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KME CNC has developed a state of the art 5 axis system. In addition to our newly patented wireless tombstone, we specialize in turning 3 axis vertical machining centers or 4 axis horizontal machining centers into a 5 axis production machines. There is no product in the market that features such technical and manufacturing flexibility!

Our patented multi 5 axis wireless tombstones come complete with 5 axis drives built right into the tombstone and are designed specifically for horizontal machining centers. KME's standard mutli 5 axis wireless tomstone can be customized, based on customer needs, to include up to eight drives or more, depending on part sizes. This innovative product lets you machine multiple 5 axis work in a single set up!

KME's multi 5 axis wireless tombstones allow the operator to drive each 5 axis independently or simultaneously. Result: reduced set up time, less scrap rate, close tolerances and increased accuracy and productivity. This patented tombstone is unmistakably the future in horizontal machine centers!


  • 5-Axis Wireless Tombstone
    Achieve 5 axis capabilities on your 3 axis horizontal machining center with KME’s Wireless 5-Axis Tombstones....

  • 5 Axis Machining on Your 3 Axis Machine

    • Mill 5+ sides on 4 different platters with a single setup for 4 completely machined parts
    • 300 ft/lbs of torque on C drive
    • 0 backlash for 10,000 hrs of continuous use 
    • Excellent dimensions for various machine sizes
    • Programmable directly through g-code
    • Utilize existing space inside machine more efficiently
    • Easy install on existing equipment with no additional drive cards
    • Increase operator’s efficiency by reducing set up time

    KME CNC 5-axis platters are built right into a precision ground, rigid meehanite cast iron tombstones that are designed specifically for Horizontal Machining Centers. Our standard models come with four independent 5-axis platters on one side or 2 platters on both sides of the tombstone. Platters extend only a couple inches from the face of the tombstone, taking up less space within the HMC’s work zone than a surface-mounted indexer.

    These units completely integrate with control systems so you do not need to program the control unit. You can program your work directly from your machine g-code controls. Mill 5+ sides on four different platters with a single setup for four completely machined parts!

    Patented Wireless tombstones comes with no wires, cables or any type of connections. Getting the tombstones in and out of your machines is now easy as 1-2-3, in addition to allowing change-over or pallet pool applications to run lights-out.

    This new platform allows immense flexibility, i.e. pallet pool, cell, or stand alone applications. The system is an RF address-based system that works with a Transmitter/Receiver Module (TRM, hereafter) connection platform. Each tombstone is defined by its specific address therefore when entering the machine envelope, it makes itself available to the TRM. At that time, the TRM engages that specific tombstone and that specific tombstone only. An individual TRM is capable of recognizing multiple discrete addresses allowing it to control tombstones that are in a pallet-racking system as they become available in the machining envelope.

    The wireless system is driven by power cells that are rated to last up to 8 hours of machining time. KME CNC configured the system through a unique power management scheme that features the ability of shutting off desired drives through g-code programming, which ultimately helps maximize machining time overall. Combined with the ease of loading and unloading the power cells, this wireless system is unmistakably designed to serve time/cost-conscious plants!

  • 5-Axis Trunnion Tables
    Turn Your Vertical Machining Center into a 5-Axis Production Machine. Designed specifically for Vertical Machining Centers, KME CNC’s 5-axis platters are built right into a precision rigid meehanite cast iron trunnion frame and table....

  • Features:

    • Ability to position parts for five sides machining
    • Increasing operator’s efficiency by reducing set up time 
    • Easy install on existing equipment with no additional drive cards 
    • Utilize existing space inside machine more efficiently 
    • Programmable directly through g-code 
    • Excellent dimensions for various machine sizes 
    • 0 backlash for 10,000 hrs of continuous use  

    The World’s 1st Wireless Trunnion – TR 100 RF. New Trunnion model TR 100RF has all of the features of the standard wired models while being the perfect application for palletizing VMC. An easy to use system with no messy cables

    Custom Applications

    KME CNC can design a trunnion for your application. Custom 5-axis trunnions can be made to specific matching needs including different drive configuration, large or smaller sizes, less or more platters. KME CNC’s trunnions have the lowest platter height in the industry, with 7.87” from table to platter, allowing maximum Z height clearance. KME CNC can also manufacture trunnions with 10” platters, depending on their specific needs. No additional drive cards necessary! 

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