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NUM CNC Solutions - North America

Specializing in CNC (computer numerical controls) and related electrical and electronic controls and servomotors system, our company provides hardware, product support and integration services for OEM machine tool systems targeted to the automotive, aerospace and job shop industries.

We have developed countless customer, and application-specific solutions for diverse industries… “Practical solutions for professional needs”.  With this in mind, our engineers create groundbreaking complete solutions for demanding applications.

A quick view at NUM Advantages:

  • Flexible architecture control system ( IEC61131 PLC, EtherCAT and CanOpen I/O network, Fully Customizable html based HMI, Dynamic path control )
  • Standard waterjet, laser, plasma, bending, mill, and lathe solutions with 2-32 axis.
  • Multi-Channel CNC, with ability from 2-8 groups.
  • Full range of servomotors/spindles and drives with a digital servo interface to the control. ( High Accuracy, High Performance, Ability to interface to third party motors ).
  • Low cost single cable servo motors, with certified safety built-in.
  • All core products are designed and built at our own facilities.
  • Global Product Service with 30 month hardware warranty.
  • All electronic spare parts stocked locally for quick delivery.
  • Full product support, including engineering services to help the OEM/Integrator develop truly unique solutions. 

An international company headquartered in Switzerland, with worldwide sales, application and service locations.

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  • NUM launches hollow shaft direct drive torque motors

    •    Innovative design has very low cogging torque – almost half that of competitors’ motors

    *** See full artical at our website. ***

    Naperville, October 1, 2018 --- CNC specialist NUM has significantly expanded its portfolio of motors for machine tool applications by launching a range of high performance brushless torque motors.

    Employing innovative optimized magnetics, NUM’s new TMX series direct drive motors have an extremely low cogging torque – almost half that of competitors’ motors. They are ideal for applications that demand very smooth and accurate rotation, especially at low speeds. Typical uses include direct drive machine tools, rotary tables and radial positioning units.

    NUM is renowned for the quality and reliability of its motors. The company has more than 50 years’ experience of developing specialist motors for automation, especially for machine tool applications. NUM pioneered the development of AC brushless servo motors and has produced more than 5,000 different types; its current range covers torques from 0.318 to 160 Nm and speeds up to 8,000 rpm. The company also manufactures a range of synchronous and asynchronous motor spindles with flux weakening, offering power outputs as high as 55 kW.

    For direct drive applications, NUM has generally specified use of torque motors produced by IDAM (Drives & Mechatronics AG & Co. KG). A member of the Schaeffler Group, this company specializes in direct drive technology and enjoys a tight business partnership with NUM.
    However, as Massimiliano Menegotto, General Manager of NUM’s main manufacturing plant in Milan, Italy, explains, “A growing number of our customers request customized motors, and prefer to deal with a single supplier for all their CNC machine tool requirements. We have developed the TMX series of torque motors specifically to address these needs. They complement those produced by IDAM and provide us with additional in-house configuration flexibility, enabling us to offer customers an even wider range of solutions.”


    NUM is initially launching two TMX series frameless torque motors, with stator diameters of 140 mm and 291 mm, and intends growing the range in the future. The motors’ hollow shaft rotors utilize high flux density neodymium-iron-boron (NdFeB) magnets and offer ample internal space for through-motor wiring or mechanical parts. The stator windings are fully protected against over-temperature conditions and are encapsulated within a thermally optimized enclosure that offers a choice of air-cooled and water-cooled configurations.

    Like all direct drive motors, the TMX series units are capable of providing continuous torque even when stalled, and are designed for direct attachment to the load. This obviates the need for gearboxes or shaft couplings, to provide highly accurate, backlash-free rotary transmission. The rotor and frameless stator are supplied as component parts and are primarily intended for applications that require total integration of the motor within the servomechanism in order to reduce weight or volume.


    NUM’s new TMX series motors can produce a very high S1 torque density and are available with a choice of stator and rotor lengths to best suit the motion requirements of the application. By way of example, a 140 mm diameter motor with an active length of 70 mm can produce a peak torque of approximately 82 Nm at speeds up to 1,500 rpm, and a continuous (stall) torque of approximately 50 Nm.

    The motors can be driven by most industry-standard servo drives, including NUM’s MDLU3 and MDLUX drives, which form part of the company’s latest-generation Flexium+ CNC platform.

