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  • The HAEUSLER EVO CNC-4-roll plate bending machines
    HAEUSLER launches its new EVO four-roll plate bending machine at FABTECH. The EVO includes as standard the latest graphically supported CNC Control BENDtronic®, The VSA® variable side rolls swing arm technology and the HAEUSLER Hybrid Drive System HHDS®...

  • HAEUSLER, the well-known manufacturer of plate rolls and other metal forming machines, serving over 80 years the industry, introduces the EVO, the new line of 4-roll plate bending machines.

    Lowest TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)
    The EVO line was designed to generate the lowest TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) for the customer. The machine, so believes the manufacturer, is technically superior to other plate rolls on the market. The development of the machine started about 2 years ago with the vision to create a revolutionary plate roll which can guarantee best bending results even for machine operators who have not much experience in plate rolling. Reducing production time and thus costs savings was another target, no matter if one-of-a-kind production, small batches or serial products will be produced on the machine.

    HAEUSLER has invested more than 23,000 hours of project work and testing hours into the new machine. Starting with a blank sheet of paper allowed to pursue completely new approaches on machine design and implemented features.

    On a roll
    HAEUSLER is absolutely convinced that the machine meets the initially set goals. The EVO is packed with several innovative and patented features designed to increase production range and productivity.
    The new and patented VSA® technology allows the operator to use two instead of just one pivot point for each side roll swing arm fixation. This way the machine can be adjusted either to create a wide bending geometry for more heavy wall thicknesses or a tight geometry if small diameters need to be bend. The optionally available quick interchangeable smaller top rolls extend the capacity for rolling small diameters even further.

    The EVO is the first plate roll on the market that integrates Artificial Intelligence in its newly developed CNC-Control. The patented and intuitive CNC control system BENDtronic® uses Artificial Intelligence to guide the operator through the bending process and optimize the bending results.
    The BENDtronic® does not only control the movements of the machine, but also controls the bending result itself. The graphically supported software enables single-pass, as well as multi-pass plate rolling and can be used for any kind of product shape, such as cylinders and pipes, ovals, tanks or other more complex geometries up to S-shaped workpieces.
    The Artificial Intelligence supports the machine operation. The Control learns the characteristic of every plate  and material rolled in the machine and stores the collected information for the next job. The machine is “getting smarter” with every plate being rolled.
    Furthermore the BENDtronic® includes various auxiliary tools to support the operator, such as the Capacity Calculator and the “Apple-shape-calculator” for optimizing the shell geometry for best rerolling after welding.

    The EVO comes with the HAEUSLER Hybrid Drive System HHDS® combining electric motors for the rolls rotation with the hydraulic adjustment of the rolls. It allows a step-less adjustable rotation speed from zero up to max. 27 ft/min.
    The machine set-up allows highest rolling speed and extends machine productivity. The hybrid power system of the machine accounts also for energy savings up to 50% of the running costs.

    The EVO is designed for modular assembling, allowing fast deliveries of the machine in a huge number of variations including many optional items like upper support, side support or motorized plate infeed table.
    HAEUSLER is well known for its plate rolls for heavy wall thicknesses. With the EVO our customers are getting the reliable and proved HAEUSLER technology also for lower plate thicknesses and up to 3 inch thick plates, all this at very reasonable costs.

    Plate rolling is like an art – it is hard to get good results and it needs usually very experienced operators. The real game-changer is having developed a software for plate rolling that makes it easy for unskilled operators to get very good bending results immediately. The BENDtronic® makes sure no scrap is being produced (which can be very expensive) but to produce good parts right from the beginning. The more experienced operator will benefit from the many auxiliary tools that come with the machine. It will allow him step-by-step to leave away his “personal notebook” of all the rolling jobs done and trust the machine know-how collected right in the EVO and its Control.

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