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Chase Cooling Systems supplies quality industrial chiller equipment to serve all of your company needs. With fluid chillers of varying sizes, heat pumps, dry coolers, filters, and heat exchanges, we have the unique ability to service every component of your process cooling needs. With company headquarters near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, our chillers and equipment are made to be shipped across the United States.

What makes Chase Cooling Systems stand out is our commitment to you, our customers. We rely on the expertise of our in-house engineering staff to answer questions and cater to the needs of your particular process. Regardless of your specifications, together we will be able to create a solution for you. Available chiller equipment ranges from 0.5 ton to over 200 tons.

 Press Releases

  • WASHINGTON, PA - Chase Cooling Systems now has a new series of chillers that are specifically crafted for laser applications. The new Laser Series includes features that make the laser user experience easier and allow the process to run more smoothly. Three different line specifications are available, although every option includes a quality-tested Chase Chillers unit at the center.

    Standard features for these chillers include a non-ferrous water circuit, VFD pump, and hot gas bypass valve. These design elements position the machine to provide constant water temperature without the risk of corrosion. The hot gas bypass valve allows for tight temperature control of ±0.1°C (±0.18°F), which can be very important for cooling laser applications.

    Units are available as well with a stainless-steel water circuit for use with de-ionized (DI) water. No copper, aluminum, or carbon steel exist in these units. DI water can safely be used without the risk of future contamination.

    For applications where space is of a significant concern, certain units can be configured to accommodate two water circuits in a single machine. Each circuit has its own pump and can separately provide water to the laser source and the optics. The temperature can be individually adjusted for each circuit, so there is no need for two separate machines. An electric heater also comes standard to maintain a set minimum temperature and avoid wasted energy on cold start-ups.

    Units in the new laser series range from 0.5 ton to almost 7 tons of cooling capacity. Available sizes depend on required features and capabilities.

    “We are really looking forward to selling the new Laser Series Chillers,” says Mark Honath, Chase Cooling Systems engineer. “With these expanded offerings, we can more fully serve the laser industry.”

    As with all Chase Chillers units, equipment is tested twice before being shipped to the customer’s final destination. Upon arrival, the unit will be ready for immediate startup.

    About Chase Cooling Systems:

    Chase Cooling Systems provides quality industrial chiller equipment for nearly all process cooling needs. Products are available to serve a variety of applications & industries. Process chillers range in cooling capacity from 0.5 ton to over 300 tons. With both packaged process chillers and individual cooling accessories, Chase Cooling Systems has the unique ability to service every component in a cooling system. Experienced cooling experts see to the safe development and implementation of their chillers and equipment across the United States.

    Additional information on Chase Cooling Systems can be found at their website:, and their Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter (@ChaseChillers) pages.


  • QBE Laser Series
    New chiller models combine established performance with specific laser application elements. Features include non-ferrous water circuit, VFD Pump & hot gas bypass valve. Option to add 2 independent water circuits to cool source and optic with one machine....

  • Made specifically for laser applications, chillers in the QBE Laser series are new this year. Units come standard with a non-ferrous water circuit to resist corrosion. The VFD pump delivers the important constant outlet pressure that laser applications require. Tight temperature control of ±0.1°C (±0.18°F) is possible with the hot gas bypass valve on the refrigeration circuit. Other chillers in the series include fully stainless-steel brazed plate heat exchangers, the ideal conditions for using DI water. No copper! The final option in the series houses two separate water circuits in one unit. Both the laser source and the optics can be independently cooled from a single chiller. The separately controlled water can be set at different temperatures, and the inclusion of an electric heater avoids cold start-up. Chiller size ranges from 0.5 ton to 7 tons, depending on final set-up. Most units are suitable for outdoor or indoor setup.

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