Erowa Technology Inc

Arlington Heights,  IL 
United States
  • Booth: 1233

Erowa Technology, Inc. is a full service supplier of palletization and automation systems for the North American manufacturing market. Our goal is to provide complete turnkey solutions for precision parts handling through most any group of manufacturing processes (from one type of machine to the next).


  • EROWA CleverClamp
    EROWA CleverClamp is the seamless, modular tooling system. Easy to handle and versatile in use, the EROWA CleverClamp decrease your set up times while increasing machine running times....

  • The clamping elements of EROWA’s CleverClamp system are specifically tailored to the manufacture of one-off and small batch parts. They are simple to handle and serve a wide variety of applications while decreasing set-up times, increasing machining times and improving productivity.

    The basic rails of the CleverClamp system are calibrated to fit the EROWA UPC and EROWA MTS production tooling systems. The wide range of clamping elements can be quickly positioned on the serrated base rails and be used either horizontally or vertically. The base rails provide the flexibility to attach workpieces of varying shapes and sizes in a limited amount of space.

    An added feature of the CleverClamp system is that it can be universally automated. This increases customer’s machine utilization by making use of marginal and night hours when combined with an EROWA automation solution.
  • EROWA MTS 2.0
    EROWA’s zero-point tooling system, MTS (Modular Tooling System) was introduced in 2001 and complimented with the advanced MTS+ in 2008. EROWA is now presenting the MTS 2.0 which combines the advantages of both versions into one single product!...

  • With total monitoring feedback, a maximum clamping power of 20,000 N and enhanced precision, the new MTS 2.0 fulfills even the most exacting machining demands.

    The use of state-of-the-art ceramic lock balls combined with innovative springs increase clamping power while allowing an opening pressure of only 6bar. The MTS 2.0 also only needs 6 bar of pneumatic pressure for the “re-clamping” function which results in a clamping power of 20kN per chuck. This is an improvement of 60% when compared to the previous MTS models. 

    Used for single or multiple palletization, the pallets and the spigots of MTS 2.0 are compatible with the previous version and can be seamlessly integrated to any existing automation system.