing drivers and capabilities. Shape-to-Motion™ Technology can be used in the most common materials handling processes - including batch processing and overhead conveyors - and applies to the unique needs of industrial spray processes, including: liquid painting, powder coating, enamel coating, thermal spraying, shot peening and many more. Firms in aerospace parts, earthmoving and agricultural equipment, HVAC, office furniture and many more industries have already sought the benefits of this solution, realizing the massive savings delivered on both existing skilled labor and spray automation solutions. For firms that have deployed Shape-to-Motion™ Technology, the benefits are numerous: increased productivity, decreased shortages of skilled labor, reductions in finishing and coating bottlenecks and near 100% elimination of rework in some cases. With Omnirobotic’s system, manufacturers are empowered to do more with their coating and finishing lines - all while getting a fast payback and never compromising the quality of their work. When you engage with Omnirobotic, you’ll be working with a team that has decades of experience in bringing real-time programming solutions to life. Supported by venture investors and partnered with leaders in the robotics industry, Omnirobotic’s Shape-to-Motion™ Technology gives you the power to become a truly autonomous manufacturer. If you can’t join us during SMX, feel free to visit or contacting to learn more!

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