JM Performance Products Inc  

1234 High St
Fairport Hbr,  OH  44077-5558

United States
  • Booth: 2818

JM Performance Products, Inc, the industry leader in Milling Machine Optimization, manufactures a complement of products designed to improve the performance of CNC milling machines and improve the performance of every tool used in these machines by eliminating the flaw in V-Flange tooling:  Toolholder Expansion.  JMPP's products, featuring the patented High Torque retention knobs, maximize toolholder-to-spindle contact, thereby eliminating vibration and chatter, run-out, poor tolerances, and poor finishes, decreasing setup time, reducing or eliminating costly polishing and bench time, and increasing tool life 15% - 300% while increasing production on existing equipment 10% - 40% GUARANTEED.  JMPP's spindle maintenance products, which include the Deluxe Spindle Cleaning Kit, Ultimate Spindle Restoration Kit, and ClampForce hydraulic pull force gage, make CNC spindle maintenance affordable and easy to implement in any size shop. 

 Press Releases

  • JM Performance Products, Inc. (Booth #2818) located in Fairport Harbor, OH), the industry leader in milling machine optimization and manufacturer of the patented High Torque Retention Knob, has adopted a directive affecting their manufacturing standards. 

    Today’s CNC mills are designed to operate with greater draw bar pressure, faster tool changes, higher feed rates, and greater depths of cut.  Recognizing the ever-increasing stresses placed upon the retention knobs, JMPP has begun proactively changing the material used in the production of their retention knobs from 8620H to 9310H grade steel.  9310H material offers 40% greater tensile strength, which will meet the new milling demands in today’s manufacturing environments.  This change in material predominantly affects the 30 and 40 taper knobs, although some 50 taper knobs have been included.  

    In addition, having identified a design flaw in regards to the expected cross sectional strength of the knobs, JMPP has begun modifying the size of the coolant holes in many of the 30 and 40 taper knobs.  The knobs will continue to supply more coolant than demanded, but will be sized to increase the cross sectional strength of the knobs.

    As the retention knobs made from 8620H are depleted, the parts will be replaced by an “HS” part.  This move impacts both standard and patented High Torque knobs.  High Torque knobs are designed to eliminate toolholder expansion, the main cause of vibration, chatter, run-out, poor tool life, poor tolerances, and a myriad of milling issues.   The High Strength (HS) parts are slightly higher priced, but the company feels that the added strength is worth the difference.
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