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5ME, LLC brings a proven suite of capabilities to industry, focused on increasing customers' manufacturing efficiency as a means of building profitable, competitive, and sustainable businesses.

5ME® Cryogenics - a system delivering liquid nitrogen (LN2) through a machine tool in lieu of traditional metalworking fluids and cooling the cutting tool internally down to -321° F.  A brand agnostic solution capable of being retrofitted to existing assets or offered as a new machine tool option, 5ME® Cryogenics provides significant improvements to Performance (speed/MRR and tool life), Sustainability (green machining), and Part Quality resulting in increased revenues, decreased costs, and maximized profitability.

FREEDOM™ IoT - a manufacturing software platform that connects with any industrial asset and collects critical manufacturing data in real time, which can be viewed anytime, anywhere through any device with a browser.  Minimally invasive with no special engineering required,  FREEDOM™ IoT provides the data to optimize utilization, improve quality and performance, root out inefficiencies, and maximize profits.