Clean Air America

Rome,  GA 
United States
  • Booth: 637

Leading USA industrial ventilation manufacturer, located in Rome, GA, providing high-performance welding fume/smoke collection systems, robotic welding fume collection systems, oil mist & smoke coalescing fiber bed collection systems, reverse pulse jet fabric bag house systems, welding booths, portable fume collectors, fume arms, downdraft tables, custom source capture hoods, and exhaust systems.  Clean Air America, Inc. also provides turnkey installations with pre-fabricated ductwork packages, installation/assembly, AutoCAD services, safety accessories for collection equipment (fire suppression, spark traps, explosion vents, explosion isolation), custom control panels, VFD energy saving PLC controls with HMI, PM services, and system engineering.  Clean Air America, Inc. process application capabilities range from manual welding, robotic welding, CNC machining, heat treating, die casting, rotary dial machines, cold heading/warm forging, polishing/grinding, abrasive blasting, vocational training facilities, composite machining, foundry process, medical machining, pharmaeutical mfg., and  MQL machining.


  • Clean Air BRAHM Series Collector
    Cartridge collectors featuring up to 85,000 CFM featuring decreased can velocity, lower internal static pressure losses, refined control loops on the Variable Frequency Drive (VFD), and enhanced pulsing algorithms which increase filter life....

  • The new Brahm Series™ Collectors revolutionize and expand the dust collection industry. With the addition of collectors featuring up to 85,000 CFM, these machines are truly a power house. The revolution begins with a decreased can velocity, lower internal static pressure losses, refined control loops on the Variable Frequency Drive (VFD), and enhanced pulsing algorithms which increase filter life. With the addition of features including zero-down-time pulse cleaning and speed pulsing, the collectors increase productivity while simultaneously increasing air quality. Usability has been ramped up with the addition of the Synapse™ control panel. The touch screen controls allow for scheduled run times, integration into the manufacturing process, self diagnostics, and data capture, which further reduces maintenance costs. The new design features many personnel-focused changes including quick change filters, tool-less filter clamps, plug and play connections, and fast action latches. The Brahm Series™ is years ahead of the industry standard.

    The Clean Air BRAHM™ Series combines the most efficient features of our cartridge collector products to offer the most versatile, compact, and powerful cartridge collector series on the market.

    Designed as a plug-and-play collector system, the Clean Air BRAHM™ Series offers the fastest pulsing of any cartridge collectors available. Driven by supply pressure, timers have been eliminated and the collector offers up to 80% faster pulsing than previous industry models.

    The Clean Air BRAHM™ Series is ideal for production applications including welding, grinding, sanding, laser/plasma cutting dust & other dusts.

    Clean Air BRAHM™ Series Benefits:

    • Crystal-clean air, even in high-production environments
    • Increased filter life with decreased can velocity and continuous live cleaning
    • Lower TCO with both energy savings on electricity, filter usage, and compressed air

    Clean Air BRAHM™ Series Features

    • Strong 10 & 12 gauge welded steel construction
    • Quick access filter door, motor and valve compartment door, and clamping system
    • Vertically-positioned filters with bottom-initiated pulsing
    • Plug and play connectivity

    Clean Air BRAHM™ Series Options

    • Rotary air lock, ideal in pollution-control applications
    • Fire Suppression System
    • Weather-proofing applications
    • Flexible Bulk Container Holder designed to hold super sack/flexible bulk container (with stands over 36" tall)
    • Economizer to control automatic start/stop
    • Silencer for additional noise reduction
    • Maintenance platform for easy access to filters and maintenance points
    • Hopper or dust bin/trolley
    • Various height stands to elevate unit and provide additional floor space
    • Synapse™ Controller Panel for pulse cleaning, maximum energy efficiency and Speed Pulsing
    • Bypass Sensor allows unit to detect filter bypass issues