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Helping you get what you want, need, and expect from an equipment manufacturer is the goal of every employee in The Bradbury Group. To accomplish this, we take a very proactive team approach to engineering and manufacturing quality equipment and supporting your investment with exemplary service. This is the culture we are committed to. 

The Bradbury Group of companies make an extensive line of coil processing, roll forming, and related equipment and controls for a broad range of industries including Metal Building, Trim Shops, Metal Tile Roofing, Grain Bins and Grain Storage, Coil Processing, Cut-To-Length, Leveling, Decking, Steel Framing, Garage Doors, HVAC, Railroad, Custom Rollforming, Heavy Gauge Rollforming, Transportation & Highway, Automotive, Automated Production Systems, Lighting, Shelving & Racking, and Appliance. 

 Press Releases

  • While the world was watching the 2018 Winter Olympics, The Bradbury Co., Inc. had reason to celebrate its own victory in South Korea: A Bradbury e-Drive® cassette leveler sold to Samwoo located in South Korea. The leveler will be ready for commissioning in mid-2018.

    Samwoo Co., Ltd., a primary supplier to the automotive industry, purchased the 17-roll cassette e-Drive® leveler (Patent #8893537) with the Flat Trak® CL Series automatic monitoring system (Patent # 7185519) to improve the quality of material they provide to their automotive customers. Their goal is to consistently produce flat products. Bradbury ran tests with various materials on e-Drive® levelers for Samwoo; the results provided the consistency they were looking for.  

    To learn more about Bradbury e-Drive® levelers and/or the Flat Trak® CL Series monitoring system, go to, call +1.620.345.6394 to talk to one of our industry sales leaders or contact us at

  • Changing the Recoiler Over Arm Separators is a time-consuming task which can leave a slitting line sitting idle, unable to run production while the operator is changing the setup of the separator discs.  Athader’s Slitting Lines allow the operator to change disc setups and simultaneously run production with the use of the Overarm Separator Staging/Change Out System.

    Athader lines are equipped with a separator shaft staging cart that is located behind the recoiler.  This enables the operator to prepare for the next setup in a safe area while the line is running.  When the coil is finished, the operator pushes a button to automatically remove the over arm separator shaft returning it to the staging cart, and then retrieve the new setup and placing it in-line ready for production.

    If space is available behind the recoiler, this automatic system can be adapted to most existing slitting lines. For more information do not hesitate to contact either Mr. Jim Sugars ( or Mr. Steven Baker ( Visit to learn more about Athader equipment or to acquire information about The Bradbury Group of companies.

  • Dickie Jones, Plant Operations Manager at Centria in Frankfort, KY, USA, had this to say about their Bradbury e-Drive® leveler with the Flat Trak® CL monitoring system:

    "Our NEW Auto Selective Hydraulic leveler from Bradbury is an awesome machine!  By running in automatic mode and letting the leveler adjust itself, we achieve an in-house material flatness within ½ an I-Unit or less instead of the usual five to ten I-Units from outside sources. The steel and aluminum sheets from this machine are so flat you can’t physically find material issues. We now have zero problems feeding a production machine that requires sheet flatness to be within .004."

    Flat Trak® CL Series U.S. Patent #7185519

    e-Drive® U.S. Patent #8893537

  • Custom Rollforming Corp, a member of The Bradbury Group, continues to look forward - planning a path to best serve our expanding customer base. We are happy to announce a transition in leadership at CRC. Working together, this team will position us for the future.

    Bryan Smith, a graduate of Kansas State University with a bachelor’s in mechanical engineering, will step into his new role as General Manager of CRC beginning July 1. He will set the vision and direction for future growth. Bryan has been with CRC for the past six months as the National Sales Director, focusing on sales growth and familiarizing himself with our operations. Prior to joining CRC, Bryan worked for 15 years at Titan Trailer Mfg. in Waterville, KS. Beginning his career as a design engineer, he spent the last 13 years as production manager where he was involved with customer service and all aspects of daily manufacturing management.

    As the current General Manager, Stan Bruce, transitions toward retirement, he will continue his career as a management advisor and mentor to Bryan. Specifically, he will focus on plant management and staff development, while making improvements in the manufacturing processes. Stan joined our Group in 1995, working at The Bradbury Co., Inc. for several years as a project manager. He then moved to Marion Die & Fixture where he served as assistant general manager. Stan moved to CRC in operations where he improved quality control and production scheduling and ultimately became the GM in 2007. He brings a wealth of knowledge to his advisor role. 

    CRC, founded in 1959, is a custom roll form company which houses ten Bradbury roll forming lines in 51,000 square feet of manufacturing space and serves a variety of industries. Equipped to handle a wide variety of roll forming, punching, and notching operations efficiently and economically, CRC can produce simple to complex roll form shapes from 20 gauge to ½” thick. To learn more about our operation, visit or call (+1) 620.345.2821.


  • Evolution of the Bradbury eDrive® Leveling System
    Evolving through research, development, and testing, the Bradbury eDrive® leveling system offers the industry the most up to date leveling technology available....

  • Evolving through research, development, and testing, the Bradbury eDrive® leveling system offers the industry the most up to date leveling technology available.

    eDrive® - Bradbury eDrive® was developed after discovering the mismatchof roll speeds as material makes its way through the leveler. The eDrive® equalizes internal stresses while delivering superior flatness.

    Bow Scout® Monitoring System –   Improper exit gap settings can introduce up/down bow if the operator is not vigilant to his machine settings. Sensors are added inside the leveler to maintain a consistent exit gap and continuous monitoring was implemented to assure flatness along the length of the strip. The Bow Scout® System was designed to reduce the possibility for leveled sheets to be processed with up and down bow.

    FlatTrak® CL Monitoring System – Using tension at the point of plastification proves that minimum backup adjustments are needed to maintain shape flatness.  By incorporating a laser system into the line to identify irregularities in the strip, the information is sent through an algorithm to determine where and to what magnitude backup adjustments should be made to remove waves and buckles.  A 3D format display provides the operator with real time information to monitor the material for manual adjustments, or the machine can be put into an automatic mode so that continuous changes can be made by the system.

    Yield Sensing - Monitoring changes in yield within a coil:  Leveling needs to yield the material 70 to 80% of the cross section to effectively pull waves and buckles and improve the shape.  The leveler operator rarely has yield information on the coils he is running. To insure the correct percentage of plastic was achieved, more sensors were introduced inside the leveler.  This new ability allows the machine to properly test the yield strength of the material and correctly set the plunge depth, eliminating guesswork.

    This complete Bradbury system is better for the longevity of the equipment, for the material as it equalizes internal stress, and for the operator to use through accurate information. Experience reduced scrap and downtime. Contact Bradbury at +1.620.345.6394 for more information.

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