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  • Production by Adjutant
    Adjutant’s Production features automate manufacturing/assembly with clear visibility into each step & full integration with Adjutant’s other modules. Production work orders list every part needed based on a BOM with detailed inventory tracking....

  • Adjutant’s Production features automate manufacturing and assembly from start to finish, with clear visibility into each step of the process and full integration with Adjutant’s other modules. Production work orders list every part needed for assembly or fabrication based on a Bill of Materials with allocations and detailed inventory tracking. Scheduling and creating work orders happens with the push of a button from the sales order. Production work can be generated all at once, by department, or by individual line item depending on how your shop operates.

    Adjutant’s Bill of Material defines the relationship between a manufactured or processed item and the component materials or tasks required to assemble it. It maintains unlimited levels of component breakdowns and works equally well for manufacturing and process industries. The Bill of Material allows both physical items and standard tasks to be components in the production process. To accommodate real world manufacturing, we have extensive support for substitution of alternate items at the time of processing. Alternate Items can have completely different requirements for quantities than the normal bill of material. For example, a build may take 5 1-inch screws or 4 1.5-inch screws.

    Working in conjunction with the Production and Bill of Material modules, Production Work Order Routing facilitates the scheduling and management of a production work-flow environment. It manages the execution of a predetermined schedule and automatically updates the schedule based on a variety of variables. Increase productivity, decrease costs, and receive better labor and material projections with the Adjutant Routing module. The Production Scheduling tool offers a way to manage the production work orders in your shop with an on-screen display based on production plant and due date. From one screen, you can quickly find orders using common filters and reschedule, reprint, or change orders with just a few clicks.

    The deep integration with other Adjutant applications and detailed tracking for every step of the process provides you with complete visibility into the production process. Inventory accounting is immediately created both for work-in-process allocation and final assembly. Detailed reports offer a complete accounting picture of raw material costs and finished good inventory value. The finished product is created as a new item in inventory, and the entire life cycle of the finished good is trackable from production to sale.

    Handling production discrepancies or material assignment issues are quick and simple to correct. Common production corrections are easily handled with the press of a button. Adjutant’s detailed tracking, powerful reporting and production management tools help you find issues as soon as they happen and makes it easy to correct the situation. Plus, the production module has built-in safety checks that help alert you to allocation mistakes, incorrect materials, incomplete assemblies, and many more issues that can slow you down, cost you money, or harm you customer satisfaction level.

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