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  • LeadLock
    LEADLOCK is the first of its kind to securely attach leads together to solve these problems and effectively save up to 25% over the life of a welding contract which are often hundreds of millions of dollars....

  • Reduce cost to contractors by
    keeping craft welders welding in a production
    setting. One of our largest cost is employee’s
    chasing welding leads. With LEADLOCK our
    device leads can be locked so that only one
    welder can use a specific lead. This is a multi-
    million dollar problem in a large welding setting.
    Companies like Plant Vogtle on average lose 4
    to 10 hours a week of production work per
    welder due to lead movement.

    Prevention of dropped objects. The
    second leading cause of accidents in the
    construction industry is falling objects.
    Construction is an occupation that takes
    place in hard to get places, at great heights.
    Gravity and the ability for objects to become
    unsecure are the leading causes of injuries
    and deaths in construction.
    LEADLOCK locks the welding connections
    together and reduce the risk of dropping
    welding cables, air lines and extension cords.
    Elimanate the risk of arc outs.
    Welding applications carry a high risk of arc
    out. Arc out is when a welding lead grounds
    out to a piece of metal causing an arc flash.
    Arc outs are dangerous due to explosive
    atmospheres, property damage, electric
    shock, fires, and human incidentsj resulting in
    millions of dollars spent due to welding
    connections coming in contact with material.

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