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    For further information, please contact:
    Steve Schilling, NUM Corporation, 603 East Diehl Road, Suite 115, Naperville, IL 60563, USA. t: 630 505 77 22;;

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  • 9/25/2019 – Naperville, IL

    NUM has launched an innovative accelerometer-based active vibration control system for CNC machine tools. Primarily designed to improve machining by virtually eliminating tool head vibration, the system further helps increase productivity by maximising material removal rate (MRR) and can also provide valuable real-time feedback for predictive maintenance purposes. 

    ***  See full article at our website ***

    The system is available as a retrofittable option for any machine tool that uses NUM’s MDLUX high performance digital servo drives, which form part of the company’s Flexium+ CNC platform.

    NUM’s active vibration control system is a very cost-effective solution that provides unprecedented dynamic damping capabilities. Most competitive accelerometers on the market are only capable of low frequency sampling rates and require additional signal conditioning electronics before they can be connected – usually via Fieldbus – to the CNC or PLC system. Typically, acceleration data can only be retrieved once every 20 milliseconds, which is inadequate for vibration damping purposes on machine tools. The accelerometer in NUM’s new system is sampled every 100 microseconds, which means that it can be used for closed loop control at bandwidths approaching several hundreds of Hertz.

    The small flange-mounting accelerometer transducer can easily be attached to the machine’s tool head and has a sensitivity of 0.02 g (1.96 m/sec/sec), with a measurement range of plus/minus 2 g (plus/minus 19.6 m/sec/sec). The transducer connects directly to the digital servo drive, obviating the need for any additional signal conditioning circuitry.

    The active vibration control system utilises the drive embedded macros (DEM-X) option that is available on NUM’s MDLUX high performance digital servo drives. This option enables real-time macros to be embedded within the drive in order to manipulate its regulation algorithms. The output signal from the accelerometer transducer can thus be used to directly influence the behaviour of the speed servo control loop. All MDLUX servo drive modules use advanced DSP control techniques to maximise the CNC kernel-to-drive servo bus speed, and feature high loop bandwidths and special acceleration algorithms for uncompromised speed and positioning accuracy.

    One of the most interesting applications of NUM’s new active vibration control system concerns Tool Centre Point (TCP) vibration due to the various vibration modes of a machine tool's mechanical structure. Until now, even if the machine is equipped with a high resolution encoder (integrated in the servo motor) it has been impossible to damp the TCP vibration, simply because it is not measured. Although complex system modelling and state-space control could possibly provide some effective results, the complexity is very high and the compensation robustness is quite weak. For example, in the case of a small parameter change, such as inertia, the effect of the compensation would be lost entirely.

    However, by using NUM’s new active vibration control system to measure and dynamically alter the TCP acceleration in each of the main X, Y and Z axis directions, it is now possible to damp the vibration very accurately. Using this approach, tool head vibration can effectively be eliminated, significantly reducing tool wear and maximising the MRR of the machining process.

    All acceleration data is processed within the drive in the digital domain, which means that it can be cyclically transmitted to the Flexium+ NCK and stored in the NCK buffer. The data can then be uploaded to the Windows operating system for further evaluation, or for use with NUM’s process monitoring software. It is especially useful for preventive maintenance applications, where it can provide early indication of potential machine problems before they become expensive repair tasks. Typically these include detecting spindle vibration caused by bearing problems, detecting the onset of performance deterioration such as increased friction or backlash, and detecting excessive tool wear or breakage.

    Please visit

    For further information, please contact:
    Steve Schilling, NUM Corporation, 603 East Diehl Road, Suite 115, Naperville, IL 60563, USA. t: 630 505 77 22;;

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  • 9/25/2019 – Naperville, IL

    In collaboration with NUM Taiwan, the Taiwanese laser machine manufacturer Legend Laser, Inc., has developed a unique multi-axis system for the precision cutting of thin sheet metal parts. Based on NUM’s latest-generation Flexium+ CNC platform, the system combines high dynamic performance linear motors with a pulsed fiber laser, and is expressly designed for 24/7 operation in a standard production environment.

    ***  See full article at our website ***

    Founded in 1995, Legend Laser specializes in the design and manufacture of a diverse range of laser marking, micro-machining and micro-tube processing systems. Initially concentrating on the domestic and Chinese markets, the company nowadays serves a worldwide customer base. Its headquarters are located in Xinzhuang District, New Taipei City, in northern Taiwan.

