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MULTIPRESS is the leader in customized hydraulic press solutions. Our experts take the time to understand each customer’s application in order to provide a machine uniquely designed for their specific requirements. Whether its integrating automation, material handling systems, or simply adding a few options from our extensive list of accessories, MULTIPRESS can provide a machine uniquely suited for any business’ needs. Every bench press (up to 20 tons), C-Frame press (up to 300 tons), 4-Column (up to 1,200 tons) and specialty press is proudly designed and built in the USA. From assembly to forming, punching, stamping, blanking, coining or deep draw, MULTIPRESS can create a machine to fit your manufacturing requirements. 

With thousands of presses installed across a wide variety of industries and applications, MULTIPRESS has a reputation of providing equipment that brings reliability, productivity and precision to any manufacturer. Visit D45054 to see an M5P-15 bench press in action! We'll be making leather coasters, stop by to get yours! Visit to learn more and contact us at

 Press Releases

  • Mt. Carmel, IL- September 4, 2019. For Immediate Release

    Pacific Press announced today that it will merge with its sister company, MULTIPRESS. Based out of the Columbus, Ohio area for the last several decades, MULTIPRESS will merge all of its business operations with Pacific Press Technologies, at its Mt. Carmel, Illinois headquarters. The announcement comes after MULTIPRESS moved its production operations to Pacific Press’ large 280,000 square foot facility in September of 2018.

    Both companies have mutually benefited from sharing the expertise of Pacific’s in-house production staff. With the merge, Pacific Press and MULTIPRESS will maintain their individual brand identities, but will join internally to combine engineering, sales, parts, marketing, accounting, HR and all other departments. The partnership enables two American brands to continue to deliver the best in hydraulic presses and press brakes on the market.

    “This is a great outcome for both RLI brands and their customers, and we couldn’t be more excited about our future together. With a shared passion for creating high-quality, customized machinery, we believe combining the strength of both engineering, production and service teams will provide unsurpassed experience, quality and value” said President Chris Shelton.

    Over the next several months, the brands are expected to update their websites, literature, machinery and more. While the merge will enable both brands to grow, innovate and best serve their customer bases, they will continue to focus on their roots and rich American history. Both Pacific Press and MULTIPRESS will continue to produce their branded, custom engineered machinery to customer’s specifications, whether it be a 3,000 ton press brake, a 1,200 ton 4-column press, or a 6 ton bench press. Along with their well-known product lines, Pacific Press and MULTIPRESS are committed to a renewed focus on machine service, and spare parts support.

    Today, as a united front, both the Pacific Press and MULTIPRESS brands will work to continue their tradition as the industry’s leading provider of metal forming solutions.

    About Pacific Press Technologies

    Pacific Press Technologies is a 74-year-old, Illinois-based metal-forming equipment manufacturer and service provider. The company offers a range of rugged and reliable hydraulic press brakes, presses, and shears that allow customers to take on even the toughest metal fabrication jobs that demand precision tolerances. The company’s core competency is its people who have created a culture of partnership. The approach over the past 74 years has always been working with its customers to understand their problems and goals, and then utilizing their technical knowledge and experience to create solutions that promote efficiency, maximize up-time and achieve a return on investment. For more information on equipment from Pacific Press Technologies, contact


    For more than 70 years, MULTIPRESS (formally known as Denison) has been the most trusted provider of bench, C-frame and 4-post hydraulic press equipment. MULTIPRESS equipment is renowned for its precision and durability, and is trusted amongst thousands of businesses across North America and abroad to serve in the production of a wide variety of products and applications. MULTIPRESS invites you to contact their sales department with inquiries on how its experienced team can help your business grow. For more information on MULTIPRESS equipment, contact

    About Right Lane Industries

    Right Lane Industries is an industrial holding company that acquires manufacturing and industrial services businesses for a permanent holding period. As a result of this permanent horizon, Right Lane businesses are able to make decisions for the long-term, resulting in collaborative customer relationships, experienced teams, and high-quality products and services. Right Lane’s existing businesses include: FENN, Pacific Press Technologies, MULTIPRESS, AB Stretch, Schlegel Specialty Products, and Bold Renewables. For more information please visit    


  • MULTIPRESS M5P Bench Top Press
    MULTIPRESS will display a model M5P bench top press with dual anti-tie-down start buttons including pressure shift speed change and PRESSURE reversal....

  • MULTIPRESS will display a model M5P bench top press with dual anti-tie-down start buttons including pressure shift speed change and PRESSURE reversal. The bench top press will be running with an optional rotary index table. The M5P offers several standard models with capacity ranging from 6 to 20 tons. All adjustments, pressures and stroke positions can be easily modified from the operator’s position at the front of the press. The M5P model boasts pressure regen – allowing for fast approach until work is contacted.

    The company will have representatives present to discuss additional customized press solutions, as well as the full line of standard MULTIPRESS presses. Developed with 80 years of press experience, MULTIPRESS offers bench presses (up to 20 tons), C-Frame presses (up to 300 tons), 4-column presses (up to 1,200 tons) and specialty presses – all proudly designed and built in the USA. Visit booth D45054 to see the M5P in action!

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