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Winton Machine Company provides each of our customers with an engineered solution for their tube fabrication project to be sure they receive the best ROI for their capital equipment investment. Winton's engineers and experienced staff begin the process by reviewing customer drawings and production requirements to determine the ideal tube fabrication solution. All of our machines are built in Georgia from an existing design, a modified design, or a custom design.

Winton builds a large variety of tube bending machinery including Manual tube benders, Rotary Draw CNC tube benders, Vertical Compression benders, CNC Serpentine benders, CNC Roll benders, and Drum Rollers.  Our newest Orbital tube bender feeds, cuts, and bends tubing in one single operation. 

Winton also builds Automatic Tube Cutting Machines, Tube transfer machines, Tube Expanders, Tube End Formers, Tube Straighteners, and Tube Payoffs. Additionally, Winton builds High Speed Tube Fabrication Systems and a complete line of Semi-rigid Coax fabrication machinery.

Your manufacturing processes will be optimized with Winton's engineered solutions, installation services and ongoing support.

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  • The CTL-30 PA Tube Cut-to-Length Machine automatic tube cutter comes standard with programmable part quantity and programmable cut length. Ideal for HVAC/R


    The CTL-30PA automatic tube cutter comes standard with programmable part quantity and programmable cut length.  A material low indicator is used to sense the end of a straight length and alerts the user to load the next straight length for processing.  The software doesn’t miss a beat, keeping track of the number of parts cut as new straight lengths are loaded into the machine.

    Level wound spools of copper and aluminum can be processed with this tube cutting system.  Thin wall stainless steel can be cut using this technique as well.

    Automatic feed & cut...that is what the CTL-30PA tube processing system is designed to do.
    The CTL-30PA is a free-standing tube cutoff machine that automatically feeds and cuts from a bulk spool of tubing (level wound spool) or straight lengths.  Designed for production, the CTL-30PA automatic tube cutter makes use of two backup rolls and (1) chipless type cutter to cut through small diameter tubing.  With the tubing clamped, the backup rolls and cutter come in to make the cut.  As the cutter continues to come in, the backup rolls plateau on the tube’s outside diameter thus providing excellent support during the chipless-cutting process.

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    Winton Machine Company designs and builds tube and semi-rigid coax manufacturing machines that deliver intelligent performance to meet production demands efficiently with the highest safety standards. Winton Machine works with clients to create custom engineered solutions by designing industrial machinery to meet the most challenging requirements.

    Since 1997, Winton Machine has produced tube fabricating solutions and manufactured over 100 different tube fabricating machines which serve the needs of over 500 customers in the United States and in countries across Europe, South America and Asia. Winton machines have been utilized by major domestic and multinational companies primarily in industries such as HVAC/refrigeration, electronics, aerospace and military. Winton Machine proudly partners with agents in Russia, Canada, Mexico, Colombia, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, China, Egypt, Poland, Germany and Spain. More information available at

  • Winton Tube Bending Automation Improves Production – Technology Advances Improve Efficiency and Consistency for Capital Bending of Austin, Texas


    Adam Siens, President of Capital Bending located in Austin, Texas, was introduced to Winton Machine at a tradeshow in Atlanta in 2006. He was searching for a solution to automate a significant portion of the company’s tube bending business. “When Darren Lamprecht and I started the company in 2004, we knew how to bend tube to meet semiconductor industry needs and specifications. But we were doing it by hand and we were losing customers.”


    Sharing the workload, Siens and Lamprecht were able to do 100 bends by hand per day to attempt meeting customer demand. After their Winton RD20 eCNC machine was installed in 2007, their production dramatically increased to 1,000 bends in two days. “With the improved production time, we also were able to better meet higher quantity demands so our business started growing again,” said Siens. “We know we were also able to gain back some of the lost customers with the investment we made in the Winton RD20 eCNC with 3 Axis CNC Control and LRA Display.”


    It was important to Siens and Lamprecht to buy an American made machine. “Being from Texas, we have a deep rooted sense of patriotism. Working with George Winton and his software development team located in the United States allows us to support an American manufacturer and receive a high level of customer service.”


    Winton worked with his software developers to design Capital Bending’s original RD20 eCNC to meet their customers’ tube part specifications. Minor modifications were made to the machine in 2009 and 2012 to improve and streamline its operations. A mandrel extractor assembly was added to move the mandrel in and out of the bend zone during the bending operation. And then software for off-line program data entry was added.


    A major control upgrade to the machine was done in 2017 to take advantage of newer technology and software solutions. There were seven enhancements on the RD20 eCNC to increase part program storage, make the program entry easier and have more consistent accuracy of the parts being bent.


    After the upgrades were made and the machine was shipped back to Capital Bending, there was a problem after the machine was re-installed. “We called George and told him the machine was not working properly,” Siens said. After several phone calls with Winton and troubleshooting, Siens and Lamprecht were able to fix the problem. 


    Once the initial frustration had subsided and the machine was working as planned, Siens realized how dedicated Winton was to help them resolve the issue. “He kept saying ‘How can I make this right’ and even showed up unannounced at our offices in person to deliver an internal mandrel lube to further improve our machine.”


