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ESCO Tool manufactures, sells and rents MILLHOG®, Hog Tie® and Flange Hog® tools for the fabrication and maintenance of tube and pipe systems.


-  Bevel the hardest tube and pipe alloys without cutting fluids at any angle.

-  Remove membrane, overlay and cladding from boiler tubes while beveling the   tube end.

-  Cut boiler tube panels quickly, accurately and with no “HAZ”.

-  Notch membrane from between boiler tubes without the risk of tube damage            due to deflection that can occur with flame notching.

-  Cut pipe to 60in O.D.

-  Expand boiler tubes using torque controlled rolling motors for precise tube wall   reduction and tight tube joints.

HOG TIE® Boiler Tube Alignment Clamp:

-  Accurately aligns boiler tube ends in preparation for welding.

-  Reduces the risk of tube joint failure due to misalignment.  

Flange Hog® Flange Facing Tool:

  • Reconditions RF and FF flange gasket seat surfaces with a precision phonographic finish. Fast set-up and manually operated.

 Press Releases

  • A pneumatic saw that cuts all materials and pipe schedules up to 60" dia. to produce perfectly square cuts with no HAZ (heat affected zone) and a full line of precision bevelers are available from ESCO Tool of Holliston, MA. 
    The Esco APS-438 Air Powered Saw and WrapTrack pipe trolley lets operators rapidly cold cut pipe from 6" to 60" O.D. with ±1/16" accuracy and no HAZ to permit better end prep bevels for welding. Ideally suited for pipeline construction and repairs, users can use a variety of MILLHOG® end prep tools to perform any angle of prep and square the pipe ends simultaneously. 

    Designed to produce high integrity welds on any schedule pipe from 1.5" up to 36" O.D., Esco MILLHOG® Pipe Beveling Tools include self-centering draw rod assemblies for fast setup and a blade lock system for rigid mounting. Combined with cold cutting, the bevelers pull a thick chip without cutting fluids and use cutter blades that transfer heat away from the pipe surface.

  • A full line of hand-held bevelers that feature extra-rigid blade locking systems and blades incorporating a radical chip breaker to transfer heat without cutting fluids has been introduced by Esco Tool of Holliston, MA.

    MILLHOG® Right Angle Bevelers feature the EscoLock™ wedge-style blade lock system which has a large clamping surface and double-threaded screw to hold blades rigidly. Coupled with cutter blades that incorporate a radical chip breaker which draws heat away from the tube or pipe surface to prevent work hardening and extend blade life, this system enables bevelers to bevel, face, and bore simultaneously without using cutting fluids.

    Available for O.D. beveling, flat facing and I.D. boring at any angle of prep including "j" preps for orbital welders, cutter blades for MILLHOG® Right Angle Bevelers are offered in TiN coated and Hard Lube versions. The EscoLock™ blade holder reduces vibration and allows the blade get under the material to pull a thick chip and produce a smooth finish.

    MILLHOG® Right Angle Bevelers are priced according to model and the blades are priced according to style and quantity.


    A pneumatic saw, mounting trolley, and circumferential track system that produces straight, square cuts on concrete-lined steam pipe in ditches has been introduced by Esco Tool of Holliston, Massachusetts....

  • A pneumatic saw, mounting trolley, and track system that produces straight, square cuts on concrete-lined steam pipe in ditches has been introduced by the Esco Tool of Holliston, Massachusetts.

    The MILLHOG® APS-438LRC Air Powered Saw mounts rigidly using a trolley and WrapTrack system featuring an articulating arm that keeps the abrasive saw blade on its leading edge to produce square cuts accurate to ±1/16". Ideal for cutting concrete-lined steam pipe on-site in tight quarters, it is easy to set up, will not drift, and helps maintain the integrity of the concrete.

    Well suited for pipes ranging from 6" to 60" dia., the MILLHOG® APS-438LRC Air Powered Saw provides a fast and efficient method for cutting concrete-lined pipe that leaves a smooth finish for joining the pipes using couplings, this low radial clearance saw eliminates torch cutting and grinding which can chip and crack the concrete internally because of stress and bending.

    An easy to use flange facing tool that fully reconditions damaged flanges rather than replacing them by cutting, beveling, and welding on new ones has been introduced by Esco Tool of Holliston, Massachusetts....

  • The Esco FLANGEHOG 110 is easy to set up and is a manually operated hand tool that fully reconditions damaged Raised- and Flat-Face flanges with a perfectly precise phonographic finish that meets ASME Bl6.5 standards. Capable of refinishing hard or soft materials, it features 0.005" alignment accuracy and eliminates the need to cut, bevel, and weld on new flanges.

    Offered with two cross feeds for producing a smooth and stock finish on R.F. and F.F. gasket seats, the Esco FLANGEHOG 110 mounts to the flange I.D. in seconds with a clamping range of 0.9" to 10" and can rapidly machine flanges with a reach up to 14" O.D. Supplied with straight and 90 degree tool bit holders, it is ideal for OEM pump manufacturers and process piping repairs.

    An O.D. clamping portable beveling tool that is ideal for performing end preps on a thin-wall tube where maintaining the integrity of the inside diameter is critical has been introduced by the Esco Tool of Holliston, MA....

  • The C-HOG MILLHOG® O.D. Clamping End Prep Tool evenly distributes holding power to securely mount on the outside of high purity thin-wall tube and perform chatter-free welding end preps. Maintaining the integrity of the inside of the tube, it can produce any angle of prep, including j-preps without needing cutting fluids and is ideal for orbital welding. 

    Capable of prepping and flat-facing simultaneously, the C-HOG MILLHOG®  O.D. Clamping End Prep Tool is suited for tube and pipe from 0.50" I.D. to 3.0" O.D. and is offered with pneumatic, electric, and battery power. Equipped with a ratchet feed, it provides over l" of stroke for smooth operation. 

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