EnviroServe Chemicals Inc

Dunn,  NC 
United States
  • Booth: 2410

EnviroServe Chemicals, located in Dunn, North Carolina. Has been manufacturing high quality industrial chemicals since 1996. Will be featuring: Metal Working Fluids / Coolants / Cutting Fluids, Stamping / Drawing Press Lubricants, Rust Preventative Compounds, Surface Cleaning / Pretreatment, EnviroKote-Zirconium Technology, Plastic Cleaning / Preparation, In-Process Cleaning / Parts Washing


  • AntiSpatter 2601R RTU
    EnviroServe’s AntiSpatter 2601 RTU provides high resistance to welding spatter, while keeping the workpiece free of spatter build up and resulting in better appearance and higher productivity. Our AntiSpatter products are water soluble and easy to clean....

  • EnviroServe Chemicals' AntiSpatter products are all non aerosol and silicone free. These products form a thin film on the surface of the metal that prevents welding spatter from sticking to the work piece, eliminating the need for follow up grinding processes. By being non-combustible, non-regulated, and non-toxic, these products are much safer for welders to use. Our AntiSpatter products are all water soluble and easy to clean.