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IndustryControlling LLC serves as the exclusive representative for TAVADEC SA, a Swiss manufacturer of ultra-precision Micro Parts.  IndustryControlling LLC is also the exclusive North American distributor for DERO and FRIBOSA ultra-precision Swiss Made centering and tool room vises.

 Press Releases

  • Trusted supplier in micro-components, TAVADEC SA, formally launches in North America through an exclusive partnership with IndustryControlling LLC to enhance customer proximity and leverage growth in the region.  Historically trusted as a leading supplier of Swiss high-end watch making components, TAVADEC SA ultra-precision parts are fabricated for use in micro-mechanics equipment & instruments, aerospace, automotive, medical and other industries.  "Our experience in one of the world's most demanding Swiss precision markets has pushed us to achieve unparalleled levels of parts accuracy and parts finishing that we expect will appeal to North American companies who demand the highest levels of accuracy and finishes," says TAVADEC SA CEO, Cédric Monnin."  Our parts range from 0.1mm up to 12mm (0.004 - 0.5 inch) with tolerances of up to 1 micron (0.00004 inch) and afford companies the opportunity to develop cutting edge products in today's fast-paced competitive marketplace."  All parts are made to customer specifications in Tavannes, Switzerland by highly trained and experienced professionals in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. Both TAVADEC SA and IndustryControlling LLC will exhibit at Aerodef 2019, Booth 1647.

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  • Swiss manufacturer DERO launches their Ultra-Precision Centering Vises in the USA and Canada.  Made from hardened stainless steel, the DERO RS vises offer unparalleled clamping accuracy and repeatability primarily for use in grinding, EDM and measuring operations.  "We consider it quite extraordinary to have a product in the DERO RS Vise that guarantees centering accuracy of less than 0.0002" (0.005 mm) and clamping repeatability of less than 0.0004" (0.01 mm).  For this reason, we deem it the most precise centering vise available in the world today and we are keen to introduce our products to the North American precision manufacturing industry at AeroDef 2019," says René Hänni, CEO of DERO AG.  DERO produces an additional line of centering vises, the DERO HRK.  These vises are made from hardened carbon steel and are specially developed for use on multi-axis machining centers and have with reversible jaws for an extended range of clamping.  The DERO HRK Vises are highly accurate, robust and suitable for precise individual part clamping and for clamping on palletizing systems.  DERO is also well-known in Europe as a manufacturer of made-to-order ultra-precision machine spindles boasting tolerances of within a few microns and are made for use in machines of major OEM brands.  The company has represented Swiss quality well for over 70 years and has recently granted exclusive North American distributorship of their vises and services to IndustryControlling LLC.  Both DERO and IndustryControlling LLC will exhibit at Aerodef 2019, Booth 1647.

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  • DERO HRK Ultra-Precision Centering Vises
    Specially developed for use on multi-axis machining centers and available in 5 sizes. HRK vises are suited for individual part clamping and for clamping on palletizing systems. Made in Switzerland....

    • Parts clamping repeatability ranges from less than 0.0004” to less than 0.0012”, depending on the vise size.

    • Each HRK Series vise includes one set of hardened steel jaws (Step Jaws with Grip Rail).  Additional jaws, including custom made to spec, are available.

    • Visit for additional product descriptions.

  • DERO RS Ultra-Precision Centering Vises
    Achieve ultra-precision through exceptionally high clamping accuracy and repeatability. Made from stainless steel and used primarily for various grinding, EDM and measuring operations. Made in Switzerland...

    • Parts centering accuracy is guaranteed to reach less than 0.0002” (0.005 mm) and clamping repeatability less than 0.0004” (0.01 mm), thus rendering DERO RS vises the most precise centering vises in the world.

    • Each RS Series vise includes one set of hardened steel jaws (Universal Jaws) and an angled socket wrench.  Additional jaws, including custom made to spec, are available.

    • Visit for additional product descriptions.

  • FRIBOSA Ultra-Precision Vise, Hex or Spindle Drive
    Manufactured with an extremely tight tolerance of 0.00012” (0.003 mm), thus guaranteeing ultra-precise clamping accuracy and repeatability. Made in Switzerland....

    • Uncompromising construction and design keeps part firmly seated on the vise (pull-down system); offers secure and easy handling for increased versatility, precision, cost-efficiency and safety in manufacturing and measuring operations

    • Made from hardened and normalized tool steel; suited for a diverse range of industries for precise and small to medium lot milling, boring, grinding, measuring and other operations

    • Available with or without V-Groove

    • Visit for additional product descriptions.

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