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The Aquasol Corporation, a leading manufacturer of water soluble and other cutting edge purging technologies for the welding industry, is a privately held entity located in North Tonawanda, NY, a northern suburb of Buffalo. The business was formed in 2003 with a mission to develop the most advanced and innovative products, several of which are patented, for this specialized category.

Aquasol’s distribution of its USA made products has expanded to over 90 countries in just 15 short years.  With several patents issued and pending in the USA and internationally, Aquasol is committed to advancing purging technology.

Some of the common and well-known industries we serve include:   construction and maintenance of pipelines, nuclear and power plants; refineries, petrochemical plants; food, beverage and pharmaceutical plants; marine, subsea, offshore facilities, pipe fabrication and more.

The Aquasol Corporation prides itself on being driven by three fundamental principles: technology, invention, and innovation. These principles are at the heart of our business and have resulted in the continuous development of new patented technology for the purging and welding industry.

Besides fostering an innovative environment, the Aquasol Corporation holds these core values:

  • Design, Engineer & Develop Unique, Value Added Products of the Highest Quality
  • Attention To Global Specifications
  • Exceptional Customer Service To All Clients
  • Continual Investment in Research and Development

Aquasol’s core values will enable us to continue to be an exceptional resource for the most advanced purging technologies.

 Press Releases

  • North Tonawanda, NY: Aquasol Corporation, an advanced and innovative manufacturer of water soluble consumables and other welding technologies, has launched an advanced version of their PRO OX®-100 programmable digital handheld oxygen monitor.                                                                                  

    The PRO OX 100-B is a patent pending powerful device that enables operators to remotely log unlimited amounts of data. Users simply pair the device with the App and use on-screen menu options to control Maximum and Target PPM with Windows 10 Operating System within a 100-foot (30 meter) range.

    Data collected from the oxygen monitor can then be stored for an indefinite period to meet the strictest quality control requirements of nuclear and other highly regulated industries. The Quality Management System of Aquasol Corporation meets the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001:2008 while working towards ISO 9001:2015.

    CE approved PRO OX®-100B not only measures oxygen content down to 100 PPM (0.01%) during the purging process;  equipped with a Bluetooth transmitting device that allows the oxygen monitor to send the oxygen readings wirelessly to a Bluetooth receivable device, allowing the operator to view the readings from a remote location.

     “We are pleased to offer this exciting addition to the already most technologically advanced oxygen monitor in the welding industry, PRO OX-100.” said Mike Hacikyan, President, Aquasol Corporation. “The PRO OX 100B equipped with Bluetooth technology takes traditional monitoring to the next level and continues our tradition of being an industry leader with first to market technology.″

    The PRO OX®-100B also offers built-in, programmable multi-language features with on-screen instructions that are available in English, Spanish, German and Portuguese, and an Intelligent Color Notification Signal System. This smart system displays red, amber and green for a quick visual on operator set parameters. The traffic light’s universal appearance is easy and quick for operators and inspectors to understand, reducing the chance of error.

    Together with the different voltage and frequency specifications and compatibilities, the PRO OX®-100B is the most universal oxygen weld monitor available on the global market today.

    The PRO OX®-100B Bluetooth Enabled Oxygen Monitor compliments the entire Aquasol product line, which also consists of Water Soluble Paper and Tape, EZ Purge® Pre-formed Purge Dams, I-Purge® and I-Purge®X Modular Inflatable Bladder Systems, EZ Zone® Tape and EZ Tape® Aluminum Welding Tapes, Fiback® Fiberglass Weld Backing Tape, SoluGap® Water Soluble and SteelSpace® Stainless Steel Socket Weld Spacer Rings, and SoluShim® Water Soluble Alignment Sticks.

    Further details can be found at or by calling Aquasol customer service at 716-564-8888, U.S.

  • The Aquasol Corporation, an innovative and eco-friendly advanced welding supply manufacturer, now offers a 200 AMP model of its popular Fiback® fiberglass backing tape.

    After receiving such positive feedback from the users of Fiback 600 AMP, Aquasol felt it was necessary to provide an additional solution to accommodate all fabrication settings.

    For instance, the heavy duty Fiback 600 AMP is commonly used in military and commercial shipbuilding and orbital welding, while the lighter duty Fiback 200 AMP is sufficient for general maintenance and fabrication applications.

    Fiback is suitable for SMAW (stick), TIG and MIG welding processes. Fiback 200 AMP works best with thinner metals such as aluminum, carbon steel, chrome steels, cast iron, nickel and cobalt alloys, copper nickel and much more. For more common purposes, it serves as a cost effective alternative to the current Fiback® 600 AMP, which works best with denser metals such as stainless steel.

