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High Speed Imaging – Canada’s premier source

High Speed Imaging Inc. is the premier source for high speed camera equipment within Canada.  Our products include Hi-Speed video systems, Ultra high speed cameras, High Resolution digital imagers, Digital video recorders, Motion Analysis software, high-speed Infrared cameras, Digital Image Correlation systems and measurement technology.

These products are often used in many types of industries for product manufacturing, design, debugging, troubleshooting and verification. Research and R&D laboratories use them to capture events that are too fast for the naked eye or standard imaging technology to see.

See our website: www.hsi.ca

Brands: AOS Technologies, Photron, Fastec Imaging, Invisible Vision, Telops, Correlated Solutions and Xcitex.


  • AOS Technologies PROMON USB3 High Speed Streaming
    Used in many types of industries for product manufacturing, design and verification. Capture events that are too fast for the naked eye. Ultra-small, single USB3 cable connection, Extremely economical streaming....

  • PROMON USB3 High Speed Streaming

    The PROMON U series are very competitive entry level high speed camera systems recording directly to PC via USB3. 

    PROMON U cameras connect directly to PC via USB3 without need for additional cabling. The camera comes with the powerful Imaging Studio V4 software for piloting the camera, recording, playback and export of sequences. Via the software the user can set the system to record into PC DRAM for seconds or setup a video stream directly to hard disk for minutes or even hours. 

    Depending on the model PROMON U cameras offer stunning data rates of e.g. 1280 x 1024 up to 200 frames/sec and up to 3000 frames/sec when reducing the resolution. The software allows parametrization of different operation modes ranging from taking a quick shot of a single event, capturing intermittent events to a complete 24/7 recording.  Do not miss an event anymore! 

    Key features

    • Ultra-small camera head fits into tightest spaces
    • Single USB3 cable connection
    • Two in one: high speed camera & streaming system
    • Extremely economical setup
    • Modern and intuitive software

  • AOS Tehnologies PROMON SCOPE G2
    The PROMON SCOPE G2 is a light and compact, ready-to-use high speed image streaming system. Easy to troubleshoot problems on a production line....


    The PROMON SCOPE G2 is a light and compact, ready-to-use high speed image streaming system.

    Due to the built-in and replaceable Li-ion battery pack, it will operate up to 2h without recharging.  Its high capacity solid state disk system records sequences for 40 minutes with option to extend up to 80minutes. The weight of the complete system with controller and camera is just under 2.9 kg (6.4lbs). PROMON SCOPE G2 is the ideal camera system to temporarily monitor industrial processes for troubleshooting, setup- and fine tuning application, as wells as preventive maintenance tasks.  The control unit is a compact and rugged device with a built-in touchscreen display for piloting the recording, playback or export of data is just a fingertip away. The PROMON camera module is available in color, monochrome or NIR (near infrared).

    Key features

    • Ideal for temporary industrial troubleshooting, setup and fine tuning applications
    • Long battery live
    • Compact, light and robust, ready to use high speed image streaming system
    • Touchscreen operation, similar to a Tablet PC
    • Typical recording capacity is 40 minutes, optional 80 minutes
    • PROMON SCOPE is available with monochrome, color or NIR (near infrared)  camera
    Point & Shoot Design and offers outstanding performance in a portable form factor, with an updated 5MP 12-bit sensor. Ideal for troubleshooting production line issues on the spot....

  • TS5L, TS5S, TS5H, and TS5Q

    bluedotHandheld, battery-powered, with built-in

       touchscreen LCD

    bluedotFour models: from L: 800 x 600, to Q: 2560 x 2048

    bluedotAdvanced 5-Megapixel CMOS sensor

    bluedotMultiple recording modes to suit any situation

    Control via touchscreen, FasMotion PC/Mac app,

       or web browser

    4Side Connectors
    6Gigabit Ethernet

    Standard Record Mode: Classic High-Speed Imaging - The TS5H records beautifully sharp 1920 x 1080 video at 634 frames per second, while the TS5Q records amazing 2560 x 1440 video at 359fps, in vivid color or monochrome. Smaller resolutions may be recorded at faster frame rates: 720p @ 1400fps, 800 x 600 @ 1677fps, etc. Binning and sub-sampling features of the sensor give the TS5 great flexibility and sensitivity.


    FasFire Mode - Ultra-fast save times to the onboard media while simultaneously recording high-speed bursts of hundreds or even thousands of images at a time, the TS5 is always ready for the next high-speed snapshot!


    Long Record Option - Any model TS5 ordered with the "D" (dual mode) option can record continuously at high speed for many minutes, or hours at reduced resolutions.


    Portability - With its small form factor, battery operation, large built-in LCD touch screen and intuitive on-screen menu system, the TS5 puts the power of both a traditional high-speed camera and long-record system into the palm of your hand. The TS5 is a true point-and-shoot high-speed camera solution.

    Flexible Control – The TS5 can be operated as a self-contained, handheld camera, or controlled over Gigabit Ethernet via Fastec FasMotion software on your PC or Mac or via the built-in web interface with your favorite web browser on your PC, Mac, tablet, or even your smartphone.

    High-Performance Image Transfer – The FasMotion application makes workflow a breeze with transfers of uncompressed images via Gigabit Ethernet at rates of 50–80MB/s to moderately equipped PCs.


    Multiple Storage Options – The TS5 features both a USB port and an SD port for quick and easy image downloads to USB flash drives, SD cards, or portable hard drives. The built-in SSD provides up to 2TB of lightning-fast non-volatile internal storage.