    Legend Laser’s new SRC-610 precision sheet metal cutter is a 3-axis system with a working area of 1000 x 600 mm and an above-worktable clearance height of 150 mm. It is mounted on a high inertia platform, comprising a large mass solid granite base with a rigid metal frame. To ensure smooth, burr-free cutting and to prevent any heat-induced deformation of thin metal workpieces, the power output of the pulsed fiber laser is fully synchronized to the cutting operation. The laser has a peak output power of 1.5 kW and can cut sheet metal with a thickness of between 20 µm (0.02 mm) and 1000 µm (1 mm), at speeds ranging from a few millimeters per second to a hundred millimeters per second.

    In addition to sheet metal, the SRC-610 is also suitable for cutting and drilling ceramic and sapphire plate. Thanks to the system’s high dynamic performance and continuously variable laser power level, it is capable of exceptional cutting precision – to within just plus/minus 10 microns (10 µm or 0.01 mm).

    The X and Y axes of the system – which control the lateral movement of the sheet metal workpiece and the laser cutting head respectively – are capable of very fast acceleration/deceleration and ultra-precise positioning. Both axes employ linear induction motors, driven by NUM’s NUMDrive X servo amplifiers.

    The Z axis, which controls the vertical height of the laser cutting head and thus the gap between it and the workpiece, uses a NUM BHX series AC brushless servomotor and a NUMDrive X servo amplifier. The gap between laser cutting head and workpiece is controlled very accurately during the entire cutting process, through use of a unique ‘Dynamic Operator’ (DO) function in NUM’s Flexium software. This employs special fast calculation and communication facilities which enable event-driven machine cycles to be integrated into the real-time CNC kernel.

    According to Sherman Kuo, President of Legend Laser, “NUM is now our CNC provider of choice. Its open architecture CNC platforms simplify system integration, while its willingness to actively collaborate in joint machine development projects such as this helps to shorten our time to market significantly”.

    Locally placed technical support is also an important factor, as Adrian Kiener, CSO Asia and Managing Director of NUM Taiwan, points out: “Legend Laser’s HQ is only about 150 km from NUM’s offices in Taichung City. By offering direct access to the CNC experts and development facilities we have here, as well as in Switzerland and other strategic locations around the world, we can provide a very fast and supportive service to companies in Taiwan and other countries in Asia”.

    NUM is supplying Legend Laser with a complete CNC solution for its SRC-610 precision sheet metal laser cutting system. In addition to the Flexium+ 8 CNC system and NUMDrive X servo amplifiers, this includes a custom HMI (human-machine interface) that is dedicated to laser cutting, the PLC software, specially developed part program macros and the system commissioning.


  • 3 Levels in CNC – Flexium+ is the perfect fit.
    A complete new hardware and software platform, Flexium+ builds on the success of NUM’s Flexium system to advance CNC to a new level. It combines all the power, flexibility and user-friendliness of which NUM’s products are renowned....

  • A New CNC Platform

    The outstanding success of Flexium with over 10,000 applications completed in a short space of time paved the way for development of Flexium+. We took the best components, kept those elements behind the success of our previous CNCs, such as scalability, flexibility, unique CNC functions, standardized interfaces and PLC programming, then renovated and improved the complete system. Flexium+ has new and enhanced features, new panels, a new HMI, an enhanced servo bus, enhanced drives and simplified connectivity – all within a completely new safety-related architecture.

    To provide optimum cost/performance ratios, Flexium+ exists in three configuration levels:

    • Flexium+ 6

    • Flexium+ 8

    • Flexium+ 68

    The compact dimensions of all components of the Flexium+ system are in line with NUM’s green approach regarding limited energy requirements, smaller cabinet dimensions, reduced power dissipation, and minimal weight and packaging, while assuring the best performance.

    Latest generation processors powering intelligent and evolutionary hardware ensure return on investment and a long system life, in line with NUM’s philosophy.

    Increased CNC functionality offers improved flexibility, scalability and accuracy. In particular, we have extended the concept of axis or spindle to allow control of up to 32 spindles per NCK unit (NCK for NC Kernel) and make spindle/ axis commutation even easier. We have also improved the internal computing resolution, increased the digital servo bus speed, and much more. The ability to link several NCKs together in a global configuration has of course been maintained, enabling, for example, the control of large transfer systems with more than 200 interpolating axes.

    Thanks to enhanced algorithms, the data are processed internally with a higher accuracy. This feature, named ‘Nano interpolation’, provides much more precise control of travel, speed and acceleration.

