Crotts & Saunders LLC

Winston Salem,  NC 
United States
  • Booth: 1719

Crotts & Saunders is not a typical Machine Tool, Grinding & Gaging Sales House. We are an engineering group that can provide complete Machining, Grinding, Washing, Automation, and Inspection solutions for your company. Having been in business since 1956 has allowed us to find inventive ways to help manufacturers with production. Our company was founded on the idea that we can provide solutions to improve the speed and quality of a process, and at the same time reduce the cost to manufacture that product.


  • AQIS-LR5: Automated Quality Inspection System
    The AQIS-LR5 is a compact solution for automating the parts inspection process specifically designed to avoid costly defects and ensure product standards. Numerous configurations allow manufactures to tailor the inspection cell to meet their needs....

  • The 5-foot by 5-foot AQIS-LR5 inspection cell can easily be integrated into existing production lines or as a stand-alone system. Utilizing automation will increase inspection frequency and achieve higher repeatability while offering a faster, more accurate and consistent method of quality control.


    • Allen Bradley CompactLogix Cell Controller
    • 17-inch Industrial Panel PC Operator Station/HMI
    • Fanuc LR MATE Robot
    • 3-Position Part Drawer for Material Infeed/Outfeed
    • 4-Standard Gauge Plates for Device Mounting
    • Total System SPC Integration


    • Diameter/Length Measurement
    • Concentricity/TIR
    • Torque Measurement
    • Assembly/Force Measurement
    • Thread Verification
    • Process Monitoring
    • Surface Roughness


    Inspection Equipment

    • CMM
    • Hard Gauge/LVDT
    • Vision
    • Laser
    • Comparative Gauging

    Secondary Processes

    • Part Blow Off
    • Marking
    • ID Confirmation

    Software Options

    • Gauge Interface/Data Acquisition
    • SPC
    • Enterprise Data Reporting
    • Portable Web Server
    • Auto CNC Offset Compensation
    • Image Management
    • Process Monitoring (Torque or Force


    • Aerospace
    • Automotive
    • Consumer Products
    • Defense
    • Energy
    • Manufacturing
    • Medical
  • AST Spindles - "Better Than New"
    AST Spindle was formed to offer clients a fresh new approach to spindle repair that focuses on expert analysis, repair and response with AST Spindles’ “Better Than New” precision repair service. Get back to production FAST with AST Spindle....

  • AST Spindle incorporates state-of-the-art, sophisticated equipment combined with years of know-how to properly return a precision machine spindle to “better than new” working order. The key to this process is the depth of knowledge to properly conduct an accurate failure analysis that determines why a spindle failed and what needs to be done to correct the problem, including any basic design issues.

    Experienced technicians are uniquely trained to preform in-house repairs, parts refurbishing, and any needed modifications to the spindle. Knowledge of superpreision bearing design and extensive relationships within the bearing industry enable AST Spindle to get even special bearings quickly.

    This unique combination allows AST Spindle to evaluate, repair and get your spindle back in operation substantially quicker than ever before. 

  • Hurco Max 5: The Next Generation 5 Axis Controller
    Nobody gets you from print to part faster than Hurco . The integrated Max 5 control is the most versatile and intuitive control in the industry, each feature has benefits that you can measure in terms of increased productivity and profitability....

  • If your goal is to increase profitability by reducing setup time and programming time, the Hurco CNC control is for you.

    • Conversational Programming Features + Benefits Many controls offer some version of conversational, but Hurco conversational programming is the gold standard—our co-founder invented it!
    • 5-Axis/5-Sided Control Features + Benefits Just as our introduction of conversational programming revolutionized the industry in 1978, we are pushing the industry to new limits once again with our 5-axis control features.
    • Operational Features + Benefits The benefits of our control go beyond straightforward programming, processing power, and an intuitive graphical user interface. There are multiple operational features that provide significant benefits while you’re in the cut.
    • UltiMotion While our control is known for the measurable benefits in reducing programming and setup times, our newest blockbuster feature reduces cycle time while simultaneously improving surface finish quality. We think UltiMotion is the biggest invention to hit the industry in decades.