Big Ass Solutions Canada

Mississauga,  ON 
  • Booth: 1079

In less than 20 years, Kentucky-based Big Ass Solutions has gained an international reputation for our market-defining industrial fans. But we’ve never been ones to rest on our laurels. Instead, we’ve transformed ourselves into a provider of diverse airflow and lighting solutions.

Consider us the world experts on airflow in industrial spaces. With more than 70 engineers on staff and a 44,000-sq-ft R&D laboratory, there’s no one who knows more about how to move a Big Ass amount of air than we do. We’ve leveraged our know-how into a line of products designed to cater to all your needs, from LED lighting to award-winning overhead fans.

When you use our fans and lights, you’re investing in a more productive and cost-effective facility. Our fans move enough air on low speeds to keep employees cool without ruffling papers or disrupting your processes. And Big Ass Lights offer year-round energy savings and improved lighting quality when compared to fluorescent and metal-halide fixtures.

Brands: Fans: Powerfoil®X 3.0, Basic 6™, Powerfoil 8, Pivot, AirGo®, Black Jack, Yellow Jacket, Sweat Bee™. Controls: BAFworks, SmartSense™. LED Lights: Twin, High and Low Bay LEDs, the Garage Light.


  • AirEye
    Big Ass Solutions new AirEye fan is the first of its kind to detect motion and shut off automatically. Featuring an occupancy sensor and an advanced motor, AirEye is the quietest, longest-lasting and most efficient directional fan ever made....

  • The first fan of its kind to detect motion and shut off automatically, AirEye is the quietest, longest-lasting, easiest-to-clean, highest efficiency personal cooling machine ever made, backed by a warranty twice the industry standard.


    Existing directional fans break down often, make excessive noise, have limited speeds, and are inefficient and difficult to clean. AirEye has none of these shortcomings. Its motion sensor ensures AirEye only runs when workers are present, saving energy effortlessly during shift changes, breaks and overnight. Its easy-to-clean, modular design is perfect for manufacturing facilities, and cleaning AirEye is as simple as hosing it down. AirEye moves more air more efficiently than other competitors, offering 48% more airflow and 50% more efficiency than typical directional fans.


    AirEye is available with a variety of mounts that are certain to work in your facility, and the fan comes in 20-, 24- and 30-inch diameters.