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Tennsmith and Roper Whitney are American Manufacturers of quality sheet metal tools and machinery with locations in McMinnville, TN and Rockford, IL. Recently partnering with Eckold Machines out of Switzerland we now offer the most comprehensive product line-up for Bending, Folding, Forming, Notching, Punching and Shearing – all designed to streamline the sheet metal fabrication process.

Both Tennsmith and Roper Whitney's new folding machines are equipped with the state-of-the-art Synergy controls, and optionally equipped with the exclusive Konstruct and the “in-the-field” Konstruct Mobile software packages. Synergy is a highly advanced control system that takes the complexity out of programming and running parts. The full-color, graphical touch screen allows you to easily draw, store, browse and search for parts. To see everything we have to offer, schedule your trip to on of our two technology center locations and see what we can do for you.

Tennsmith & Roper Whitney machines are proudly Made in the USA and backed by an industry leading 3-year factory warranty.




 Press Releases

  • Introducing the latest in Eckold innovation, the all-new KF 800 Kraftformer. The KF 800 is Eckolds most versatile Kraftformer yet. With an unmatched throat depth of 31.5” (800 mm) the KF 800 offers new possibilities and even greater flexibility when forming large sheet metal parts at a very affordable price.

    The KF800 is air powered and controlled by a foot pedal, and you can easily switch between single stroke and continuous stroke operation. The single stroke mode combined with the machines massive reach is extremely beneficial for correction jobs. The machine has 2 different stroke settings depending on your forming force requirements.

    A digital display shows the machines ram position with 0.1 mm precision which results in accurate repeatability of the forming force. The KF 800’s adjustable height allows for an ergonomic working position for the operator. The KF 800 uses the same tooling as Eckolds popular KF 170 PD allowing for easy tool changes within seconds. The range of tools covers shrinking, stretching (both steel and non-marring synthetic inserts), doming and planishing operations.

    Like the other Kraftformer models, the all-new KF 800 is durable, versatile and precisely engineered with every detail in mind.


    • Massive throat depth of 31.5” (800 mm)
    • Easy accessibility on larger work pieces
    • Single and continuous stroke
    • Precision settings for accurate repeatability
    • Height adjustment
    • Vast range of tooling options
    • Quick-change tooling

    KF 800 Technical Data
    Forming Capacity:
    • Aluminum – 14 ga/ .078″/ 2 mm
    • Steel – 14 ga/ .078″/ 2 mm
    • Stainless – 18 ga/ .059″/ 1.5 mm
    Horizontal Throat Depth:
    31.5”/ 800 mm
    Vertical Throat Height: 17.5″/ 446 mm

    Production on the KF 800 will begin July 1st, reserve your machine today! Please contact us for full details.

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  • Eckold Kraftformer KF 340
    Eckold Kraftformers are multi-functional sheet metal forming machines. Tooling options for shrinking, stretching, planishing, flattening and more. Kraftformers can be used in a variety of functions because of their design and vast tooling options....

  • The KF 340 is one of the medium-sized machines from Eckold. It combines strength and durability with power, precision control and is characterized by a modern design. Kraftformers can be used in a variety of functions because of their design and vast tooling options. Tooling options are available for shrinking, stretching, doming, planishing, flattening and more. The combination of different forming operations in one device saves space and increases efficiency. Because of the KF 340’s size and wide range of tools, it is the perfect all-rounder for any shop. All forming tools have a quick change design which eliminates down time. With a horizontal throat of 13.4″ (340 mm), the KF 340 is capable of working large components up to 9 gauge (.16″ / 4 mm) material thickness.

    Eckold is a leader for cold forming shrinking and stretching technology because they offer an unrivaled range of standard tools and custom solutions. These machines convince their users in the sheet metal forming or finishing work because they’re precise, simple and durable.

  • Autokut 1250 Slitter & Cut-to-Length Line
    Roper Whitney’s all-new AutoKut model 1250 slitter & cut to length line is intelligently engineered and economically priced for all of its users needs....

  • Roper Whitney’s all-new AutoKut model 1250 slitter & cut to length line is intelligently engineered and economically priced for all of its users needs. They’re designed for long term serviceability with all mechanisms on the outside of the machine, slitter and guillotine blade changes are easy to perform and do not require disassembly of machine. The AutoKut is designed so that is can be operated on either side of the machine, and the touchscreen operator interface is easy to use. The AutoKut has a maximum speed of 85 ft. per minute and can accommodate coils up to 49” wide.  Materials can be slit and blanked in thicknesses up to 20-gauge mild steel and the AutoKut comes standard with 5 pairs of slitting blades. The slitter blades can be re-positioned quickly and accurately with the simple setup gauge. Shear cycle time is approximately 1 second.
  • AB1009K Precision Autobrake
    The AB1009K Precision Autobrake from Roper Whitney provides precision and repeatability when forming up to 10 feet of 9 gauge mild steel or lighter materials...

  • The AB1009K Precision Autobrake from Roper Whitney provides precision and repeatability when forming up to 10 feet of 9 gauge mild steel or lighter materials. This sheet metal brake is a high speed solution to make a variety of bends while maintaining a high quality level in the end product. The backgauge provides accurate part location through the use of servo drives and is expandable with optional backgauge extensions. The rigid design includes automatic crowning adjustments to ensure accurate bending regardless of raw material stresses.

    Standard Features Include:

    • 30° Clamping Beam
    • Hardened 6.3” Quick-Change Kombi Box Tooling
    • Hardened Upper Jaw, Lower Jaw & Bending Bars
    • Automatic Crowning Adjustment
    • Automatic Material Thickness Adjustment
    • 61” Backguage
    • Solid Backgauge Fingers
    • Adjustable Height Backgauge
    • Side Mounted Squaring-Arm
    • Automatic Pivot Point Adjustment
    • Segmented Bending Beam & Lower Jaw Tooling
    • 18.5” Touchscreen Monitor w/ Synergy Control
    • Konnect Software Package (Included While Under Warranty)

    Several options and upgrades are availale for the 1009K Precision Autobrake.

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