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Control Gaging designs and manufactures in-process and post-process gage systems that provide closed-loop feedback to machine controls based on real-time part measurement. Gaging applications are available for ID, OD, disc and centerless grinders, turning machines, polish/superfinishing machines and other machining processes where finished size is critical.

In addition to our extensive line of gaging products, Control Gaging also supplies grinding wheel balancers and acoustic emission sensors (gap and crash detectors).

With over 50 years in the gaging industry, we pride ourselves on providing value for modern industrial operations as well as excellent customer service, product performance and superior reliability in the harshest of machining conditions. As a leading supplier of measurement and process control equipment, we are continuously developing innovative gaging solutions to solve our customer’s most challenging and ever-changing precision part manufacturing requirements.


  • D93b Grinding Wheel Balancer
    Automatic balancer cuts vibration to optimize finish and extend machine life....

  • The D93b measures the vibration caused by an unbalanced grinding wheel and shifts weights attached to the wheel spindle until the vibration is neutralized.  The system can be applied to grinding operations over a wide range of wheel sizes, wheel speeds, machine types, and wheel compositions. 

    The balancing head mounts easily to almost any wheel spindle with an adapter flange and nut.  The precision piezo-electric vibration transducer attaches to the wheelhead housing, in line with one of the spindle bearings, with a simple stud or magnet.  Machine downtime for installation is minimal.

    During a balancing cycle, the D93b electronic unit receives a signal from the sensor proportional to the amount of vibration created by the wheel imbalance.   The D93b then performs a realignment of the two weights in the balancing head until the amount of vibration falls below a pre-set limit.

    • Fits most center-type, shoe-type, centerless, and surface grinders
    • Operation is simple and automatic
    • Improves surface quality
    • Increases machine life and productivity

  • D93a Gap Eliminator / Crash Detector
    Acoustic emission monitoring can be used to minimize critical machine damage due to accidental collision AND/OR used to improve the dressing process, greatly increasing wheel life....

  • The D93a system uses acoustic emission sensor technology to monitor the machine's audio frequency levels during the grinding process or dressing cycle. This cost efficient solution uses one or two strategically mounted AE sensors interfaced with a 4.3” HMI touch screen controller to allow flexible set up and monitoring. 

    During the grinding process, the D93a system can be used to signal the machine for a wheel retract in a crash condition or signal the machine to transition from a high in-feed rate to a lower in-feed rate as the grinding wheel approaches the part.

    During the dressing cycle, the D93a system will indicate the complete dress of the wheel, allowing for smaller incremental moves and elemination of costly overdressing.

    The D93a system plots the AE signal in real time so the operator can see a visual representation of the grinding wheel condition.

    • Air Gap Elimination
    • Dressing Process Monitoring
    • Collision Monitoring with “Fast Stop” Feature
    • Operation is simple and automatic

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