    The Flexium+ system encompasses the NUMDrive X digital drives controlled via up to three RJ45 ports, allowing for easily wired distributed drive sets on the machine. In addition to the digital links, two analog interfaces are provided for special requirements.

    The PLC itself complies with the IEC 61131-3 standard and communicates via efficient standardized interfaces like EtherCAT for fast exchanges, as well as providing the opportunity to build a safe machine environment in compliance with the standards EN 13849-1 up to PL e and EN61800-5-2 up to SIL 3.

    The human-machine interface is provided via PC panels, including a revolutionary 19” unit and companion machine panel, all running modern fully redesigned HMI software. There is a choice of machine panels and portable units, and the renowned Flexium 3D simulation package rounds out the portfolio.

    Explore the full capabilities of the Flexium+ CNC system, at our booth at FABTECH and also at our website.

    For further information, please contact:
    Steve Schilling, NUM Corporation, 603 East Diehl Road, Suite 115, Naperville, IL 60563, USA. t: 630 505 77 22;;

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  • A complete cutting CNC solution from NUM - NUMcut
    NUM’s Flexium+ NUMcut CNC system for laser, waterjet or plasma machines is the ideal fit for new OEM or retrofit equipment....

  • NUMcut Total Solutions

    NUMcut was developed to satisfy the exceptional demands for waterjet, laser and plasma cutting.   NUM’s Flexium+ CNC system and included tool-kit, leads the way as an innovative total solution for material machining using water jet, plasma or laser. 

    At FABTECH 2019 NUM applications engineers are ready to provide a detailed view of all the included benefits of the NUMcut package.   The built-in features are highly optimized as they have been employed in a variety of cutting machines for decades.   The capabilities, as transferred to the OEM or retrofitter, save in months and years of special HMI or cycle development.   

    NUMcut includes features like: 

    • Controlled ACC/DEC to optimize motion as a function waterjet stream curvature or laser power
    • Support for fixed focus and complex cutting heads with RTCP Gantry axes or synchronized cutting heads
    • Waterjet tilted nozzle function helps ensure a straight cutting edge
    • Dynamic Gap control, applicable to a variety of cutting applications
    • Laser cutting features like, Frog "Parabolic" jump, Fly-cutting, Peck Piercing, Micro Joint
    • HMI add-ins for material/cutting condition files and visual search and program restart using Flexium 3D simulation
    • Workpiece alignment via gap sensor or automation vision systems
    • Standard cutting shapes library
    • All solutions fully compatible with all leading CAD / CAM software
    • Path optimization using NUMCoss, polynomial smoothing feature
    • NUMDriveX servo drives and SPX "single cable" servo motors give extreme speed / accuracy, reliability and flexibility
    • High Speed Cutting features aide the OEM in achieving quick setup and optimized motion  

    The continuing enhancements and support of the system, which will be in production for years, ensure a high value ROI to both the OEM and user.   Training specifically tailored to the cutting application requirement, expert customer service and remote diagnostics further demonstrate the first class qualities of NUMcut.

    Come visit us at FABTECH and let us demonstrate the advantages that NUMcut can provide to you.

    For further information, please contact:
    Steve Schilling, NUM Corporation, 603 East Diehl Road, Suite 115, Naperville, IL 60563, USA. t: 630 505 77 22;;

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  • A Compact and Powerful ServoDrive - NUMDriveX
    The NUMDriveX servo drives with their modern design are the ideal counterpart to the powerful CNC control. Modular in design, compact in their dimensions and with a low power consumption, they are ideally matched to the needs of modern systems. ...

  • NUMDrive X

    The modern design of NUMDrive X servo drives makes them the ideal counterpart to the powerful Flexium+ CNC.

    One distinguishing feature of the NUMDrive X is its high power density. The servo drives offer an enormous amount of computing and drive power within a very small space and thus have one of the highest power/volume ratios available. A high degree of integration and efficiency has allowed us to achieve an extremely compact design that makes NUMDrive X one of the smallest high-end drives on the market. Thanks to a small depth and a modular width (a multiple of 50 mm) the cabinet layout is greatly simplified.

    The range is characterized by a wide choice of current from a few amperes up to 282 Arms, Bi-Axis versions are available up to 2x 53 Arms to enable each application to be optimized at the lowest cost. For the maximum contour precision, speeds and cost-effectiveness, the NUMDrive X servo drives can be exactly adapted to the particular machine and application.

