BENZ Incorporated

Hickory,  NC 
United States
  • Booth: 2707

Benz is the leading manufacturer of Angle Heads, Live Tools, Static Tools, and Spindle Speeders for the metalworking market. We offer a large inventory of standard products, with machine connections for all major machinery brands. Our technicians can offer spare parts and perform maintenance on all of our products. We provide sales and service for the North American market, from our Hickory, NC facility.

Brands: BENZ Solidfix® BENZ Capto BENZ Right Angle Heads BENZ Live Tools BENZ Spindle Speeders BENZ icom BENZ LinA


  • BENZ LinA
    The LinA broaching system changes the rotary motion of the live tool turret into a linear motion for broach and spline machining on turning centers....

  • LinA radial and axial models are available in both long- and short-stroke versions, making manufacturing I.D. and O.D. profiles fast and easy.

    BENZ’ LinTec broaching tool lineup includes the LinA Axial and Radial Broach, the LinA XL Radial Broach, the LinA Haas Axial, and the LinA EMAG Axial.

    The BENZ LinA broaching tool performs I.D. and O.D. broaching with one tool. I.D. and O.D. keyways, splines, torx and hex shapes can all be machined with the same tool. Use of the LinA broaching tool also reduces cycle time and increases machine life by eliminating wear on guideways and abuse on spindle bearings.

    With the LinA in place, the programmer can position the Z-axis to the start position and program a constant X feed until the broach depth has been achieved, at 1000 rpm/1000 strokes per minute. It utilizes an integrated feature that lifts the tool .006” off the material on the return stroke for a better surface finish and tool life. A typical 3/8” x .187” x 1.250” keyway would take almost two minutes to cut on a lathe. The LinA can machine the same feature in steel in 6 – 8 seconds. BENZ offers the LinA radial and axial models, available in short, standard, long and XL stroke versions. 

  • BENZ
    The New BENZ, an Industry 4.0-ready application for automatically monitoring the efficiency and condition of its products....

  • BENZ Smart-Factory smartphone and tablet application scans, saves and processes tool data and uses it to provide important information about the product's current condition.

    BENZ is located on a chip, which is powered by an integrated generator or a battery, depending on the application, and saves the data. BENZ transfers the data to the app, via NFC and Bluetooth, either in real time or after specific events. The app uses this information to provide important notifications about the product's state, such as the number of hours of operation, the temperature, speed or vibration values. Using the BENZ cloud solution, the user not only has access to the data they have scanned themselves, but to all of the product data saved in the cloud.

    Thanks to the transparent tool monitoring system, the service life of a unit can be extended by identifying the optimum service intervals, and production standstills can be minimized. Working with a receiver module, the solution communicates directly with the machine control system. Among other things, it can trigger automatic lubrication or the emergency stop function, if there is an emergency.