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Hermle USA, Inc., located in Franklin, Wisconsin is the North American Headquarters of Maschinenfabrik Berthold Hermle AG, Gosheim, Germany

and provides North America's leading manufacturers with the finest high precision machining centers and world-class technical customer support.

At Hermle, we provide true 5-axis milling and best-in-class service, which we believe is paramount for your success.

Once you have reached this pinnacle of achievement, it is time to join the winning professionals around the world and Step up to a Hermle.

Our hand-selected network of trusted suppliers ensures that every Hermle machine is built to last and is made out of the highest quality materials.

Keeping in mind world-class dynamics, Hermle’s carefully honed and detailed process results in nimble, powerful and exceptionally precise

machines that are up to any task and deliver a life-time of winning results.

Once you are here, you will quickly realize how we deliver what many call the best machines in the world.

Step Up To A Hermle!


  • Hermle C22U
    The C 22: a highly dynamic machining center designed consistently for 5-axis machining.
    Features galore to ensure high-precision, economical parts production. Numerous automation solutions extend the application range many times over.

  • Many important points must be observed in order to guarantee that every workpiece is machined perfectly. For this reason, Hermle has been working on perfecting and optimising the machining process for many years. This is the reason that the C 22 is now equipped with:
    - The largest working area relative to the installation area
    - The largest swivelling range of workpieces in the working area
    - Utilisation of the entire traverse range
    - A large collision circle between the table flanges

    Technical Data

    Traverse X-Y-Z:                                        450 – 600 – 330 mm
    Spindle Speed:                                          15000 / 18000 / 25000 / 30000 / 42000 rpm
    Rapid linear traverse X-Y-Z (dynamic):   30 (50) m/min
    Linear acceleration X-Y-Z (dynamic):      8 (15) m/s2
    Control unit:                                              TNC 640 / S 840 D sl

    Swivelling rotary tables:
    Machining table with worm:                      Ø 320 mm
    Swivelling range:                                        +/- 135˚
    A-axis speed:                                              25 rpm
    C-axis speed:                                              40 rpm
    Max. table load:                                          300 kg

    Machining table with torque:                     Ø 320 mm
    Swivelling range:                                        +/- 135˚
    A-axis speed:                                              25/55* rpm
    C-axis speed:                                              80 rpm
    Max. table load:                                          150 kg
    *with tandem drive

    Everybody is talking about automation, but it’s much more than just a trend. We ourselves have developed from a machine manufacturer to a process provider because we believe that the decisive criterion for automated effciency is integration of the entire environment.
    In keeping with this philosophy, what began with economical pallet changing and intelligent handling systems, continues now with highly advanced robot solutions. Therefore, we have long been capable of converting machines into flexible manufacturing cells.

    The new HS flex handling system is an automation solution providing cost-effective entry into machining centre automation. The HS flex handling system is an automation solution providing cost-effective entry into machining centre automation. The front-sided adaptation ensures a space-saving layout with direct connection to the machining centre. The large intermediate space provides direct access to the working area for manual operator activities.
    In automatic mode, a double door blocks operator access; and in setup mode, access to the handling system. The customisable pallet storage modul offers numerous combination options for a large range of parts. A second pallet storage modul can be additionally integrated in the handling system, thus enhancing the storage of parts significantly.

    The Hermle Automation-Control-System (HACS), which is operated via an integrated touch panel, provides an ideal platform for intuitive operation and control of the handling system.

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