    NUMDrive X is a modular system that is optimized for multi-axis applications. Use of a common power supply unit means that only one mains connec-tion, one line filter and one braking resistor are required per system, reducing cabling and overall costs. The system’s modularity also facilitates energy exchange between different axes via the DC bus, offers the possibility of using stored energy for retraction purposes, and – in the case of regenerative power supplies – allows energy to be re-injected into the mains to reduce machine operating cost. Such system conception also leads the way for a greener approach.

    NUMDrive X offers a choice of two performance levels:

    • Standard-Performance (SP) drives
    • High-Performance (HP) drives

    Featuring high internal resolution, a short sampling time and specially developed algorithms, the HP versions are designed for sophisticated and complex applications in precision machine tools. The position control loop is closed with a very high bandwidth, achieving exceptional precision and speed at the mechanical interface of the machine (motor axis, linear motor). NUMDrive X accepts almost all measuring systems and can control a broad range of motors (servo, torque, linear, asynchronous motors) from NUM or other manufacturers. This ensures that a solution can be optimized from the technical and economic perspectives.

    The HP versions of NUMDrive X also incorporate unique functionality known as DEMX (Drive Embedded Macro). This allows users to create their own real-time macro which can interact with all physical and virtual drive resources – even to the extent of manipulating the regulation algorithms. Users can design and implement filters and monitors, define test points and create pilot outputs that obey user-stipulated rules.

    The SP versions of NUMDrive X are suited to systems and precision machine tools of medium complexity, as well as cost-sensitive applications.

    Within the NUMSafe architecture, NUMDrive X provides the safe motion functionalities by means of two different modules:

    • NUM-STOX is the basic module for implementing the Safe Torque Off function certified up to SIL 3 according to IEC 61508. This allows the realization of E-STOP functions category 0 and 1 according to EN60204-1
    • NUM-SAMX is the extended functionality module which provides a huge number of safe motion monitoring functions. STO Safe Torque Off, SLS Safely Limited Speed, SOS Safe Operational Stop, SS1 Safe Stop 1, SS2 Safe Stop 2, SLP Safe Limited Position, SDM (Safe Direction Monitoring) and SCA Safe CAMs

    For further information, please contact:
    Steve Schilling, NUM Corporation, 603 East Diehl Road, Suite 115, Naperville, IL 60563, USA. t: 630 505 77 22;;

    NUM is also active in social media. To keep informed, become a follower by visiting and clicking on the word TWITTER at the bottom right of the page, or visit

  • NUM’s CNC Systems – with “IIot” built-in
    Industry 4.0 will fundamentally change the manufacturing world as we know it today. NUM systems are designed with Industry 4.0 as built-in connectivity....

  • NUMConnect

    Industry 4.0 will fundamentally change the manufacturing world as we know it today. “IIoT” (Industrial Internet of Things) and “Smart Factory” are terms that are often used in connection with Industry 4.0. The precise beginning and end of this digital transformation cannot easily be determined. The changes are coming successively, have already begun, and/or are based on already implemented solutions. Over time, the entire production logic will change: in the future, intelligent machines, storage systems, operating resources, etc., will be organized independently in real-time-ca-pable systems along the entire value-added chain. The ultimate goal is the Smart Factory. This is characterized by flexibility, resource efficiency and ergonomic design. The integration of customers’ and business partners’ value-added processes is also part of this. Control technology plays a major role in the success of Industry 4.0. It will ultimately control the machines that produce the real products. Anticipated benefits include improved effectiveness, innovation leaps, increased information transparency and competitive advantages.

    NUM’s CNC controllers have always distinguished themselves through their openness and their versatile communication possibilities. These points have been continuously enhanced from one generation of controllers to the next. The current Flexium+ CNC control system is PC-based and includes a wide range of communication options, thus satisfying the basic prerequisite for a possible Smart Factory. Fieldbuses such as Eth-erCAT or CAN are mostly used for horizontal integration. Vertical communication to SCADA, MES and ERP systems can be carried out via OPC, MTConnect, NUM’s MQgateway and other freely definable communication interfaces – which can be implemented efficiently and comprehensively using NUM’s FXServer.

    Explore all “IIoT” connections offered by NUM, at our booth at FABTECH and also at our website.

    For further information, please contact:
    Steve Schilling, NUM Corporation, 603 East Diehl Road, Suite 115, Naperville, IL 60563, USA. t: 630 505 77 22;;

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