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    This bender motion is driven by all electric servo motor (8 axis) to assure high accuracy and avoid high oil temperature issue. Dual direction bending arm is capable to do left and right side bending in one cycle....

  • Features of HC-250LR-NSM

    • 8 Electric-servo control on

    1. Bending (C-axis)

    2. Feeding (Y-axis)

    3. Rotation (B-axis)

    4. Bend-Head Horizontal Shift

    5. Bend-Head Vertical Shift

    6. Pressure Die Aid

    7. Clamp A

    8. Clamp B

    • Pneumatic System

    1. Mandrel rod supporter

    2. Mandrel Lubrication

    3. Mandrel retraction

    • Comprehensive Safety Protection

    1. The emergency buttons on Control Console.

    2. The emergency button on Moveable Foot Pedal.

    3. Inner Safety Plates on bending-arm.

    4. Non-Fuse breaker protection for electric cabinet.

    • PC Based Control System / Software Function

    1. Window XP system/PC Based Control.

    2. Industrial Computer assorted with 17” Touch Screen.

    3. Intel dual core 2.0G or above CPU / America.

    4. CD-RW dvd player. HD 120GB.

    5. Ethernet remote detection/USB port access/ 1G storage USB device.

    6. HAN JIE CNC Tube Bender software / Optimized Motion Setting Items embedded 

    7. 3D Tube Preview Function / 3D Bending Simulation.

    8. X.Y.Z converted to YBC function.

    9. YBC Data Reverse / Mirror Functions.

    10. Arc length / Push bending radius calculators.

    11. 90 stages speed adjustment is available for each axis.

    12. Overall length calculation for YBC data, Cycle time recorder.

    13. 6 bending procedure is available for users to re-schedule the bending process to cover various applications.

    14. Process mode software, 4 files can be scheduled in a process in the beginning to proceed continuously.

    15. Teach / Process software teaches the machine action by manual, system automatically connect all actions into a procedure to avoid the interference effectively.

    16. Push/Roll bending is available in the machine.

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