    Fiback can conform to a number of surfaces and shapes as it is composed of a halogen and chlorofluorocarbon free flexible woven fiberglass that can withstand temperatures up to 1102°F (594°C). Unlike ceramic tapes, which develop stress points between pieces, Fiback is consistent in thickness and creates a continuous bead during welding.

    Fiback greatly reduces weld set up time and ensures that weld slag is safely collected in an enclosed weld pool, resulting in a high quality weld.  After use, the tape can be easily removed from the backside of the root gap, without the need for post-weld grinding or back gouging.

    For additional information on Fiback® and the complete Aquasol product line, please visit and contact customer service at or 716-564-8888.

    Fiback compliments the Aquasol® product line, which also consists of Aquasol®  Water Soluble Paper and Tape, EZ Purge®  Pre-formed Purge Dams, I-Purge® and  I-Purge®X Modular Inflatable Bladder Systems, EZ Zone® Tape and EZ Tape®  Aluminum Welding Tapes, SoluGap® and SteelSpace® Socket Weld Spacer Rings and SoluShim®  Water Soluble Alignment Sticks. Further details can be found on our website at

  • North Tonawanda, NY – The president of Aquasol Corporation Mike Hacikyan, has just announced the launch of the patent-pending I-Purge® and I-Purge® X Modular Inflatable Bladder Systems, the most innovative purging device to date.  By far the most versatile and adaptable inflatable system available on today’s market, I-Purge and I-Purge X Modular System components combine to offer  the welding industry more customized solutions for pipe purging than ever before. 

    Equipped with Aquasol’s unique Quick-Connect fittings, components easily snap on and off in seconds.  A variety of standard harness lengths allow the user to customize length based on individual project needs, enabling placement of the bladders outside the heat-affected zone (HAZ).  These flexible, high heat harnesses allow for navigation through elbows and T-joints, and have a central point marked with a luminescent indicator for easy alignment with the center of the root gap.

    The I-Purge Modular System is comprised of two spark-resistant, inflatable bladders connected by a high-heat resistant bridge harness.  Unlike other purge bladders with permanent fittings, Aquasol’s ground-breaking design allows for the creation of a pipe reducer by simply connecting two bladders of different, yet similar, diameters.

    A tri-flow hose maximizes efficiency by enabling bladder inflation and quick flooding of the purge area with noble gas. An innovative tubing system provides separate connections for inflation of bladders along with introduction of inert gas to the weld zone to expedite the purging process. The inflated bladders create an airtight seal against the pipe walls and a superior barrier.  Another connection enables monitoring of exhaust gases ensuring an oxygen-free environment. Aquasol’s patent-pending diffuser evenly distributes gas throughout the purge area, greatly reducing turbulence. Once the weld is complete the bladders can be deflated, extracted, cleaned, and stored in the convenient carrying bag provided with every system.

    Yet another feature showcasing the system’s flexibility is the ability to modify the I-Purge with the Isolator™ Adaptor Kit into a one-sided plug.  An isolator can be used to close off the end of a pipe for servicing, cleaning, inspection, or sealing.

    The I–Purge Modular System can be used multiple times thanks to its durable construction and high quality components. Aquasol Corporation has again simplified the purging process with another unique, patent-pending product, providing the industry with most versatile option to date.  Bladders are available in sizes ranging from 2" to 48” and may be purchased either individually or as a complete system, a distinct advantage should a bladder need to be replaced.

    The Aquasol Corporation is also the manufacturer of Aquasol® Water Soluble Paper and Tape; EZ Purge®, EZ Zone® Tape, Fiback™ Fiberglass Weld Backing Tape, OX-100X Oxygen Monitor, SoluGap™ Socket Weld Spacer Rings and SoluShim™ Alignment Sticks.

    For additional product information, quotations and ordering, please visit or contact us at (716) 564-8888 or

  • Aquasol Launches Opti-Purge® Fast Inflation Purge System for Large Pipe Diameters

    North Tonawanda, NY – The Aquasol Corporation has designed the all new Opti-Purge Fast Inflatable Purge System to increase productivity when welding pipes 48" - 84" (1219 mm - 2133 mm) in diameter.

    The Opti-Purge’s unique, one-piece design consists of two outer rings and a hollow connector that quickly inflate to create an impermeable seal within the pipe wall.  

    In order to facilitate rapid purging of larger sizes pipes, the Opti-Purge is equipped with a tri-flow tubing system. This unique configuration includes a main hose that inflates the bladders with inert gas. An additional hose expedites gas and an exhaust connection hose monitors gases to ensure an O2-free environment.

    The exterior of the unit’s hollow connector consists of high heat resistant material that can be exposed to temperatures up to 1004°F (540°C) to accommodate heat affected zone (HAZ). A reflective strip on the hollow connector conveniently indicates the center of the Opti-Purge, allowing for fast and accurate alignment of the system. Moreover, the hollow connector itself dramatically reduces the amount of inert gas needed to purge the weld zone by occupying space within the chamber, saving both time and money.

