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  • For Immediate Release---Billings, MT, October 12, 2017

    Computers Unlimited President, David Schaer announced three new TIMS mobile products at the software development company’s 31th annual Industrial Users Group Conference last week. TIMS Assistant, designed to mobilize sales efforts, provides real-time access to essential customer and prospect information, real time inventory price and availability inquiries, plus the ability to create orders and accept mobile payments out in the field. TIMS Electronic Delivery, designed for delivery drivers, combines advanced routing logistics, asset pricing and tracking, and mobile payments in a single application. TIMS Warehouse is a new suite of specialized mobile apps designed for use in the warehouse beginning with cylinder control activities.

    Says Schaer, “in an increasingly competitive market, our customers’ business models can no longer remain static. These new mobile apps run on IOS and Android smart mobile devices and will help our customers reduce operational costs while increasing the quality of work performance.” While most software companies design for the masses, Computers Unlimited’s TIMS Software products are industry specific. Schaer adds, “Our goal remains the same as it was when we started, to develop integrated software solutions that meet the needs of our customers today and tomorrow.”

    Computers Unlimited/TIMS Software provides integrated software solutions for gas & welding supply distributers. By delivering an integrated all-in-one software solution for this specific sector, technological development meets the exacting industry needs enabling customers to run more efficiently to gain a competitive edge in the markets they serve. Headquartered in Billings, Montana, in the restored downtown historic district, Computers Unlimited maintains one of the largest software development staffs in the state. Of the 200 employees, 85% are directly involved in development, customer support and project management.

    For further information, contact Gayle Smith, Computers Unlimited@406-255-9500

  • August 13, 2018, Billings, MT---FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, Computers Unlimited, developers of TIMS Software, is celebrating its 40th Anniversary this year. Co-founded by Dr. Mike Schaer in 1978, today, David Schaer is the President of Computers Unlimited overseeing three different software application divisions for three distinct industries, staffed by over 180 employees.

    Computers Unlimited began by servicing a local industrial gas and welding company that needed an integrated software solution to help their business run smoother. Under Mike Schaers’ guidance, software developers were tasked with creating a product to answer a growing need for this industry. In the early 80s, the company expanded into the home medical equipment (HME) industry when a customer needed new functionality to process medical claims and track medical oxygen. Then in 2010, the company acquired a local software company servicing the needs of the audiology and speech, language & pathology industries.

    Computers Unlimited prides itself on listening to the needs of its customers. Says David, “The new frontier is about connected and open systems. We are achieving this by making TIMS mobile and the TIMS platform open. The world has gone mobile and so has TIMS.”

    David added, “The development of 3 new smartphone apps called TIMS Assistant, TIMS Delivery, and TIMS Plant are a reflection of our DNA  – our people make it happen. I’m very proud of the fact that our staff members are long-term, which is something you don’t see too often in today’s business climate.  We all share the same vision, to meet the ever-changing needs of our users.”

    END-----For questions or more information, contact Gayle Smith, Computers Unlimited. Photos available on request.

    406-255-9637 or
  • TIMS (Total Information Management System) developed by Computers Unlimited, is the premium software solution for industrial gas and welding supply distributors. Features include fully integrated cylinder tracking/management; order processing for gases, hardgoods and rental equipment; inventory/warehouse management; truck routing/dispatching/electronic vendor price updates; EDI and e-commerce; and imaging and data analysis tools. In addition, TIMS Software provides a fully integrated suite of mobile applications with smartphone/tablet solutions including TIMS Assistant, TIMS Delivery, and TIMS Plant. In addition, TIMS Delivery enables printed invoices and payment options at the point of delivery.

    Founded in 1978, Computers Unlimited has evolved into a major software development company and is the leading provider of integrated software solutions serving the gas and welding supply industry throughout North America. We serve companies of all sizes by streamlining their business processes with a consolidated software platform.

    With a unified ERP software solution, daily business practices become fluent. TIMS software is all-inclusive. A cohesive system means that from order to fulfillment to invoice, whether in office or in the field with mobile applications, your business processes are unified. TIMS improves the visibility of data so that all of your employees can make faster and more informed decisions with centralized, accurate information.

    To meet the needs of our customer base, Computers Unlimited employs over 180 professionals dedicated to the development, documentation, implementation and support of the solutions we provide. Long-standing customer relationships are developed through a commitment to excellence. We are driven to continually enhance our products and services in order to offer customers the most cost-effective and advanced software solutions available.

    From mobile applications to order entry to A/R, from purchasing and receiving to A/P, G/L and financial management, cylinder and inventory control, business intelligence tools and much, much, more—all are part of one synchronized system. TIMS is a stable software environment where all of your modules constantly exchange information keeping you and your employees engaged and informed in order to better serve your customers by increasing productivity. TIMS is one software system working completely and comprehensively to integrate the day-to-day mechanisms of your business.


  • TIMS Plant, Mobile App for Fill Plant Operations
    TIMS Plant is a mobile application that increases staff productivity by providing: -New Cylinder Asset Tagging -Barcode Updating and Verifying -Cylinder Fill Tracking -Location Transfers -Truck Load/Unload/Reconcile Functions -Cylinder Recall Abilities...

  • Linda Fette, Helget Gas Products, states, "By using a smartphone or tablet, you can see a clear screen. It's very intuitive and user-friendly even if someone is not tech savvy. Some of our staff still have flip phones and there are a few that don't have a cell phone at all! Tap the application to open, start tagging, add a tag—it walks you through every step. You can differentiate all the fields within each screen. Whether your drivers and warehouse staff are loading or unloading, shipping or returning, it's a simple process. If there's a recall, responses are faster. Finding the lot number is quicker." 

    Read more about TIMS Plant on our blog>>

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