    “After we made the necessary mechanical adjustment, the technology upgrades saved us programming time and offered better control over the tube bending process,” Siens shared. “The upgrade reduced the LRA timing for the order of operation and gave us more control over the entire bend process.” Siens credits Winton and his team with designing and programming a hitch feed - not just end chuck. 


    In the 12 years Capital Bending has done business with Winton Machine, they have experienced great customer service and technical support. Seins said, “George and his team go over and above what’s needed.”


    In a strategic move to qualify for more opportunities and grow the business, Capital Bending is pursuing ISO-9001 certification. By early 2020, Siens and Lamprecht plan to complete the necessary steps to meet the standards for compliance. “Many of our customers are already ISO-9000/01 certified and we needed to demonstrate our commitment to quality management,” Siens said. “In the discovery phase, we noted the storage capability of part specifications on our upgraded Winton machine was going to help us meet certain standards for efficiency and consistency.”


    Siens believes that Winton and his team will be able to support their continuous improvement efforts. “We want to go to the next level to meet customer expectations and win more business. We know we have a partner with Winton Machine to help us get to the next level,” Siens said.



    Capital Bending specializes in bending stainless steel tubing and other materials on request.  They are owner operators with over 20 years of experience. Capital Bending offers bending from 1/16” to 2” tubing diameter as well as full CNC capabilities for 1/4" to 1/2” diameter tubing.


    Adam Siens, President,

    404 West Powell Lane Suite 507, Austin, TX 78753

    Voice (512) 339-6240 | Fax (512) 535-0154

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  • As Featured in Manufacturing Today

    Below is an excerpt from the article. You can read the full story here.

    Winton Machine Featured in Manufacturing Today Article

    Some manufacturers build the same products for years at a time. Not Winton Machine of Suwanee, Ga.

    Every six months, Winton Machine improves its tube fabrication and coax fabrication machinery. “It is all customer-driven,” says George Winton, who along with co-owner and wife Lisa Winton, started Winton Machine in 1997 in the basement of their suburban Atlanta home. “We are constantly making incremental improvements to our products such as improving the cutting process involving our copper cutoff machines. We are also continuously buttoning down our manufacturing software to help us further improve our documentation control.”

    Constantly Improve is a core value for Winton Machine, which designs and builds NC and CNC tube benders, CNC tube cut-off machines and a full line of semi-rigid coax fabrication machinery. Its tube fabrication products also include CNC orbital tube benders, high-speed tube fabrication systems, tube end formers and expanders, serpentine tube benders, vertical compression tube benders, CNC roll benders, tube straighteners, digital protractors for measure tubes and CNC coax cutters. Winton builds a full line of standardized equipment as well as engineers modifications to their existing designs in order to meet their customer’s specific manufacturing needs. They also design and build customized tube fabrication solutions.

    About Winton Machine

    Winton Machine manufactures over 100 different machines which use their proprietary software. The company continues to expand its line of tube and coax fabrication equipment. Engineered solutions often become standard features on many of the machines. Winton has over 500 customers in the United States and in countries across Europe, South America and Asia. Winton Machine partners with agents in Russia, Canada, Mexico, Colombia, Israel, India, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, China, Egypt, Poland, Japan and France.

    A noteworthy honor for Winton Machine was representing the State of Georgia at the 2018 White House “Made in America Product Showcase” event. They were recently awarded two Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce 2018 Pinnacle Awards for Overall Small Business and Small Business: 25+ Employees.

    Winton specializes in providing engineered solutions in major industries such as HVAC/Refrigeration, Aerospace, Automotive Aftermarket, Furniture, Electronics and Military.  Winton is privileged to serve top companies and organizations in the U.S. and around the world. Learn more at


  • Winton Machine's OB16 CNC Orbital Tube Bender
    Winton's Model OB16 is an all-electric 3 axis Orbital CNC tube bender that pulls your copper or aluminum tubing from a bulk spool, straightens it, bends it, and drops off a completely severed part. Ideal for HVAC/R....

  • Winton's Model OB16 is an all-electric 3 axis Orbital CNC tube bender that pulls your copper or aluminum tubing from a bulk spool, straightens it, bends it, and drops off a completely severed part.  The OB16 cuts and bends copper tubing up to 5/8" OD and cuts and bends aluminum tubing up to 5/8" OD. Ideal for fabricating tubular parts for HVAC/R.
    Product Details


    Safety is a top priority at Winton.  There are several standard safety features built into this CNC bender.  Standard on the machine is an interlocked boxed safety guard.  Additional safety options are available.


    A simple to use Windows® PC interface operating system allows a user to edit programs, view 3D models and run the machine as well as store programs for future use. The OB16 utilizes onboard diagnostics and user-friendly help screens to help navigate bender functions ensuring that your machine stays operational.


    This Orbital tube bender eliminates the need for 2 separate machines reducing your manufacturing footprint and the need for 2 operators.  The payoff supports a bulk spool of tubing which eliminates the need to purchase pre-cut straight lengths of tubing reducing your material costs This machine allows you to increase your profitability through reduced cycle time and labor costs.


    The OB16 can be programmed by either directly entering the tube's geometry into the PC interface or the user has the option to read in a STEP file direct from CAD. Either way, the machine is simple to program.

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