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    Crippa’s new CLEVER fully electric tube bending machine with 25mm tube capacity features left and right hand bending on the fly using a single tilting head concept rather than our traditional double head machines....

  • This technical solution increases the speed of the overall cycle which reduces cycle time.

    The CLEVER machine is the result of our search for an innovative solution that provides automatic loading and unloading incorporated into the cycle using the tilting head. This allows the machine to pick a tube from a variety of tube loaders and place the bent tube on an exit conveyor for a fully automatic cycle. An international patent has been obtained for this ingenious solution.

    The CLEVER allow bending left and right directions, multiple bend levels, and different bend radii all in a single automatic cycle. The tilting head design has the ability to load, bend, and unload tubes with complex geometries in a very simple automated cycle. Thanks to its patented tilting system, while the bent tube is being unloaded the next straight tube is being loaded into the machine simultaneously.

    As with all Crippa tube bending machines it is possible to add accessories such as hole and feature locating, weld seam detection, etc. The machine shown is fitted with a telescopic tunnel cover which reduces the footprint required on the shop floor. The frame of the CLEVER is designed to easily add extensions to increase the maximum tube length.

    The bending operation uses a single bend die with multiple levels configured for either left or right bending. Using Crippa’s graphic programming software (UII) it is possible to fully utilize the tooling for either bending direction. Full cycle simulation provides sequence analysis before production to avoid workpiece interference. All nine axes are controlled by the CNC which eliminates complex programming while the UII software optimizes paths for the fastest cycle possible.

    The bending head of the CLEVER machine moves in the vertical direction while rotating to positon the tube in the programmed bend level. There is also a pneumatic counterbalance system to reduce energy consumption and increase speed for the vertical motion.

    The main axes of the machine use linear bearings and only in the case of limited space are adjustable Ampco® bronze gibs used. The bending and tilting movements are direct drive to ensure accuracy. The clamp axis uses a heavy-duty ball screw and the other linear axes are rack and pinion systems. All machine components are made to high quality standards. The mandrel extractor system utilizes a pneumatic rapid retraction component in addition to its electric servo axis to reduce the time required for its clearance movement during head rotation. A Siemens 840D sl CNC is used and the operator interface features a 19” touchscreen.

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