    For more information on Aquasol’s Opti-Purge, visit, call 716-564-8888 or send your inquiry to

  • North Tonawanda, NY – The Aquasol Corporation is proud to offer EZ Wipes Multi-Purpose Industrial Cleaning Wipes to customers across industries as a convenient, versatile solution. 

    Now offered in single-pack format, these light-weight, compact wipes can be easily transported, fitting nicely in tool boxes and pockets.  Although commonly used in the welding industry to prepare pipe surfaces for pure welds, EZ Wipes are ideal across several other industries as well. They can be used for cleaning higher grade equipment, such as aircraft components and clean room work spaces as well as for everyday applications such as degreasing automotive parts, removing grime from tools and tidying work benches. 

    EZ Wipes thoroughly purify vital surfaces in a variety of industrial work environments without using acetone and other harmful solvents. They are lint-free and shred resistant, leaving no residue behind after cleaning and eliminating the chance of potential contamination.

    These unique wipes feature a specialized two-sided cleaning fabric: an abrasive side for difficult to remove blemishes, and a smooth side for hidden contamination. The concentrated cleaning liquid enables users to remove a wide range of contaminants including scale build up for HVAC purposes, paints, marker, adhesives, caulk, oils and much more. 

    As recently featured by, EZ Wipes can even remove surface rust. The live demonstration and review can be seen on Aquasol Corporation’s YouTube Channel 

    For more information on Aquasol’s EZ Wipes, visit, call 716-564-8888 or send your inquiry to

  • (NORTH TONAWANDA, NY) – Aquasol Corporation, a Western New York manufacturer of welding supplies, has extended its product line with the introduction of SoluGap®. SoluGap® is a water-soluble socket welding spacer ring, featuring a patent-pending design for a one-step application.

    SoluGap® has a specially engineered design that separates it from its competitors. Each ring has 3 tabbed edges that are exclusively designed to secure SoluGap® in place, even when sockets are positioned sideways, or upside down. Because the spacer is a solid ring, viewing is not compromised during socket welding.  The specially engineered patent-pending design of SoluGap® provides an even, pre-measured 1/16” minimum gap required for socket welding contractions.

    Unlike metal spacers that can produce weld splatter and slag, SoluGap is made of Aquasol Water Soluble Board that dissolves completely and rapidly in most liquids. Having greater mass than Water Soluble Paper, AquasolÒ Water Soluble Board is sturdy and strong for easy handling.

    SoluGap® is also available in a variety of sizes ranging from ½” to 2 ½” in diameter.

    The Aquasol Corporation also the manufacturer of EZ Purge®, AquasolÒ Water-Soluble Paper and Tape; EZ Wipes®, EZ Tape®, EZ Zone® Tape, OX™-100 Oxygen Monitor, and Fiback™ Fiberglass Backing Tape.

    For additional product information, quotations and orders, please visit or contact Cheryl Gondek, VP Marketing, at 1-800-564-WELD (9353) or

  • North Tonawanda, NY – The Aquasol Corporation, an innovative and environmentally friendly welding supply manufacturer, is pleased to announce the latest in its line of water soluble welding products. SoluShim™ Water Soluble Alignment Sticks provide and maintain the required minimum gap for plate/pipe projects as required by AWS codes D1.1 through D1.6, and API 1101 pipe codes.

    Welders commonly use TIG and Stick welding rods to provide the minimum gap and alignment for these applications. Generally a foreign metal of varying sizes, these “conventional” spacers must be tack welded in place and removed via mechanical grinding. Removal can leave behind trace elements that harmfully affect the weld area. These common practices ultimately lead to losses in precious man hours and money.

    SoluShim™ Sticks are made from EPA-approved Aquasol® Water Soluble Composite Board. This design allows for maximum flexibility, durability, and compatibility with any metal. Uniform thicknesses of 1/32" (0.7 mm) through ⅛" (3.2 mm) provides welders with a precise root gap every time.

    Installation of the alignment sticks requires only the use of Aquasol® Water Soluble Tape if needed, while removal is as simple as the introduction of water! This expedites the fit-up process while leaving behind no dangerous trace elements.

    “Aquasol is committed to leading the industry in the development of innovative water soluble technology that will enhance the efficiency of a welder’s performance. SoluShim™ eliminates the guess work in root gap alignment while guaranteeing a clean and contaminant-free weld,” said Aquasol President, Mike Hacikyan.

    The Aquasol Corporation is the manufacturer of AquasolÒ Water Soluble Paper and Tape; EZ Purge®, EZ Wipes® and EZ Zone® Tape.

    For additional product information, quotations and ordering, please visit or contact Cheryl Gondek at You may also contact us at (716) 564-8888

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