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All World Machinery Supply, Inc. is a leading distributor of CNC machine tool parts and repair services.

All World was founded in 1993 and built on five important principles:

1. Customers always come first.

2. Hold inventory.

3. No minimum orders.

4. Competitive pricing for quality products.

5. Be the answer.

Our customers deserve the very best possible service and we are devoted to making sure that they get it... To see our full line of products and services, please visit us at our website.

Lube USA, Inc. offers a wide range of lubrications systems. Our equipment is standard on many Japanese machines. We stock parts, help design systems for new applications and offer technical support.

Lube USA can offer alternatives to current lube system brands. We offer proven solutions to meet your lubrication requirements. You may find our systems in the following industries. Machine tool, Plastic injection molding, textiles, woodworking, bakeries and many others. 


  • ClampMax Hydraulic Workholding
    With many different options on the shelf, All World Clamp Max systems are designed to minimize labor costs and simplify troubleshooting for your production and maintenance staffs' convenience....

  • Utilizing Daikin Hybrid Hyrdualics, IFM process sensors and “in stack” booster technology, All World Machinery Supply is proud to present ClampMax™.

    ClampMax™ is a complete “plug and play” hydraulic solution that caters to the work holding industry, some features include:

    • Daikin HPU intelligence allows the unit to protect itself and your fixture from damage.
    • On board diagnostics provides faster troubleshooting and fixture setup.
    • IFM process sensors provide reliable feedback and pressure limits.
    • ClampMax™ is designed to be modular and is made with long term supported components on-shelf at AWM.
  • PATLITE WD-Z2 Wireless Signal Tower Monitoring
    The Wireless Data Acquisition System is a cost-effective, IIoT-enabled add-on for select PATLITE Signal Towers. This system allows signal towers to wirelessly transmit equipment status changes to a host PC for real-time monitoring and data analysis...

  • Monitor remotely and collect data wirelessly from a PATLITE Signal Tower

    PATLITE wireless add-on modules and receivers make PATLITE Signal Towers capable of sending electrical signals over a wireless network to a data center. PATLITE wireless add-on modules and receivers are a uniquely practical and economical solution for data acquisition, remote monitoring of machine status, and supervisory control of industrial processes. The WD-Z2 is an effective solution for lean manufacturing and a visual factory. PATLITE wireless add-on modules comply with IEEE802.15.4, operating in the 2.4 GHz band.

    1. Simply add-on to a PATLITE Signal Tower. Operating conditions of Patlite Signal Towers installed on production machines or process systems can be transmitted wirelessly to a data center. Data acquisition and remote monitoring are possible instantly and economically through the WDR-Z2 receiver. 
    2. Wireless technology of today eliminates tedious wired installation of the past. The WDT-Z2 add-on wireless modules tap their power from the PATLITE Signal Towers and transmit their electrical signals to the data center. This can reduce wiring, component installation and other related costs.
    3. Multi-hopping topology and high transmission reliability. With wireless multi-hopping, WDT-Z2 minimizes potential transmission failures or errors, adding a high level of stability and ensures transmission reliability.

  • EGM-50TH
    In order to improve our products' reliability and maintainability, we have completely reviewed our current GM and EGM type pumps and have discontinued their production. We are proud to introduce the EGM-50TH to replace those pumps!!...

  • Reliability

    • To reduce lubrication system errors due to air and/or contamination, we have fundamentally reenigneered the pump in its entirety.
    • Product life has improved from 500 operational hours to 1,500 hours.
    • RoHS2 Compliant.


    • Previous models required pump removal and replacement of parts that are easily damaged or lost. 
    • The EGM-50TH is designed so that internal parts can be replaced without pump removal easily by utilizing the new modular system of internal parts.
    • With this modular system, customers can reduce their spare parts inventory.


    • Dimension of mounting holes and discharge ports (positive displacement injector) of GM and EGM types remain the same.
    • Discharge volume, discharge pressure and the pump control remain the same.
    • Pump control methods and operational times are also the same.
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