Diatest USA

Lake Zurich,  IL 
United States
  • Booth: 216

Diatest is a manufacturer of precision measurement equipment.  We offer Bore, Spline, Keyway, Fixtures, Chamfer, Measurement Tables, Thread Depth and custom gages for both the shop floor and the lab.  Production applications can be hand held gages, fixture gages or completely automated and offer wireless communication via a superior FM technology.  Our non production gages are in stock for immediate delivery. We can help with any project size, stop by booth 216 to learn more.


  • Diatest high resolution .000005"/.0001mm Bore gage
    Diatest has a high resolution bore gage option that has been paired to their Diatron1000 handle with up to .000005" resolution, that's 10X higher than industry standards....

  • The Diatest bore gage line ranges from .0185"-13.000" with both production and non production systems.  

    The production system takes operator influence out of the reading.  The plugs body centers the gage while contact points take a reading.  Choose from 2, 3 or multiple contact points in a variety of materials based on what type of metal you are working with.  Contact points can check within .023" from the bottom of the bore and the system is from .090"-16.625".  See our 51 page brochure on line.

    This non-production systems are great if a variety of sizes come through your shop.  The .0001"/.001mm resolution options are in stock for quick delivery from .0185"-13.00" and also offer different contacts depending on the material you are measuring and how close to the bottom of the bore you need to check.

    At Diatest we also have Thread Depth Gages, Chamfer Gages, Measuring Tables, Spline/Gear Gages, Keyway Gages and more, all on display during the show.

  • TD Digital Thread Depth Gage
    Measure thread depth with your choice of .005"/.010mm resolution. Best of all the handle uses standard ANSI members and are in stock for next day delivery....

  • We stock handle sizes 0-3 for use with standard ASNI taperlock members.  All four handles have a digital display with output via cable or wireless transmission.  The members can come from your source or ours, we even have a DIN version if needed.  If you need custom stops we can help with that too, visit us to see how accurate thread depth readings can be.
  • Spline/Gear Gages
    Diatest has a variety of internal and external spline gages for measurement between/over wires. Use digital or mechanical readouts with up to .000050" resolution....

  • Diatest is a leader in spline/gear measurement, both internal and external.  Our internal gage system has a flexible set of probes or gage heads that allow you to quickly retool the gage for a variety of parts.  For external applications we offer a number of solutions depending on the type of part including hand held and bench style gages.  Like the internal system you have complete flexibility to change out the carbide balls to check other dimensions.  See us at booth 216 to try the gages on your parts.